My Bar @Koramangala, Bangalore

My Bar is one of those sweet spots in the heart of Koramangala area, which is pretty cool to visit and spend time with friends.  Well, I guess you might think that there are other places are also that are equally good.  But this is one of my personal favorites coz of the food and way it is setup.  Infact, I never thought of going to this place until couple of friends asked me to join them.  I used to always goto the place in the ground floor, which is very popular, that is the ‘Kobe Sizzler’.  But, once I went there I was glad I did go there. 


Let me share my experience of being in the place and share my experience with the food & drinks at this place.
If you are coming from the Sony World signal at Koramangala ie., from Ejipura side, you need to drive along until you find the Sukha Sagar to the right and Ezone to the left.  Take the right just before Sukh Sagar and drive for another 100-200mts.  You will find the Kobe’s sizzler in the group floor. My Bar is located just above it. 
Since it is a one-way there is only one way to reach the place.


First Look
It looks like a very nice place to go and hang-out with friend when you look at it from the ground floor.  This is for the simple reason that you can see that it is not closed door.  You get open air as you are sitting in the ‘My Bar’. 


They have these nice lanterns which are hanging on the roof-top which looks really good especially in the evenings. 


The place in general has got a rustic with the woody finish and very


informal location to have food.

There are quite a few hanging on the wall and also there are posters.  The one that I really like that says – TRUST ME YOU CAN DANCE – VODKA. 



Well, I think you would have got a feel of the place and the interiors.  Time to share my experience with the food.


Tomato Basil Soup
Pretty well made soup, which is not the cream soup, but more like the shoran. Along with this garlic bread is given and the combination goes along quite well.  I enjoyed the flavor of the soup.


The place is not just for casual dining but also quite apt for corporates who are looking for a quick business lunch.  I happened to try out one of the days with friends and it was quite interesting to taste the food.
There are quite a few starters but then I thought picking up from the available selection of starters.


Your Tizers
Vegetarian Platter
Chef’s choice of seasonal appetizers
The items I got as part of this were all yummy.  Let me share my thoughts not he same.
My Kand Chaat
Sweet Potato : Mint & Tamarid Chutney
Pretty good chaat and I enjoyed taking couple of bites of the dish.


Molten Cheesy Tots
Crispy tots : molten/red chilli
Another interesting dish which I should say was well done and was pretty in the platter plate.
Green beans, mushroom and water chestnuts
Asian vegetables : garlic sauce
Interestingly made dish is what I should say.  A much better flavor to Manchurian compared to other places.


My Curry My Way
Choose Your Match
There are quite a few varieties of subjis including – Makhani, Kadhai Masala, Jalfrezi, Do Pyaaza & Korma.  And each of these dishes are served with a selection of roti/naan and also roti.


I ended up trying a few of the subjis including the – Makhani, Do Pyaaza and Kadhai Masala.  The rotis and naan that I got with the dishes were amazing. 
The nice was pretty fine, not that it is like those places where you go out to have plate-meals.  But yes, its fairly good. 
Infact, the combination mentioned above kind of works out perfect for someone looking to try out from a standard selection and not having to scratch the head to pick up a subji to liking.




Matka Biryani
Served with Raita : Papad : Pickle : Mirch Salan
For the vegetarians, there is only one option ie., Subz Chaman Biryani.  Though it is only one but the taste is quite good. Since there were like 4 friends tasting food, we could mix and match and taste different items.


Vegetarian Main Plate
Hakka Noodles : Asian Vegetables :Hot Sauce
I just had couple of bites from my friends Noodles and it tasted quite good.  Thought that they had taken an effort to get the right noodles and then made it well.



Mushroom corn and spinach Lasagna
Lasagne : cheese croutons
This was pretty decent and I generally love taking this in any Italian or Mediterranean restaurants.
Vegetables fajita
Tomato salsa : Guacamole : coriander rice : refried beans : tortilla
This is more like the wrap that we get in common.  The flavor was amazing and the dish was quite good.
This is an unavoidable item among the food and drinks.
Chocoate Custard Bon Bon
Simple awesome chocolate based desert is what I would say about this dish.


Kulfi Carrot Cake
Basically the pieces of Kulfi are cut and put into bowl.  There would also pieces of cakes that  makes the entire set of ingredients. 
But yes the taste is simply superb.


Tiramisu and custard in a mud pot
This is one of my favorite deserts here and it was simply awesome to look and then when you taste it, you will be blown off.
It is served in such a cut container and there is a tulsi or pudina leaf on top.  It is simply awesome one.


Apple Pie De Mode
Pretty good desert to take and surely its not a crowds favorite but when season is right , people do take.


Cookie and Ice-cream Sandwich
A very interesting dish where in there would 2 oreo cookies and then there is a layer of ice-cream between 2 biscuits.  It’s a very interesting dish and seriously when you look it on the table, you go grab it.


Chocolate Brownie + Vanilla
This was a special dish that I had.  It is nothing but a brownie with chocolate scoop on it.  It is quite a populate dish to take from Chillis restaurant in Indranagar/Whitefield. It s a pretty well thought of dish.



I guess no course is complete or say without the inclusion of drinks.  Some of the drink I had were simply amazing.  I think this time around, there was not much focus on the drinks coz focus on food was a lot more.  And the drinks anyways, never seem to disappoint.  Let me share my experience on the drinks.




Vodka + Masala Chai
This is something new that I had not tried before.  A very unique drink with the mix of alcohol and the normal chai-pani.  Super drink and I just enjoyed the taste of it.


Charming Lady
Tequila + Blue Curacao + Worcestershire + Tabasco + Black salt + Sour mix
Brilliant drink and I would say it say must drink coz of the flavor and the way it is presented. 


Vodka + Fresh grape + Guava Juice + Chilli + Black Salt + Sour Mix
This is supposed to be the best cocktail drink that to offer with all the fancy logos in front of the name.  Its an awesome drink to be enjoyed like the way Tequila sunrise is enjoyed.
There are whole load of options in drinks which is not easy to try in 1 go and its going to surely take more time.   May be quite a few visits more will let me taste all the cocktails.
Overall it was a pretty good place to come.  It had good variety of Indian, Mediterranean, Mexican items in the menu.  My rating for this place would be 4.0/5. There is definitely a chance to improve in few of the areas which I have already shared in my comments.  There sure are many dishes which seem to taste quite good. Rating in the department would be-
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.5/5
VFM – 4.0/5
All of this can be enjoyed, if you also have the right set of people with you.  That was exactly he case with me, coz I was there with couple of really good friends.  There are quite a few places that we have gone together and we did the same for this place as well.  We have become more like the ‘Usual Suspects’ – myself, Nitin, Aarthi & Debolina.  I am looking forward to many such meeting and have some great food together.
In the closing I would like say that it is a good place, just that it needs to be more visible and let people talk more about it J