PARADISE – Worlds Favourite Biryani @New BEL Road, Bangalore

The popular chain known across India and aboard for its famous biryanis has finally started making its presence felt across Bangalore.  Initially I remember they opening in Indranagar area few months’ back and then the Frazer Town.  Then came the Koramangala and now the latest one on ‘New BEL Road’. And like everyone it’s a big building with nearly 2-3 floors with various sections with large sitting capacity. 


I got an opportunity to go there as part of the 18th FBAB meetup and had a wonderful time tasting some great food.  It also gave few of us to also talk to the Chef who was quite enthusiastic.  We could feel it in the words that the person is quite accomplished and similarly other members in the staff also might be guided quite well.  Let me share my experience on the place.


This is quite critical for many of us how want to try going there.  If you are coming from the Hebbal Flyover heading towards Yeshwanthpur, there is a flyover where you can see that the right gives direction to goto BEL road.  And then there is a left that takes you to the entrance of MS Ramiah Engineering & Medial College.  You need to take left and then keep driving until you see the MS Ramiah Management studies to the right side.   Huge 3 storied building of PARADISE appears to the left.


If you are coming from the Sankey Tank / CRPF side, then the Engg/Medical college entrance appears to left and the PARADISE is to the right side.


First Looks
The place for sure is quite overwhelmingly big.  It speaks so much about the confidence in the food they serve.  I am sure they are going to go full most of the time.  Few things to share about the interiors.


One of the most important attractions inside is at the entrance where in they have displayed the entire icons that have visited the restaurant in Hyderabad.  They show it off with quite a bit of pride.


There is a separate entrance of people who want to dine in.  And there is a separate section for folks who want to do a take-away.  I did enquire the reason for having a huge space for take-away counter, to that the management feel that there are equal # of people looking to take back food from the outlet rather than dine in. 


When you enter inside, you will see lots of seats.  And there are plenty of posters of chefs making various items.  And also many of the traditional places in and around Hyderabad are also captured in photos.



Separate refreshment counter is being setup outside, where you can get some nice tea, falooda.  I heard that some samosa and biscuits would be available at reasonable price.
This for sure is the most important reason for people to swarm inside the PARADISE restaurant.  And for sure they do have some really good stuff available at very reasonable price, which makes pockets happy while the tongue enjoys the taste.



Paneer 65
Paneer pakoras tossed in curry leaf & chilli flavored curd sauce
This is a pretty good starter in which the paneer is quite soft inside.  The pakoras as yummy and surely it is a great item to start off before having those yummy biryanis.



Veg Manchurian
Stir Fried Vegetable Dumplings in spiced Manchurian Sauce
Another good dish, which is well made here.  The Manchurian was not over cooked the flavor was quite good.  Along with the garnish of salads, it tasted quite good.  I also impressed with the good presentation of the dish as well.


Tandoori Paneer Tikka
Paneer that is well made in the tandoor, which is quite soft and tasty.  It had some great garnishing or coriander and good amount of salad was given.  The tasty was pretty good and I enjoyed eating it.


Veg Sheekh Kebab
Another of the favorites among the veggie lovers is this kind of kebab.  It was pretty well done here.  The only thought I had was a bit on the chewy side.  May be it should have been kept more on the grill to get the evenness of the roasting outside the kebab.


Veg Platter
This was a starter platter, which had the selection of all the items that I have mentioned above.  The platter was so well arranged that you feel like grabbing all of them.  It is great to see that a place like this thinks about making platters and not let people be limited to ordering only ‘Al Carte’ items.


The presentation and taste were quite good.
Main Course
Veg Kurma
This is something which most of the vegetarians end up ordering when we goto a non-veg restaurant.  The only thought is that instead of taking a subji that has one vegetable, why not take something that has multiple veggies and good gravy.
I think dish subji came out pretty good, not that I was highly impressed.  But yes, it was pretty good.


Tandoori Roti
We usually like to take Tandoori Roti along with the Veg Kurma.  I did get a bit of flavor of the Tandoori Roti.  It was pretty soft but I somehow doubt if it has complete wheat. Coz if you have wheat then it would be quite brown.  But even otherwise, it surely is for immediate consumption and not to be kept for long before consuming.


Vegetable Biryani
Fresh Vegetables and basmati rice cooked in layers, flavored with saffron, served with raita and mirchi-ka-salan
This for sure is one of the signature items in this place. I must say everytime I eat this biryani it takes me to a different world. Coz the flavors are so good in this that you can’t just stop eating.
The portions served in these biryanis are also so huge but still its something that you end up over-eating.
The raita is also pretty good, if you feel the spice effect. And if you want spicier, addition of the ‘Mirchi-Ka-Salan’ adds so much of the flavor.  Undoubtedly this is the best biryani you can get in Bangalore.


Apart from the array of vegetarian items, there were quite a bit of the non-veg food that my other friends thoroughly enjoyed.  Though I can’t share much of feedback in terms of the food, I will share few pics which might attract non-vegetarians to this place.




A great desert, which we usually get in those ice-cream shops.  Here they have included in the menu and the taste is brilliant with the rooh-afza add inside the falooda along with the ice-cream.  The only problem is that if you are not aware that you need mix the drink, sometimes it will taste less sweet.  You will need to stir well before drinking it.


Qubani Ka Meetha
Authentic Hyderabadi sweet with stewed apricot

This is a desert, which has the famous apricots and the traditional Hyderabadi sweet.  This desert is hard for 1 to finish.  Coz it’s quite sweet and somehow you feel simply overwhelmed with the flavours.



Gulab Jamun
This is one of the deserts, which was a bit off compared to the other 3 that I tried.  The Jamoon seemed to be a bit hard and could have a bit more softer.  Otherwise the portion size was quite good.


Double ka Meetha
Bread pudding desert with hint of saffron and cardamom
Another wonderful desert, which for sure is something, I can only get at PARADISE.  This much lesser in terms of sweet but again it somehow become heavy as you start eating.  The flavors of saffron & cardamom are quite good.



Overall Experience
It is always a pleasure to goto a place like PARADISE coz you get food with value for money.  And you would usually see loads of people dining in.  Infact, in my case though I was there on the 2nd day after it started, and already there were people waiting outside to get inside.  For the overall experience I have had at this place I would rate it at 4.0/5.  If they can keep up the consistency then there is nothing like it and surely it will be hard for any restaurant around the area to complete.
My rating in other departments would be –
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.25/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Drinks – 3.75/5
VFM – 4.0/5
Food for 2 people at this place would cost anywhere between INR500-800.