Newspatrolling – Review of News Gathering Portal


Newspatrolling is one of the best news gathering website I have come across in the recent times.  The information that is available have been nicely categorized (Politic, Business, Lifestyle, Sports & many more).  Under individual categories, there are multiple sub-heading. The posting of news is quite consistent and totally unbiased for people to consume.  I have personally become aware of many events happening across the country & globe via this portal.  This blog is dedicated to review of the Newspatrolling portal.Newspatrolling

Home Page

The main page of Newspatrolling website gives a comprehensive summary of the contents across the website.  Instead of just trying to write a paragraph, I thought that it would be best to describe it in points.

Heading and Sub-Heading

News – It might seem to be a very generic section but to make it more specific they have categorized as India, World, Crime, Society/Religion.

Reviews – As the name suggests, it contains a list of review of Movies, Lifestyle Products, Restaurants, Hotels, Apps, Spa, Books and many more.

Lifestyle – This is another vast topic which contains info related to Fashion, Food-Drinks, Self-healing, Travel, Health, Shopping and few more.

Separate sections for Politics, Business, Sports, Automobile, Tech and Career exist.  Apart from all of this they have kept a specific section called NB-Spotlight capturing the top news items.

Recent Posts

This is the first section appearing below the panel which gives the latest postings that have been done on the website.  Invariably on a day to day basis there would be 10-15 posts related to various topics getting posted.

To be precise, currently on every page there are 21 articles and in total there are 671 pages.  On doing the maths, the total number comes up to 12,000+ which is a huge number of articles.

Top Articles

Another section below the Recent Articles that shows 5 recent articles from individual categories.


Some of the key updates present under the section include – Supreme Court to Hear Plea Seeking Nitish Kumar’s Disqualification as Bihar Chief, Blair wants tougher immigration rules for EU citizens, PM Modi to host Japanese PM Shinzo Abe in Gandhinagar and other.  As a reader, it is nice to see the info that is most relevant instead having to read through a lot of info available related to Politics.


Articles present here are very useful like – Trends in Global Steel Market, Decoding Retails.  Some of the info will also help in making investments decision, knowing more about country’s economy and its conditions.


This s a section that can have loads of info by itself.  But the team has picked up key updates like – Kohli Anushka marriage reactions by celebs, Movie review, Updates on few celeb & children which is always interesting.


I did mention about the sub-categories in it.  But the news captured here makes me visit places like – Darjeeling, Shimla Konkan and other parts of the country.


Another topic that is very vast, but it is necessary to pick the right piece of data that will be interesting to all.  I found nice articles on Health Technologies and Blockchain that were good.


A very common topic that everyone like to discuss.  Some of the interesting topics I found in this section include – Why the Olympics has 5 Rings, History of Cricket and India at Olympics.

Fashion World

The moment we talk about Fashion we think of the latest Fashion shows, Beauty contests, Health tips for skin & body, Entrepreneurs in the space that have made it big, Interesting products, Hair loss tips.  There many more topics that people in love with fashion and health can refer.


This is one surprise section which I have not seen in any of the News Gather sites. I could see couple of English and Hindi poems listed.  The idea to promote creative people is good.  It speak volumes of the creativity within the Newspatrolling team.

Favorite Section

Newspatrolling has created a section called NP-Spotlight which is my favourite section.  It is evident from the name of the category that only Priority news will be captured.  For a reader having very little time due to corporate worklife, it would be easier to skim through info in this section.

Some of the interesting articles like – Blogger Outreach & Social Media Marketing Campaigns, Healthier Food with LG Product, Why Writing is Good for Health, Cancellation & money return policy in Railways and many others.

Ideally some of the news I mentioned above are learned via discussion with friends or reading through the headlines of paper.  But now Newspatrolling portal has made it more convenient to get the info in very little time.


Kudos to the team of Newspatrolling for doing a great job with the website.  The only challenge for this team would be to pick the top-articles in various categories and sharing them on a regular basis.

Few other sections that can be added to make it more comprehensive is the Education section.  Info on UGC action of colleges, University recognition, Exam dates, Syllabus and many other would be useful.

Overall Experience

It is a great portal containing variety of news that we all want to know.  The easy categorization lets people pick the section and the news that’s made the headlines.  Loved the idea behind Recent Articles, Breaking News and NB-Spotlights.  Appreciate the idea of having a space set aside for creative content showcase.  And finally, the reviews section will be every so useful for review on movies, hotels and many other things.

In conclusion, I feel that Newspatrolling is one of the good News Gathering site and I like to wish the team good luck.