Dishoom – Inspired by Bombay Food @Domlur, Bangalore

Dishoom is a new restaurant in the Domlur area which is unique in many way.  I think first thing would be the name, its got such a Bollywood/Filmi name to it.  Infact, it reminds all of us about the first that happens in Hindi movies where in there is actually no physical touch between actors and its just the acting.  We infact call it as ‘Dishoom Dishoom’.  Its quite funny to even think about it.  But then we always remember the word.  And I guess on the same lines this restaurant will also end up having lasting memories in the minds of people.  There sure are various reasons which includes – Variety, Value for Money, Ambiance and Service.  Well, I still haven’t shared my complete review but yes this is the pre-amble.
This was a very unique experience for me coz the restaurant had not yet launched.  Chef Vibhuti Bane who is a good friend of mine, wanted me for a tasting along with friends.  And idea was to take feedback on various items that were to be served in few days when the restaurant would actually start.  It was wonderful experience.
Without further waiting, let me share my thoughts on the food and the flavors.


If you are coming from the Sony World signal at Koramanala.  You need to cross the Ejipura signal, drive along the Inner Ring Road until you see the ‘EGL Software Park’ first gate to the right.  And then as you drive down further which is probably another 50-100mts, to the left would be the building that has ‘Dishoom’ restaurant. 
And for folks working at EGL Software Park, its right opposite the road.
To give more info to many other folks who might know of ‘Loveshack’.  This restaurant is situated just floor below Loveshack on the same building.
This is something I wanted to add as a section in the review I am writing.  It is very important to share info on the same.  Some of the theme of this restaurant is –
–       Bollywood style of interiors and décor (light camera action)
–       Mumbai style of food
–       Pocket friendliness
The pocket friendliness comes coz of the normal Mumbai style of food on the street and few other places would be quite well priced.
First Look
The restaurant has got a very unique look.  As you just enter you will see a great poster that summarizes Mumbai in large.  There are cartoons of ‘Dabbawalas’, Skyscrappers, Train, Taxi, Best bus service, Juhu Chowpatty, Worli & Thane board and many others.  All in all if you want to get the jist of Mumbai, its captured.


There are pillars where there is quite a bit of info on the dishes, spices and many other info related to food are captured.


Seating is quite casual and not like a pure fine-dine place.  It has the relaxed feel about which is quite good to have about a place.


One of the other highlights of this restaurant is that it is situated on the higher floor and the Inner Ring Road appears to the left.  The view is all the more nice if you take a seat towards the main road.


Apart from the general info on the ambiance, I need to mention about the special design in front of the bar counter.  It got this sharp edges in front which would seem like a different tile work.  But then when you further enquire with the hotel staff, they say that it is back-side of the coconuts.  When you closely observe, you would realise that its true.  I thought that the idea was quite unique and it was giving a very different feel.  It also shows that the hoteliers have put lot of effort to bring in something new to the table.
All said, it is important that the food is also equally good.  Let me share more info on the same.
Chaar Se Saat (4-7pm)
This is the actual section described also in the menu itself.  There are quite a few items listed.  Few of them that I have tried and my thoughts on the same.


Cutting (Sulemani Chai)
Staple drink of South Bombay Traders
This is a very nice tea which has the nice aroma and not the contemporary tea that we prepare at home.  It is also served in this authentic glass similar to the way it is served in Mumbai.
Masala Poha
Puffed rice flakes tempered with mustard seeds, curry leaves and peanut
This is one of the most common breakfast or evening snack item in Mumbai or say the Maharastra region.  Infact, it is also common in Bangalore and Karanataka in general.
The rice was pretty well done and it had good amount of coriander and coconuts.  The preparation was quite good and I am sure it is going to be great going forward.


All Day
Items will be served throughout the day
Sabudana Wada
This is also one of the favorites among the Maharastrians.  The vada that was done here was pretty good and well fried. 


Chakna (Veg)
This section contains more info regarding the Veg dishes.
Dishoom Veg Chakna
Paneer Pakoda, Bombay chatpata aloo, Gobi Manchurian, Veg Cutlet, Mirchi Bhajiya
Among these, it is surely hard to pick up the one of them.


Paneer Pakoda
Paneer slices filled with green and garlic chutney, batter coated
Pretty well done Paneer dish.  The paneer was quite soft and I enjoyed it.


Chinese Bhel
Crisp noodles and Veg Manchurian balls in schezwan sauce
This was an amazing dish to item to taste.  It had the right proportion of sweet, spice, tanginess.  I loved it and infact had 2-3 more servings of this particular item.



Gobi Manchurian
Cauliflower made Manchurian Style
I think this is one of the favorites of many of us.  Infact, this has been around for a long time.  Corn, Mushroom and other Manchurians followed up later. This has been around for awhile so it becomes all the more critical to do it well.  I think the Chef has made sure that it is as expected by common people.  And surely, it’s value for money at this restaurant for this dish which is priced heavily at other fine-dining restaurants.


Dabbawalah (Veg)
This is a section lists the subji(s) that are available to be taken along with roti/naan.  I tried 1-2 of them for tasting.


Dishoom Chole Kulcha
Tomato gravy flavored chole with stuffed kulcha
If I can recollect the taste of this items served, I would only get a wow coz Chole is one of my favorite dishes.  I love it when it is served with batura.  But in this  case with ‘Stuffed Kulcha’ being as soft as the way it was, the combination was just perfect.  If anyone is a fan of poori+chole or batura+chole, this is a dish that shouldn’t be missed coz its simply awesome.


Dishoom Kolhapuri
With naan
This is one of the dishes which is on the spicy side.  Its one of the common dishes a vegetarian would take instead of Veg Kadai or Veg Jalfrezi.  Chef here knows to get the right proportion of ingredients into this dish and make it taste simply awesome. I love it along with the soft ‘Naan’ that was served. It wasn’t like the rubbery ones that we usually see at many places.



Dishoom Butter Tawa Pulav
Found all over Bombay at late night stalls
This is one of those dishes which is favorite not just among folks from Bombay, but also in Bangalore.  I have had some really good Tawa Pulav(s) in Koramangala on the street, in Malleswaram at Sagar restaurant. 
The pulav is as good as it gets coz its got the right mix of veggies, masalas and seasoning.  Since I was with my friends we could try out multiple dishes and this couldn’t have been avoided.


The variety that we tried was quite a bit today.  The only few things we did not end up trying was the Deserts and Drinks.  Hopefully the next time, I will also try out.
Overall it was a great experience coming to a new restaurant in the blocks.  Chef has done a great job putting up the menu which is on the lines of what people might have seen in Mumbai.  And the best part ofcourse is the price, coz it is very competitive.  There are a few things that I feel would need to improve –
–       Lighting was a bit on the bright side which sometimes might make it uncomfortable for all the gifts.
–       Possibility to introduce combi meals or set meals that can be consume by working professionals during the afternoon or evening.
–       How about introducing dishes that have names of some movies or stars, to make it more interesting !
I would rate this place currently at 4.0/5.  It has got great potential and for sure my next 1-2 visits will take this rating above the current one.  But I would give a quodos to the team who has setup the entire restaurant. And yes, a BIG YES coz of the value for money it bring to people.
My rating in other departments would be –
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
VFM – 4.5/5
Food for 2 would cost anywhere between INR800-1000 for a wholesome meal along with a drink which I think really awesome deal in an area like Domlur.
Finally a BIG THANKS to Chef Vibhuti Bane, his family and the entire Dishoom team for having me at the Tasting Table and sharing some great food.  I would like to wish ‘BEST of LUCK’ for great success of this restaurant 🙂