Old Monk Xtra | Alcopop | Rum

We all have relished the fantastic flavor of Old Monk and there are many who swear by the drink. But now, they have come up with something very unique.  The drink has the sweetness, flavors of ingredients, and the typical Old Monk Taste. The name of the drink has been right kept as Old Monk Xtra. This is drink is a perfect party starter and also during the party when a perfect wants to try something different.

Alcopop Variants

Old Monk Xtra is a refreshing alcopop drink that contains the premix of Old-Monk Rum blended with other flavors. Presently, its available in 3 different flavor variants.
  • Cola
  • Mojito
  • Cranberry

The alcohol percentage is just 4.8% but can get potent if you end up gulping multiple drinks in a short duration.  It comes in 275ml and is priced at just Rs.85.

Tasting Notes

I tried all the variants and truly enjoyed every one of them as they have a unique flavor profile.  The drink is slightly sweet initially but as the drink goes down, it becomes fantastic.  I am definitely looking forward to trying this drink many more times in the future.

More Information

Facebook Page – Old Monk Karnataka
Instagram – @oldmonkkarnataka