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Innovation is the mantra to success in the modern days.  It need not be in the Technology domain, its very much applicable in the Food Industry as well.  I am alluding to the latest trend that is set where Food is prepared and not served at a Fine Dine Restaurant, instead its delivered at your door-steps.  How awesome it would be, if we can sit at our home, order some food and we can eat at the comfort of our home. Well, the food does not come another restaurant catering to people who would have come to dine in.  The kitchen is meant to prepare food only on the need basis.  This simple concept that help you get more focus on the dishes being made and it would naturally be quite fresh.



This is exactly the concept behind ‘MEALS at my’ which has some really great minds.  One happens to be from the Finance background that has worked abroad for loads of year and another a TOP CHEF who has wealth of experience working in various restaurants for long periods in Europe.  Culmination is this Food Business. 



I was quite lucky to be invited to the tasting straight at their kitchen and must say it was a great experience not only talking to Chef, understanding about the preparation, varieties, food preparation styles and many other things.  Let me share my experience more in detail similar to what I do for all restaurants.

The Kitchen is located at this Hennur junction on Outer Ring Road.  If you hit upon the junction, you need to take right or left from whichever direction you are coming.  Left if you are coming from Manyata side and right if you are coming from KR Puram side.  If you drive around 1kms, you will need to take a left at the SBI Bank.  Then when you go a bit further inside for around 200-300mts, the Kitchen is right there.  You might wonder why it is located in the interiors, but I think its good to be in the peaceful surrounding making some great food, instead of being at the hush-bush of the city main-road J


First Look
I got a great feeling visiting the Kitchen which looked quite clean.  The tables and the area where the cutting was happening were well kept. There is a cold storage place that looks neat with ingredients to prepare food for atleast a fortnight.
Also there is a separate room where they would seat guests when they come in.

Overall you can understand that it’s a well-kept place.



I guess it’s now time to write about the food that comes the Kitchen.  And I am very delighted to write more coz I do have quite a few good things to write about J
Welcome Drink
Kokum Juice
This was a specially made juice with right amount of juice and kokum seeds in them.  It was quite refreshing coz I had driven across a distance in Bangalore.  It felt quite refreshing having it.

I think its currently not there in the menu but then for sure it should be included is what I feel.


Served with House bread
Tamatar ka shorba

This is supposed to be a light liquid soup which is not supposed to be thick which can many times fill your stomach.  But the flavor of tomato in it simply amazing. Loved taking every sip of it actually.



Mushroom soup
A pretty good soup, though I felt that the mushroom effect wasn’t very prominent.  But then Chef explained that soup is meant to be more of an appetizers.  So, I was quite convinced.  But I guess that one area they can surely improve slightly coz people may not understand it when we put it up plainly.

Otherwise, the mushroom effect was very much there.


With the awesome ‘House bread’, it was quite yummy.



Salad from Kitchen Garden
Delicacy for vegetarians, handpicked pesticide free vegetables (Seasonal)
The messaging on the menu is very good and somehow gives a bit of relief coz offlate we hear that pesticides are being used for ripening veggies as well.  And that there are few places that sell Organic Veggies.  This idea of bringing in the best veggies is commendable.  And thus the quality of the food will be equally good I suppose.


Braised Vegetables – Served Hot
Carrot, beetroot, roasted pumpkin and cherry radish, greens, baby spinach and bok choy braised in garlic scented olive oil
This is the description written after the salad.  It is so nice to see a place giving so much info about the food that is being served.  When you taste it, you can actually taste every bit of what is mentioned.  This salad is simply great coz it does not have any fancy dressing.  Its quite a simple salad but the veggies look super fresh.  Best part is that you can actually get the flavor of the actual veggies.


Roasted Vegetable & Edamame Beans Salad
Roasted & pickled beetroot, peppers with Goat cheese crumble & lettuce tossed in roasted walnut, balsamic dressing with toasted ciabatta croutons
Another great salad where in you will thin that the lettuce is making you work to get the other items in the salad, but then the walnut will keeping coming up & dressing will keep the lettuce also quite tasty.  Goat cheese for sure is a great ingredient inside the salad.  A very well packaged salad that is best to be taken when you are in need for some salad before the main course.


Mediterranean Salad
 Caramelized figs, tomato raisins, pita crisps, fresh tomato, goat cheese crumble & nuts tossed with lettuce & mustard dressing


Another really awesome salad, which has the right proportions of the ingredient in it.  I could get many of the figs into each of my bite.  The goat cheese was very much part of the salad.  Overall the entire salad tasted quite good and its surely the best if you are looking to be on a diet.
Wild Mushroom Baked Tart
Butter garlic sauté mushroom baked with nutty Spanish
The tart was quite good with nice filling of mushroom it.  The only concern I had been with the wild mushroom.  Usually the wild mushroom has a very chewy effect coz inspite of heating it quite a bit, it will need some chewing.  That is the specialty.  I would have liked it a bit softer and easy to chew. 
But then the overall dish came out to be really good.  Loved the way it was presented, exactly like what we see in top-chef shows J


Trio of Paneer Tikka
Three variations of paneer – Tandoori, Lasooni and Hariyali tikka served with zaatar romali


This for sure is my favorite starter.  The tandoori and Hariyali were simply awesome. May be Lasooni was a bit milder but with the chutney it tasted yummy. 
May be there is a bit of concern on the paneer as it was slightly hard and a bit chewy.  I got another portion of the same dish and it was simply awesome.  But I guess its better to be careful coz veggies just love the paneer.
Aloo Tikki Chat in Khasta Tart
Pan-fried potato patty ghee in khasta masala tart, layered with yoghurt, mint & sweet chutneys, topped with Bombay sev
When you look at the ingredients, you would get a feel that this dish has be simply awesome.  And so it turned out to be. I enjoyed the pan-fried potatos in starter.


Paneer Bhurji Spring Rolls
Cottage cheese & ricotta with sundried tomatoes, wrapped in wonton sheet deep-fried served with mint chutney
This was a simply awesome spring roll.  I mean, we might eat the common ones that we get outside.  But imagine a paneer bhurji filling in the spring roll.  Special is what I would use the word for it.  Here the paneer gets nicely blended with the spring roll and the taste is simply awesome.  I would want to take this as my evening snack every day if possible 😉
Well, there might be an impression that I am trying too much of food here.  But there I got to say that we were a bunch of 7-8 folks sharing the food so it was fine to be able to get the taste of the dishes and not feel really full. 
I say that coz, main course had not yet come and that is the next part.
Baked Fusion Lasagna
Baked methi malai makai lasagna with roasted tomato sauce & house bread


Lasagna is one of my favorite dishes from the Italian menu.  And this dish did not disappoint me a bit.  It was not the contemporary Lasagna coz it had methi in it.  The topping of malai makai along with the tomato sauce was amazing.  Infact, it gave me a feel like I was have a great methi dish prepared by my mom.  It felt so good in the mouth.  May be the Methi was a bit better but that the flavor of methi.  Overall dish was still pretty good.


This was suggested by one of the foodies and for sure a great choice of dish to be ordered.  And the portion is also just apt and can fill your stomach.
Pan-Fried Mushroom & Baby Spinach Crepes
Crepes stuffed roasted mushroom & buttered spinach with cream sauce, baked & served it tomato sauce & house bread


Another simply awesome dish.  If I thought the Lasagna was good, this was even better.  For simply reason that it had mushroom and spinach in it which taste quite good.  The crepe has nice taste to it, not sure if there was cheese on it but then the moment you put it in your mouth, the entire dish just tastes so yummy.  I loved it more than the Lasagna.  And for sure a dish which will satisfy any veggie lover.
Paneer Kofta Saagwala
Cottage cheese balls panko crumbed and fried, laced with spinach & fenugreek puree, cheese gratinated & tempered with Indian spices served with taftaan
Another dish suggested by the chef.  I must say just was mind-blowing.  I felt so good eating every bit of the dish.  It might sound and may be taste a bit like the Sarson Ka saag, but then you gotto to remember that they have put some nice Kofta in it.  The ‘Cheese Balls panko’ play a great role in the dish.  You can have a portion of that along with the saag and the Taftaan.


Taftaan, I tell is a leavened flour bread from Persian that is baked in clay oven.
It goes along very well with the Paneer Kofta.  The portion size of the Saag is quite good.  You can take one of these dishes and a desert and that should be good for dinner.


Well, it might have been 3 items tasted from the main course.  But I must say that each and every item were simply spectacular to taste.  Just loved every bit of it.
But as they say its not done until we try out some of the deserts that are there for the offering.
English Bread Butter Pudding
Classic English desert served warm with crème angalaise


Any day, deserts can make anybody’s mouth just water. And this desert is one of those classics and when the right proportion of cream is present, it tastes really good.  This is exactly what is done for the desert at this kitchen.
I loved eating every portion of the desert and simply wanted more of it.  But since we were sharing, it got over in no time 😉
Lemon Cheese Cake
Baked Mascarpone Cheesecake spike with lemon


A pretty good desert, which has the lemonish effect to larger extent.  The baked mascarpone does come into play in this desert.  Overall desert tasted good and there is a lot of effort has gone into the way the deserts are made.  It will only come from an experience chef.
Berry Yoghurt mousse (Eggless)
Strawberry & blueberry folded in thick & rich yoghurt layer by layer on mild salty crumble


This was a decent desert.  I like the yoghurt part in the desert coz it was pretty tasty and not tangy/sour. Right selection needs to be done otherwise the other ingredients like crumble, blueberry would have no effect.  The blueberry & strawberry was very much coming very well in the desert. 
Apple Marzipan Pie
Short bread pastry stuffed apple confit & Marzipan


I somehow like this desert better than all other desert. Not sure if it was coz of the apple effect or coz it had more sweetness to it or it was quite simple.  May be it was just coz of the way it was made.  I mean, you can get this desert at many places but then it needs to be made the right way to be able to like it.  The apple flavor was pretty awesome and the bread pastry was well layered. 
I loved the desert so much that I have taken nearly 2 portions of it.
Desert was simply like the icing on the cake coz it was simply awesome to close.



A great experience having food prepared by very well equipped Chef.  My overall rating would be a 4.5/5 for this place.  I was tempted to give it a 4.0 but then I thought to myself, why should I do it went 90% the food was just awesome. 
There were a few suggestions that I had for the Chef regarding the soup, mushroom & paneer.  But I guess those will be correct in no time.
I think this place deserves the rating coz it has the quality that we all expect out of food delivered to home.  And for sure it can be some kind of benchmark.  I only have praises for the Chef and the team who have put this together.
My rating in other department would be as follows –
Food – 4.5/5
Service – 4.5/5
Deserts – 4.5/5
VFM – 4.25/5


Food for 2 would cost anywhere between INR750-1250 and surely it depends on your hunger and feel to try more variety.
Closing Remarks
It great day spent with a great Chef Vivek, Maria and Dhivakar.  I think the team was simply superb and they seem to have put in a lot of effort to come up with the recipe, selection of items to be served, training the staff and getting the right flavor into each and every item.  I am sure if they keep up the consistency in the taste, people would love to order food from this chain.


It was wonderful time also spend along with my dear and close foodie friends -Aarthi and Rahul who


were part of the event along with me.  We enjoyed the conversation with Chef along with some nice rum to go along with that.  Hopefully we will be part of many more such meet-up(s).