Kebab Studio – Goldfinch Hotel @Seshadripuram – Bangalore

This is one of the newly renovated restaurants in the ‘Goldfinch Hotel’, which has come up.  It is has anything and everything that customer needs out of a restaurant.  I had this wonderful opportunity of visiting this place for a dinner and enjoy some of their offering.  This is a restaurant, which has the best of the ambiance, food and the service in the locality.  Let me share more info on whatever I mentioned in few words.



If you are coming from the Majestic, towards the Race Course Road, you need to take left along side the racecourse.  And then take the left at the circle before the Taj West End or the ticketing counter at Race Course.  Then keep driving until you hit upon a signal where you need take the left turn.  Drive along till you get ‘Hotel Janardhan’ to the right side.  And then take left turn.  Goldfinch hotel appears to the right side.


Take the lift to 8th floor and you will be lead into the Kebab Studio.
The Kebab Studio is situated inside the ‘Goldfinch Hotel’ and I must say there are many things to share about the ambiance, which makes it special.


  • Entrance has this nice statue of a chef who is making the grilled items.  And to make it look quite real, the have lighting and few fans.  And for sure it looks very good and sets the tone for the entire experience.
  • Open kitchen where you can see the chef cooking some of the favorite delicacies.
  • Spectacular seating arranges which is so spacious that guests can feel relaxed sitting anywhere.
  • Special performance area below the TV unit where they invite guest ghazal singer who play songs along with the music.
  • There is an area outside which has a great view of the Race Course Road and the flyover.  Anything in generally situated on top gives a great view.
  • Cutlery has been well selected and the table is arranging quite well.
  • Grill unit is also quite neat.  The reason for mentioning that is coz it is an essential part of the Kebab place.  There are handles with different colors rather than the traditional woody brown colors.
  • Seating arrangement actually looks quite good and sofas are well laid out.
  • Separate table for making desert has been set aside.
  • Very nicely laid out bar-count.
  • There is couple of separate Private Dine in areas where you can host a party for 25-30 people, which is completely secluded.  There would be separate staff that would be catering to the guests who would be sitting in this section.  This is something very good in case, we go out for team-lunch from office and we want privacy.  There is also another room where parties could be hosted which is also along side the terrace dining area.







The ambiance for sure is well done and well thought after.


It is quite critical that with all the good things I told about the restaurant the food is also equally good. 
Starters / Kebabs
It is quite obvious that this place is famous for the Kebabs and it is critical that all the kebabs are pretty well done.  Like every other Kebab place, there is an array of Kebabs available for veg and non-veg.


They have the options of masala and plain mushroom.  The veggies have been explicitly selected and so that taste was quite good. 


This is a pretty good item that is available on kebab where in they cut the pineapple, put some masala and on the grill.  The taste was quite good.


Collection of veggies including zucchini, capsicums, onions & carrots are put on the grill to heat above the charcoal.  It was pretty decent in the way it was served.
Another traditional an item that is served after making it on Tandoor.  Instead the next step is to let it be grilled further above the charcoal to get some of the spices to go into the paneer.  Paneer was quite soft and I really enjoyed it.


Nice selection of broccoli pieces on the tongs with some little spices on it.  The overall taste was pretty good coz it soft and the flavor of veggie was coming up.


There was selection of chaats available for tasting, which included the traditional – Dahi Puri, Sev Puri and masala puri.




Main Course
There were array of veg subji’s available to taste from.  Some of them included – Paneer Butter Masala, Mixed Veg subji, Channa Masala, Gobhi/Cauliflower subji, Bhindi Subji, Mixed Veg subji. 



In general all the subjis were pretty good.  But to be frank, this is a section which we all try pretty less coz the Kebabs fill our stomachs.  We end up taking curd-rice and deserts.
The chefs here are specialized in making some home-pickles.  So, there are in general a variety of pickles.  Infact, I heard that they could make nearly 20-30 types.  But the portion sizes are small.  The idea is to make it, let the guests enjoy it and the moment it gets over, don’t prepare immediately but wait for 1 month before making it again.  This may guest’s get something new to taste.


Roti Basket
I have named it as ‘Roti Lorry’ coz they are serving the rotis on a lorry model.  It is pretty cute and unique presentation of the rotis.  Rotis were well cooked and tasted well with the subjis.
This is something I need to share info on coz there were plenty of drinks that we tried, from traditional favorite to something special Kebab Studio has to offer.
They call the special ones under Kebab Studio Cocktails section.


The Last Tea !!
An interesting tea, which is really awesome to try in a cold weather.  And the name has been given quite uniquely.  For sure you can consume that as the last drink as well.




Mary Teri (Inside out Bloody-Mary)
This is the same Bloody Mary with tomato juice in it but the glass is unique as it put in a wobbling glass inside water.  You need to be careful to not let the water get inside.  But its quite interesting in the way its served.


Cocktail drink that is served in a feeding bottle.  I thought it was a pretty sweet but very uniquely presented.


Tedhi Medhi Martini
The same martini is now put in a different glass making it the ‘Tedhi Medhi’ glass.  I guess its being done coz people always want to do something different and try something different.  There is also this dry ice giving the smoky effect as well.



This is a mocktail containing orange juice that is served in a glass that is put inside a lantern.  And the straw pops out of the lantern and you need to sip from it.  A very different served drink for sure would be favorite among teetotalers.


Apart from all drinks mentioned above, I also tasted some of the more common drinks like ‘Long Island Ice Tea’ and ‘Mojito’.  Bartender sure did a good job in making the drink.




This was a specially made desert served to us, which contained chocolate, cakes, dry-fruits, strawberry and gems.  The taste was quite good and it was hard to stop after taking 1 bit of the desert.


This brought me to the end of the food journey @Kebab Studio with my friends.  Enjoyed every bit of the dishes and finally we all got our Maghai Paan to conclude the meal.  There is also a paan for those suffering from throat problem where in the clove are burnt and the spices are put on the beetle leaves.  You can consume it directly and it would help the throat.
Overall Experience
It was wonderful visiting a place that has been revamped and made better.  With the entire new and cool thing, I am sure it will attract lot of new crowd.  My current rating for this place would be 4.0/5. I feel it will give good competition to the traditional BBQ places in town.
My ratings in other departments are as follows-
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.0/5

Food for 2 would costly would cost anywhere between INR1500-2000.  This for sure is quite reasonable for the location and ambiance.