Delightful European Food @Cafe Mezzuna – St Marks Road, Bangalore

Cafe Mezzuna is one of the casual/fine-dining restaurants that have come up in the St. Marks road.  And the cuisine they serve is the European/Mediterranean kind of food.  There are quite a few options in and around the area but then I can very much vouch for this place for being among the best.  I know its very premature to tell that before even sharing my experience but then I thought it might be right to spill the beans right away instead of waiting for the final judgment.  Like an place there might be some improvements any restaurants will need to do but I thought that this is one place which has few correction coz the Management & Chef have done a great job with the Ambiance, Food & Drinks of course.


The restaurant has been around for hardly a month but somehow it has caught the attention of many folks.  And the management has also tried to publicize by also appearing in Food & Fashion magazine as well. This sure does show that the person looking to run this place wants to establish as the best of the lot in Bangalore.



I went there on a Sunday afternoon/evening time frame.  And this being a place where food is available nearly 12hrs in the day, so it does not matter if you go in the afternoon or evening.  Went there when the crowd was a bit relaxed.  Let me share my experience of the place now.


If you are coming from the Residency Road, pass the Cash Pharmacy Signal.  And drive along till you cross the St.Joseph grounds and then take left at the signal.  Then as drive along, you should fight SBI Main Bank to the left.  Take the left, the road that leads to UB City side.  Then as you drive along for another 100-200mts, you will find the restaurant appearing to the right side. 


And for many folks who are aware of the St Marks road.  There is a Truffles which is in the same road soon after ‘Café Mezzuna’.  And yes, ‘Richie Rich’ Icecream parlor is also in the same building as the restaurant.  This place is situated in the basement.


In terms of PARKING, they do have wallet parking which is pretty good. It takes off the hassles of having to find a place for parking on St.Marks road.
First Look
The place as I said is in basement. 

As you take the steps down, you start to think that it’s a small place.  But then you realize that it is a really huge place.


There is this open area where you can have people waiting.  And to the left and right side you they have made arrangement for people to sit in open-air. 

And they have this transparent glass/plastic covering which makes a great view when it especially rains.  And they have this grass covering that makes it very interesting.

The tables are also quite comfortable.


Apart from the outside they have a huge space inside for many folks to sit.  The seating is quite good coz its not cramped up. 

You can also see a bar counter inside where the cocktails are made.  They also have large tables to be able to seat 5-10 people.


Something I should be

mentioning is the artwork just as you enter.  There are open frames where in there are small shapes caricatures of man and woman in different poses.

It looks really good actually.

With all the build up about the place, time to write about the food and drinks at this place.
The place serves Mediterranean/European food.  Let me share the experience of having a sumptuous meal there.


Soup of the day
Roasted Pumpkin & Almond Soup
This was an awesome soup with the right amount of flavors of Pumpkins & Almond gelling along.  The taste was exquisite coz the after taste stay in tongue.  So, you can enjoy the soup even after its inside your tummy.


Class Mezze Platter
This is one awesome platter where in there are small pockets of hara-bara kebab or vada if I can call it.  But its not about that, its about the various additional sauces/dips and the bread-sticks that are served along that make all the different.


There were quite a few dips that were part of the platter.  Let me share details about them individually.


Beetroot + Fete sauce
I must say it was super yummy.  It was so creamy and yummy that I could just eat the cream without the bread-sticks or the small-kebabs.


Baba Gannouj
Another classic that is served which was well done by the chef.


Hummus / Hummus + Harissa + Mint
Both the dips were place next to each other in a small bowl and individually as well they tasted yummy.


Spicy Dip
I am unable to recollect the contents of it.  But yes, it was something, which was a bit spicy.  The way it worked was that it tasted good as soon as you put it in mouth.  Then the after effect leaves a spicy effect.  It was a decent dip, but I thought could have been better.
Cream Sauce
This is a normal cream that is served with many of the dishes.
Along with the Bread-sticks, they also served some salad.  Soon after you are done with the platter, you can clean the palate by taking the salad.


Harissa grilled cottage cheese skewers
A well-served dish, which looked just like the Paneer TIkkas grill.  But then when you take the bite is when you realize that it is Cheese.  The only problem I had was that it was crumbling a bit more but other the overall flavor and taste was pretty good.  I enjoyed the starters quite a bit.


Spinach Cheese Sambousek Creamy Garlic Dip
This was the small samosas with the stuffing of spinach and cheese.  I must say it was the best of the small samosas I have eaten in a long time.  It was so yummy that the moment it came in, there were few pieces and all got over in quick time.


House Salad
Caramelized Goat Cheese, Tomatoes, Toasted almond, Orange Mustard Vinaigrette
A simply super awesome salad where in you can feel the effect of the goat cheese along with the lettuce and other veggies.  The dressing was simply awesome.  I think easily its one of the best I have eaten in recent times.


Main Courses
Mezzuna Pizza
Wild Mushroom, sundried tomatoes, wilted spinach goat cheese
If you read through the contents mentioned above, mouth should simply water.  And then when you actually have the pizza in front and then put the bite, you will feel a wow factor.  It is simply awesome pizza and I would love to come there and have it repeatedly.


The best part if that they have made a 11” pizza and the price is so competitive, infact I think really cheap for a pizza of this size and with these many toppings on it. 

I just loved taking every bit of it.  Eventually it was not going to be possible to take all of it coz its so yummy and filling.

Mini Burgers
Three mushrooms with house fries and Coleslaw
These are actually called the sliders.  It was the only item that I thought was pretty okay coz it was abit dry.  There wasn’t much moisture.  I think if there a little bit of cream added, its easy to love the flavor of the sliders. 


House Fries were very yummy.  I was usually not a fan of French fries but they had made it in a very special manner which just made me love it.  And like the way phiri-phiri is made in McD, they had put some chillis toppings.  The fries were lightly crispy yet quite soft inside and they were like nice big pieces.
Coleslaw salad was also well done, so after the food, you can always take it to cleanse your palate.  But I loved the amount of detailing that went into this item as well.
The presentation of the burger was simply superb.


Hummus Falafel with house fries and coleslaw
I may be boasting a lot about the place but I must say that the wrap I had here, especially vegetarian was the best I have had in a long time.  The taste of the falafel and the crunchiness was obvious.  The entire mix of veggies it taste so good


And the best part of the place is that they make their own ‘Tomato Ketchup’ and ‘Mustard Sauce’.  For sure when things are made in house the quality is all the more better.  Dip the wrap with some ketchup; it is all the more awesome.


Pumpkin Blue Cheese Ravioli  Brown Butter, sundried tomato walnuts


The was a pretty interesting dish coz the Pasta was well-done, nice cream on it.  Then the Ravioli Brown butter was something different. The moment you bite into it there is a sweetness that comes off.  I personally liked it, but there might people who may not like it all that much.  But the sundried tomato & walnuts adds more flavor.


Barley Lime Chilly
I thought that this was the only item, which was okay.  Coz many times the barley seems to be not so soft.  And somehow this dish was on the tangier side.  Overall mixing might have been done well.  But then for me the moment it goes into mouth, it just goes to all directions and explodes.  May be a bit more flavoring was required.


I have already shared my feedback on this to the chef.  Next time I am sure it might be pretty god.
Spinach Ricotta Lasagna, chunky tomato sauce, served with homemade focaccia
One of my foodie friends who was there at the restaurant few days back told me that this was one of the dishes that should not be missed.  I guess she was right coz the flavor inside this is simply superb.
And among all the Italian dishes, this is one of my favorites.  Loved every bit of it and guess what the dish got over in no time.
Chef knows how to make it coz at many places they just make the layers and its quite thick and not tasty.  Here the spinach was well mixed inside.
And focaccia was simply awesome to go along with the Lasagna.


I would recommend anybody visiting this place to try it out.
This is one of the most awaited items in any restaurant.  And I must say it did not disappoint one bit.  When I went there, I was suggested to the take the platter with 3 deserts.  So, I was served 3 different deserts on a single plate.  Each and every one of them was awesome; of course there are my favorites as well.


Vanilla bean pannacotta seasonal fruit
This is one of the really difficult deserts to make and the Chef here has done a brilliant job.  With the red berries, the taste was exquisite.  I must say anyone coming here should try this one.


Philadelphia Cheese cake, berry compote
This is the standard cheesecake.  Again I appreciate the intricate details in terms of the flavor that has been take care of.  I loved it and easily it got over actually J


Dark Chocolate Fudge Cake, Whisky Mousse
For sure these best desert I have had in a while.  This desert I something you should look out for the transforming flavors in the mouth.  The first bite, it gives a simple creamy flavor, then the chocolate flavor, fudge cake flavor and then the mousse with the whisky gives the best of the effect in the mouth. 


This for sure was my favorite desert that I had and for sure I expect quite less of this dish.  Soon after I took the bite, I was amazed.  

I am sure its going to be quite popular with people.

This is something unique about this café coz there are places, which open up, but they don’t get the license to serve liquor.  They have done a great job in getting the license.  They serve quite a few cocktail varieties, Mocktails, beers and classics. 
Some of the drinks I tried –


Long Island Ice Tea
I think after a long time I tried an LIT which was cost wise effective and at the same time it had the effect as an LIT.  Not the light one that you get in many of the places.  The only warning is that you should finish it quickly otherwise the ice will melt and into the alcohol.  The presentation also was superb.


Vodka Ginger Twist
Another super awesome drink where in the flavor of ginger could be felt and then the Vodka effect would also come in later.  This is one of the most different cocktails I have had in sometime. 


Apart from cocktails varieties, this place has a decent selection of Mocktails.  My brother who was there along with me tried some of varieties like the CNC. 


CNC (Non-alcoholic)
A cucumber frappe spiked with roasted cumin
Happens to be  lime + cucumber based refresher that can make you feel relaxed on a any given hot day.


Orange Passion Frappe
Passion Fruit, orange juice and Mint
This was an event better drink with the effect of orange coming in.  Again there sure is an effort that has gone into make it.
So, this place is also for those who drink alcohol coz they can try many of the mocktails variants.
The experience of drinking at this place was quite good.
Overall experience of this place was simply awesome.  I loved almost all the dishes in this place.  The management including the Chef and so understanding that the moment, you make a suggestion, they take it open heartedly.  This is surely the mark of a really good restaurant.  My rating for this place would be 4.5/5.  If the place keeps up to the taste, it will be among the most visited places in Bangalore for Italian food.  Coz of food, drinks and most importantly ‘Value for Money’.
My rating in other departments would be –
Food – 4.5/5
Service -4.5/5
Drinks – 4.5/5
VFM – 4.5/5
Food for 2 would cost anywhere between INR1200-1500 which is one of the most cost effect places you will find.



Cafe Mezzuna is such a good place to go with friends and family.  Exactly like the way I did by going with my family.  We had a ball of time out there enjoying each of the dishes to our contentment.   I think easily it is the Best Italian Restaurant I have been in a while.  I mean, it easily is better than the Via Milano, Chianti, Tuscano and others.



I would love to visit this place again and again, try out some of the delicacies.