Zzungry – Best Food Delivered Home @HSR

This is one of the latest food delivery places in Bangalore, which has come up.  And from my experience of tasting their food, I feel that they are here to stay and become really become big.  The main USP is the quality of the food, which is on par with any star hotel in Bangalore.  In the recent times, we notice that people want to avoid traveling and want to get food delivered to home.  All of this to avoid traffic and needing to pre-book the restaurant, which is usually full, even on weekdays.  To cache in on this, a delivery chain like ‘Zzungry’ has come up.


Adding to the point mentioned earlier, people are becoming very much aware of the money being spent towards each of the items. Everyone wants the best of the deals.  And whenever we goto the star hotel, there is quite a bit of additional money that we pay for the ambiance and service.  But we all want to pay for the food sometimes and pay much lesser for the ambiance, which is not possible.  Instead, if we can get something delivered to home, it works out the best. 
The person who has started this chain has already a very established brand in Bangalore.  But then this is a new thing that is catching attention of people.  After much thought, this chain has been conceptualized. 
They have the best of the folks who graduated from IHM to help them out.  And for sure it is reflected in the food & the way it is presented.
Currently, they have their kitchens established their kitchens that cater to Indranagar & HSR Layout.  For sure they would be expanding their footprints across multiple places in Bangalore. 


This is something I need to mention coz it’s quite well done.  The packing and the colors used outside the box look quite royal.  And for sure opening the box, you feel that the food is coming well packed and that surely set the tone for the food that follows.


The containers used are black in color.  Only thing I would have wanted them to do was to share info of the dish in the packing.  And use some stronger boxes.


This is quite critical for a restaurant to keep limited options that are easy to pick and they also taste good.  There are nice pictures against each of the items in the menu and also good description.  I got a chance to try a few of the items.  Let me share my experience on the same.
Tandoori Malai Broccoli
The broccoli is given an Indian makeover with ingredients like cardamom and malai
This for sure is one of the best starters I have eaten in ages.  And frankly speaking the first bite of it just blew me off the ground. I was actually flying and relishing the flavor so much.  For sure, I am lost for words to describe it coz it is for sure the SIGNATURE DISH.
I am not sure how came with the concept of Indian makeover but it has been well thought of and brilliantly executed. 


Every time I order from Zzungry, this is an item I would want to surely have it in my list.
Mushroom Churchure
This royal starter, a combination of Indian spiced mushroom with cheese filled in a rumble roti
Another superb starter that tastes so good with the green mint chutney. To add to the flavoring you can take the freshly cut onions. 
The packaging and the presentation of the dish are also brilliant.  It’s hard to stop by just eating one, which is quite similar to the ‘Tandoori Malai Broccoli’.


Main Course
Ajwaini Hing Parantha
The parantha is quite unique and for sure it needs experts with skillsets to pull it off.  And the folks here are trying to show their expertise by making such a wonderful parantha.  This also has traces of ragi in it, which adds to the flavours.
It goes along very well with the Paneer Subji and I for once did not feel like wasting a single piece from it.
It is different from other places where you end up taking off the corners because they become hard.
Nachini Butta Prantha
Another parantha, which is quite unique and well made.  The name is quite interesting, which I need to understand why it has been kept.  But otherwise the flavors inside it are so good.  You actually don’t need subji to consume them.  They can be taken as is along with the ghee or curds.


Veg Shabnam Curry
A subji that has all the flavors coming not just from the veggies but also from the masalas used.  I am sure they are something quite special coz the taste is simply yummy.  This for sure is the best-mixed veg curry I have eaten in a while.


Kofta E Gulmaarg
This is one dish, which you can’t just bank on by making some kofta, and adds gravy to it.  It very critical that the kofta has the right amount of softness.  It is a bit on the sweeter side but it isn’t all that sweet compared to many other places.  It is another dish when taken with the paranthas, it flavors just explodes in your mouth.


Shimla Veg Pulao
This one of the Pulao options that they have where they have rice and a combination of 3 different colored capsicums – green, yellow and red.  The green is left raw as they wanted to get the crunchy. 
The only thing I thought was that the green capsicum could have been a bit softer or a bit less cruncher.  Actually the problem was that it was quite raw and it was like a salad cum pulao. 


We end up looking forward this part of the lunch/dinner coz I think in general most of us have a sweet tooth.  And for sure I was looking forward to trying a unique desert that is available in Zzungry.
Chena Makhana Sangam
A delectable desert from the royal kitchen of Bhojpuri made with chenna and puffed lotus seeds
This is one really unique sweet/desert I have had in a while.  The channa does not actually taste like channa.  You will need to really to feel it to know that it is channa.  And then the lotus seeds add so much to flavor.  To top it all there is also some saffron and petals, which add more to the taste.
The desert is quite different and it’s hard to say if I loved it completely coz the flavors were quite different from other sweets.  But yes I appreciate the effort that went inside make it.
Overall Experience
It was a wonderful experience of having food from a delivery chain, which focuses so much on the quality and flavors.  It is not that others don’t do much but I surely think that this team has made quite a bit of effort to get it all right in every dish that they have put across.  My current rating for this place would be 4.0/5.  And few more trials of food, I would easily rate this much higher.
My ratings in other departments –
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Packaging – 4.0/5
VFM – 4.0/5

Food for 2 would costly anywhere between INR500-800.  And sure if you are going to get the quality like what ‘Zzungry’ does, I don’t think there should be any problem paying it.