Skyye at Lavelle Road, Bangalore

This is one of the places, which has been in my wishlist to visit for long time now.  And finally I got a chance to go there as part of the ‘Singapore Tourism Board’ celebrations for some of their achievements.  I must say that I was simply amazed by the place coz of its ambiance and class.  It is one of the best locations in Bangalore coz its most centrally located and its got a spectacular view.  Let me share some of my thoughts as part of the review of Skyye.
I don’t want to spend much time writing at the location coz its simple.  Its on the 16th floor at UB City.  For those who are not aware of Bangalore, it’s on the Lavelle Road, same road that has other pubs and Shell Petrol bunk.  And for those knowing more about Kingfisher, Mallya’s home is right there. 


If you are coming from Kabban Park, you need to drive down to the 2nd left.  1stleft being the Museum Road.  3rdbeing the Mallya road. 


And when you enter the UB City, you need to take the lift to the right side.  Take the lift, which takes you straight to UB City.  If you end up going to 2nd level where there are other restaurants, you will get a brutal shock that none of the lifts from there will take you to Skyye.


The entrance is simply exquisite.  If there is a private party going on inside, like the one I was in, there is a beautiful board outside.  And they have boards that talk about ‘Bird Watching’.  And the best combination is the use of ‘Black’ and ‘White’.


As you enter inside, there is this section, which is closed glass door to be in A/C.  This is a huge place where plenty of sitting space is there and then the bar counter to the left.


Just outside is the party location, which has this nice glass flooring with lighting.  And it’s got this superb view of Bangalore from the 16th floor, which makes you feel on top. 


There is also this private dining/party area, which is also pretty good.  It’s nice to host a party of 50-100 people there. 


Well, after this wonderful experience of being there time to share some thoughts on the food that I had on the day of the event.
The place is so good, and then you start to think that the food would be event better.  Well, that’s exactly what I felt about the food coz it’s wonderful.  Though there are limited items that I tried but each and every one of them was pretty good.
Live Pasta Counter
There were variety of pasta, which included Penne, Spaghetti and Fusilli.  There was excellent spread of veggies including – Black Olives, Mushroom, Brocolli, Onions, Tomato, Capsicum, Cheese and many others veggies.  Choice of red and white sauce was there.  The overall dish was simply awesome and wonderful to taste.  I enjoyed every bit of the dish.


Khow Suey
Burmese dish that is actually a meal in itself.  This is a dish which we make by yourself by putting loads of veggies including – broccoli, mushroom, fried noodles and the famous Burmese gravy.


The grave was wonderfully made and to add to it, we can add more chilli to make it spicy.  Addition of more garnishing will not do any harm.


Steamed Rice with Thai Yellow Curry
Another wonderful dish, which was just perfect for dinner. The Thai yellow curry was simply amazing and out of the world.  That’s for simple reason that it had the wonderful flavors and it was quite thick.  It was not bland or too spicy, was just perfect to go along with the wonderful steamed rice.


Again there was limited option but whatever was there was wonderful.
Chocolate Cake
A nicely make Choco cake should just melt.  And in this case, that’s what happened.  The moment it went into my mouth, I just went onto finish it off.


Strawberry Mousse Cake
Frankly speaking I can say that it’s the best strawberry mousse cake I have eaten in like ages.  It tasted yum.


Singapore Sling
This for sure being the signature drink of Singapore was wonderfully done.
We also got shots to consume after the cake cutting.


Wonderful combination of Vodka, lemon juice and sugar, which was just perfect for the evening to refresh myself.


Long Island Ice Tea
Combination of Gin, Vodka, Rum, Lemon Juice, Tequila along with coke.  I think for sure it was the best LIT I have had in a while now. 



Final Thoughts
There are some places that have everything working very well for them.  This place for sure is one of them.  I loved being part of the event an enjoyed the place completely.  My rating for this place would be a straight 4.0/5 coz of the experience.  I was tempted to rate it higher but then its the first time experience.  But I felt that the service could have been a bit better.  Next time I would want to try more of the food and cocktails, then the rating may be easily shoot up.


My rating in other departments would be as follows –
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 3.75/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.5/5 (Undoubtedly)


Food for 2 would probably cost anywhere between INR2000-3000.
Thanks to Singapore Tourism Board for hosting an event and giving an opportunity for me to visit Skyye.