Tomorrow Dialogues|Where will man take us|Atul Jalan


TOMORROW DIALOGUES – The biggest problem with tomorrow is that it will come.  This was the first of the Tomorrow Dialogues – a series of conversations on the new world that lies ahead of us.  It had some eminent personalities like Bibek Debroy, Sandhya Mendonca Raghava KK, Rahul Panicker, Siddarth Das and Atul Jalan involved in an amazing Panel Discussion.

The discussions were based around the latest bestseller by Atul Jalan – Where Man Will Take Us?

Personalities Present

BIBEK DEBROY – Economist, bestselling author and one of the only two men to have translated both the Mahabharata and Ramayana.

SANDHYA MENDONCA – Writer. editor, publisher and speaker. And a witness to Bangalore’s transition from garden community to silicon un-community.

RAGHAVA KK – Artist, storyteller, among CNN’s 10 most remarkable people of 2010. Raghava’s current work combines art and technology for new perspectives on knowledge.

SIDDHARTH DAS – Techpreneur, fintech guru and co-founder of Univ Al. With interests ranging from architecture to audio technology.

ATUL JALAN – Entrepreneur, technologist. science-storyteller, author of the 2019 bestseller Where Will Man Take Us? The first of the Tomorrow Dialogues is based on this work.

Panel Discussion

This was a special session that was moderated by Sandhya Mendonca.  Other participants present included Atul, Siddharth & Raghava.

The first point discuss about the people was about the influence of Technology in present day elections.  We heard Siddharth talk about the way we are making decision based on the data seen via Google search.  But still feel that technology needs to evolve a lot before we can actual use the info to conclude.  Raghava, an artist was talking the way we need to look at the inner self and identify the need of the house and make decision.  Atul did mention about the influence of various tools available in the internet world too make calculated decision.  But science and internet need to evaluate a lot before we can all blindly trust.

Some of the other thought were discussed during the Pane Discussion.

Change being the only constant, man need to adapt with the changing trends.  Worrying about the technology advancement in the space of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation won’t help.  Man needs to look to acquire more skill and do more rather than losing the petty 9am-5pm jobs.

Technology advancement are happening at rapid pace.  But we are at least 30-40 years behind seeing some of the more unrealistic changes.

Human race is going through a constant evolution and technology is distancing each from another person.  Initially internet was supposed to bring people together but now the same world-wide network has started polarizing people.

There were many thoughts that were shared during the Panel Discussion.  All of these are very thought provoking and at the same time lets one get a positive approach towards life ahead.

Final Thoughts

An amazing and enlightening that was truly inspirational. Glad to have been part of the event, thanks to Deepa Rao Acharya. The event happened at Taj West End and the setup was perfect with the Grover Vineyards pouring their selection of wines.  While we enjoyed the speakers & panel discussion, there was also opportunity to interact one on one with dignitaries.  Looking forward to being part to many more ‘Tomorrow Dialogues’ sessions.