Food Walk at Basavangudi, Bangalore

Food Walk is a concept I heard first time from foodies in Bangalore. Well, I have been 1-2 of the walk in the past, but this happens to be the best because of the location. It almost feels like right as it was in my backyard of Banashankari, not exactly but yes @Basavangdi. 
Whenever we talk of visiting some of the old places in the Garden City, there would be very few people who would avoid it.  I am saying that because the crowd that were part of the food walk had people coming all over from Maratahalli and near to Hosa Road Junction.  Everyone I would say loves the south-indian delicacies available in Basavangudi area.


Initially the thought was to visit atleast 5-6 places but then we decided that it makes sense to visit few and enjoy the food that is served there.  To give a bit more info on the date and location. 
Date – 22Aug15 (Sunday)
Location – Gandhi Bazaar (in and around) @Basavangudi
Journey started at ~7.30-45am
1st Spot : Muddanna Hotel – S.L.N. Tiffin Room


The place is famous for his usage of ‘Sabsige’ soppu for preparing Idli, Dosa. The taste of teh dosa we had was yummy.  Infact, apart from dosa, they have only limited options. When I enquired the person running it he said there fixed timing for this restaurant.


Morning : 7am-11am, Afternoon : 3-5pm.
The time seems to be limited but the person works on a business model that has made him successful.   And for sure people just love coming here repeatedly to enjoy the delicacies being served here.


Best Items – Sabsige soppu Dosa
2nd Spot : Vidyarthi Bhavan
In this place, you will always see a crowd that is waiting to get in. In our case, the owner knew some of the foodies.  And guess what he was able to free up some tables and directly gave us a table that could seat easily 14-15 people that were actually part of the food walk.



The food here is pretty fine just that there is a general feeling that the FAMED ‘Masala Dosa’ quality has gone done there.



Upma, Sambar Vada and Coffee were simply superb.
Best Items – Upma, Coffee
Needs Improvement – Masala Dosa
3rd Spot : Malalakshmi Tiffin Rooms



Another age old place that has been in business for nearly 90 year ie., started in 1926.  We waited for nearly 15mts but could not get seat for 10 people as well. So, we had to head out.  That was quite disappointing as there were many who were first time visitors to this place, including myself.
As we were about to leave the person offered to give seat for 10 people in staggered location, but then the mind of folks were all set on the next spot.
Better luck next time is what we thought and head off.
4th Spot : Mylari Dosa


There is a small restaurant by the same name @Mysore. In terms of the size it might be a replica, but it is not a branch of the famed Mylari Dosa @Nazarbad in Mysore.
The idea of eating Dosa along with saagu is really good.


Best Items – Masala Dos + Saagu, Coffee
Overall it was a great fun food-walk session with fellow foodies. The best part was that even dad accompanied me.  Along with us there were other elderly people, so it was good combination of young people, middle-aged and old-timers.  I hope the next time we will cover many more places in Basavangudi.  And for sure it sounds like the best way to cover places in some of the old areas in Bangalore.