Cafe Torque – HSR Layout, Bangalore


The place name was quite unique, as in ‘Torque’ and for sure from the thoughts of the word ‘Torque’, I thought it might something to do with the bikes.  And they have it actually the way I thought ie., concept of bike and anything everything related to that.  I had initially setup out to try out some cafe mocha as it was long since I did that.  I searched out places in HSR Layout and I was spending like 20-25 mts inside the coffee shop.

It is in HSR 1st sector.  You need to take 1st left from Sarjapur Outer Ring Road junction.  And it comes much ahead of Cafe Mondo & French Loaf, which I had got confused with.  Then I got it further ahead to the right side an it is pretty big, could have been more brighter from outside.  But yes, it snot bad actually.


As I enter, I see that it is a open air and there is this ground with a lot of pebbles and specific spots having tiles.  I think it might have been a house converted into a coffee shop. Then to the left you will see a bike shop with 1 of the modified bikes standing next to the wall and it was looking classic.  They have specific ash-trays which are some valve from the bike.  And there is this ‘Cafe Torque’ written on it.



You can see various helmets put around the restaurant.  I guess if the folks are not careful, someone would take it off telling that it was their helmet 😉
There seemed to be good crowd inside.  And there was something about ‘Whats special for the day’.  It did not interest me as there was nothing veg there I suppose in the list.
Foodwise I see a while wrong of continental food there.  And I went there with an intention to take coffee and then take a s/w.  Well, I ordered for coffee – cafe mocha from the list.  It took him nearly 10mts to deliver which I was getting quite pissed off with.  But then I guess he was also serving to other customers. My thoughts about the mocha.
Cafe Mocha
I was under impression that the ‘Mocha’ is a drink that should have coffee and chocolate in it.  And for sure you should get a feel that quite a bit of the chocolate is present.  Here the drink was pretty good but then I would have wanted to have more chocolate in the drink.  Otherwise they gave nearly 3-4 sachets of sugar which is good.  Usually everywhere you would get only 2 and you need to ask them to give more.  It was nice that they were giving more in the advance.


Thought my visit to the place was very short, I did enjoy the atmosphere there and ambiance was quite good.  It sure is a great hang-out for college youth.  Infact, I saw them more in number sitting there 🙂
I was quite hungry, so I ordered for Veg Club sandwich.
Veg Club Sandwich
This was a very well done s/w with good amount of veggies and then cream/cheese and I am not sure if ‘Mayoneese’ was also added.  It was very well package and then also lightly grilled.  May be I would have wanted it to be more grilled but then I thought it was pretty good.  Again similar to the sugar, they gave quite a bit of ketchup which is quite essential additive for the s/w.
Overall, I might have had very minimal experience in eating food here. But the ones that I had were real good.  I feel that  this place can catch up with other top places.  They need work on improving quality of some drinks, have a stand-out dish and have a special drink.  These are something that will make it stand out like the way they have it entered around bikes.
My rating for this place is 3.5 and wish it would improve and go up.


My other ratings area as follows –
Food – 3.75/5
Drinks – 3.5/5
Service  3.5/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Hoping to see how they can work on the possibly big potential.  Being in a place where there is so much of population and that too young crowd, it can flourish.