Singapore Tourism Board at Skyye – Bangalore

A memorable evening, which had the ‘Singapore Tourism Board‘ celebrating their achievement in 2015 Skyye. I can’t think of any other place than that because both of are surely on top.  It was the first time that I got a chance to see the way ‘Singapore Tourism’ was celebrating their achievement.  I was quite lucky to be Blogger to be invited to this event.  An event filled with celebrations, laughter, drinking, and talking and has course the great food.


On arrival, I saw the clearly written board that said it was a private event.  And then when you entered, the place was decked up with all the good things Singapore had to offer.  And that was one of the main reasons for this event.  Some of the achievement that was being showcased included –


  • More than 1 million Indians visiting Singapore during the period of 1 year in Singapore.  You would think that it’s a big # but it isn’t.  In spite of this #, Indian occupy 5th place in terms of people visiting Singapore.  And the YoY growth is about 7%.


  • Botanical Garden at Singapore has been declared by UNESCO as the WORLD Heritage SiThat for sure is a wonderful achievement for Singapore.


  • 100th Year celebrations for the Singapore Sling, which in itself is a great achievement.  I was simply amazed to know this fact about the drink.  I enjoyed 1 of the drinks made at Skyye and thoroughly enjoyed it.


  • Garden by the Bay – It is the Top-10 Indoor Gardens of the World.  It also is the World’s Largest Glass Greenhouse Flower Dome.  


Chef Abhijit Saha
He is known across India for some of the wonderful restaurants in UB City like FAVA, Capeberry and others.  And now, he has opened an innings in Singapore by launched ‘SAHA – Signature Indian Restaurant & Bar’.


For me it was a pleasure clicking picture with the celebrated Chef and having a conversation as well.


Event Sequence
The guests were treated to wonderful reception.  Landscape around Skyye was covered with loads of picture related to Singapore.


Host for the event had something big for most of the guests.  They had people being asked questions on Singapore and every correct answer helped people get some great gifts.  Some of the gifts included – Stay in Singapore, Visit to some resort, etc etc.  I was close to answer some of them but was not lucky to be loud enough to shot out the answer.  Some of the questions asked included-


  • Which year did Singapore get Independence? 1965
  • When was Merlion setup in Singapore? 1972
  • Which month of the year is the Singapore Formul-1 Grand Prix held? September
  • Which is the largest cruise liner in Singapore? Star Cruise – Gemini


 Once we had the 1st set of questions asked.  There was this wonderful cake cutting session. It was a special cake with lot of picture and info about Singapore. And also there was celebration of good relationship between 2 countries – India and Singapore.
The cake had jamoon as the base and looked really wonderful.  And for sure taste was also brilliant.


Soon after the cutting, there were more questions.  Few that I could recollect.
  • How many islands are there in Singapore? 63
  • How many stars are there in Singapore Flag? 5



Dinner & Cocktails


It is very necessary that they setup up an event at the place that has some wonderful food in the offering.  They did not have a huge spread, but every item that was there was wonderful.


Live Pasta Counter
There were variety of pasta and veggies to pic from and there were also red & white sauces. The pasta I had tasted yummy.


Khow Suey
Burmese dish that is actually a meal in itself.  This is a dish which we make by yourself by putting loads of veggies including – broccoli, mushroom, fried noodles and the famous Burmese masala.


Steamed Rice with Thai Yellow Curry
Another wonderful dish, which was just perfect for dinner. The taste was exquisite.


Chocolate cake and a strawberry mousse.  A fitting desert for the event.


Singapore Sling
This for sure being the signature drink of Singapore was wonderfully done.
We also got shots to consume after the cake cutting.


Wonderful combination of Vodka, lemon juice and sugar, which was just perfect for the evening to refresh myself.


Long Island Ice Tea
Combination of Gin, Vodka, Rum, Lemon Juice, Tequila along with coke.  I think for sure it was the best LIT I have had in a while now. 


Final Thoughts
A wonderful evening spent with my Blogger friends along with loads of Page-3 personalities invited by the Singapore Board.  Enjoyed every moment being there on top the 16th floor Skyye.  I had made a visit to Singapore 2 times but I think my memories have faded coz it was nearly 5years back.  Hopefully I will get a chance to visit the country and see all the new developments.


Thanks to Singapore Tourism Board for giving an opportunity to interact with them.




Blogger Friends Part of the event included – Hrish Thota, Jyothi Varne, Hiral Amodia, Mahima Koteshwar, Nikita Nagaraj, Sujay Krishna, Naveen Suresh