Team Outing at Olde Bangalore – Airport Road, Bangalore


Team outing is always a great time to get away from work and enjoy for one complete day.  Sometimes it does not matter if we are going to the same place coz the idea is to just have fun.


Destination was ‘Olde Bangalore’ on the airport road.  This is one of those resort located in the outskirts of Bangalore on road that leads to International Airport.  It is a place where there are facilities that will keep the entire group occupied with some or the other activities.  Let me share my experience of this place and give more details on the same.


If you are taking the road to Internal Airport road in Bangalore, you need travel nearly 15-20kms from the Hebbal Flyover.  As you cross the ITC Factory on the road, there is a left turn that leads to 2 known resorts – GoldFinch and ofcourse the ‘Olde Bangalore’.  There is no way you can miss this turning coz I think there is someone or the other taking this route to resort.


But as you take left you will need to wade through some narrow roads and some village kind of surrounding before you reach upto the resort.  And for reference there is Goldfinch that comes to the right and then the Olde Bangalore comes much later.
First Looks
We enter into a great entrance that has a huge arch.  Makes you feel as if you are entering a palatial location.  And then the main building is situated to the right side.  And then when you enter, there would be a big poster, I guess carved out of bronze or whatever metal. 


There is this route map that shows the entire setup of Olde Bangalore. 
As you see around the place around the reception area, you will see the list of companies that are at Olde.  And there would be on an average 3-4 companies that do have some or the other events happening there.


They have a great set of rooms for also people to say and enjoy in the calm surroundings.


A real good fine-dine kind of restaurant is situated to the back of resort.  I think we need not just go there for a adventure sport or fun, can have a quite lunch/dinner or even breakfast there.


There is a great swimming pool area around which there would usually tables and chairs.  This is the place where breakfast/lunch or hi-tea would be served.


Quite a bit of open space is there where people can get together and have fun.   There are also rooms and a fire place for us to enjoy during overnight stay.


If you walk across there is more open space where they have setup more play-area, area to play cricket and also the paint-ball area.


There are plenty of facilities in this place, to list a few of them includes –
–       Swimming pool area with the facility to play water polo


–       Ball in which you can sit and that will float on swimming pool
–       Play area with facilities to play badminton, table tennis, snooker (small & big table), carom board
–       Air rifle shoot out location


–       Pint-ball area to play by forming 2 teams
–       Quad-bike driving area


It was fun start from the NB1 office @7.30am & 7.45am in 2 different buses.  All the confusions of how many will start from NB1, how many to reach directly, how many to be picked up somehow gets resolved.  All the confusions were resolved and then we headed to the resort.  It took nearly 1-1/2 hrs from Domlur since we started at 7.45am finally.  But were able to reach the place early.








MC Activity
Activities were conducted by ‘Rocky’ who made sure that a group of nearly 60 people were completed engaged with quite a few games.  Some of the games that we played included –
–       Plank game where you need to use 4 planks to cross an entire group from one side to another side
–       Cover game where you need to let team roll over the cover and there would be 2 people to help out from the team


–       Longest single link of a team, in which we needed to use different items at our disposal to make the longest line and be back. 

And then need to take back things and stand in line.

–       Cone game similar to the cricketers practices. 

Requires stacking up of cones in one place by

1 person, and then unstacking by another.  Go on until we are able to perform the above 2 tasks repeatedly 3-4 times.

–       Blind folded, peo

ple were asked to take direction from team-members to collect balls lying around.

–       Blind folded, people

were asked to cross rope low and high.

The only problem is that the ropes are shown initially and then taken off.  So, all the people who do the act, would imagine by themselves and take action to cross it.


Overall it was a fun activity after being divided into 3 teams.  It was a pure fun game and all were declared winners at last J


Oher Spots Activities
There is an area designated for badminton, table tennis, caroms, snooker kind of indoor facilities.  It is fun playing sports and exerting one self. 





Quad Biking
This is a fun bike driving on a difficult terrain.  It would have been more fun if the road was really bad so you can see the bike reacts to bunks and hi-speed breakers.
Overall, it was fun coz all enjoyed riding bikes.



Pint Ball
This sure has become popular coz it required precision to capture a target.  There would be nearly 25 paint balls given.  The idea is to shoot the opponents by hitting the paint-ball.  Soon after a paint ball falls, you are out.  4 per team and it was fun coz both the times our team won.



The dresses, helmets and other gears are given by them along with the guards.




A sumptuous spread of breakfast was waiting which included Idli, Vada, Sambar, Chutney, Dosa,


Bread, Baker items, Coffee, Tea, Juices, Upma, Bakes beans and what not for the buffet.






This was one really good food in which quite a few options were given including –
–       Choice of veg and non-veg soups




–       Salads (2 Veg and 1 Non-Veg)
–       Gravy (3 Veg and 1 Non-Veg)
–       Dry Subji (1-Veg)
–       Bisi-bele baath
–       Rait and curd-rice
–       Roti (pudina, naan, parantha)
–       Deserts (Anjeer vanilla ice-cream)



This was one of the best lunch in a resort after a long time.
This is a time when we all being completely tired out of the days activities, feel like relaxing by having tea and accompany that with Veg Sandwich, Pakodas and cookies.


We all participated in Quad Bike, Badminton, Table Tennis, Carroms.  But there were a few who decided to start off by taking a beer. 
A sumptuous lunch followed by more sports and this time around the Paint-Ball where we ended playing 2 rounds.  And then the Air-rifle Shooting Range.



Conclusive Remarks
I have been to this place in the past as well but I think still this place is one of the best places in Bangalore to get away from the hush-bush of Bangalore. 
My ratings in various departments would be as follows –
Food – 4.0/5
Adventure – 4.0/5
Fun – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.5/5
Service – 4.0/5
Value for Monday – 4.0/5


Cost for individual if you take the entire day package comes to nearly INR1500-2000.  This is if you are also taking the INR500 package for using all the sports facility @Olde, otherwise we will need to pay for this.
All in all, it place where you can have fun with the team and forget about work for that 1 day atleast J