Noor-e-Punjab Food Festival at Punjab Grill


The team of five chefs at Punjab Grill, went on an exploration trip to the main cities of Punjab.  They studied the local culture, food habits and identified few dishes that are very popular.  These dishes have been specially put into a menu that’s called the ‘Noor-e-Punjab’.  We all have known that Punjab Grill restaurant serves some of the best North Indian food.  ‘Noor-e-Punjab’ is an extension of the offering.  I recently visit the restaurant, tried some of the dishes and was overwhelmed by the taste & flavors in every dish.IMG_20190523_201924

Ambiance at Punjab Grill

  • The restaurant is located on the ground level of the newly opened Forum Shantiniketan mall.  From outside, one can observe that it has a very broad entrance that welcomes the guests.
  • Every table has been arranged very well and individual seats have cutlery kept on them.  There are around 20-25 tables that can accommodate around 60-90 guests.  There are various seating options that suits both small and large families.
  • The restaurant is very spacious that lets both guests to sit & walking around if needed.  It makes it convenient for the staff to move around the restaurant.
  • A huge bar section can be seen at one of the restaurants that looks good.  It’s a place where some of the best drinks are made.

Punjab Grill Food

Every dish included in the menu has a story to tell of the food and warmth from North India.  Specially the Noor-e-Punjab menu is reminiscent of the great days of undivided Punjab.


Malai Lassi

This is one of the most common drink Punjab that is served in a steel container and its also topped with Butter/Makkhan.  At Punjab Grill, the drink is served in glass cup that filled to the brim and one can also see the Makkhan/Butter.  It’s a great drink that can tempt anyone to finish it one gulp but it’s better to take few sips at the start and consume the rest during dinner.


Jaggery, White Butter, Daniya Chutney

These are basic items that goes along with food enhances the taste of the food.  The items are brought in a beautiful wooden base that looks very elegant.


Karele Di Tikki, Aloo Wadiyan

Both the dishes are amazing and it’s hard for me to pick my favourite.  But I loved the ‘Aloo Wadiyan’ because of its unique taste due to variety of ingredients.  It had the tamarind sauce along with curd & mint smeared, topped with seva that’s sprinkled around.


Kala Channa Shorba

A unique Shorba/Soup that has the thick black channa broth that also has pieces of black channa in it.  The taste was pretty good and the black channa flavor was evident. But I would have loved it more if its was less salty.

Main Course

Baingan Da Bartha, Dhaba Daal

I loved the Baigan subzi as it was thick and had lots of good flavours coming from the spices.  The brinjol in the subzi was well cooked.  The Dhaba daal was pretty decent but then I would have the lentils to be a little more soft.

Ambarsari Kulche – Aloo PyaaZ, Gobhi Da Paratha

Both the breads were perfect to go along with the gravy dish and the daal.  But I personally loved the Ambarasari Kulche as it had many ingredients inside it.  It tasted so good that I could eat it by itself or with curds.

After Meals

Gurh Da Halwa

Traditionally in South India people use Jaggery instead of sugar in sweet.  The similar practice is followed in North India.  The special halwa tasted amazing and a perfect dessert at the end of meal.

Overall Experience at Punjab Grill

It was great experience having dinner at the popular Punjab Grill Restaurant.  Thanks for amazing work by Chef Maikhuri Manish and his team from Punjab Grill for coming up with tasty dishes.  Just to indicate the popularity, except our table all the other tables were occupied when I visited.  I loved the idea behind the ‘Noor-e-Punjab’ menu and personally loved few of the dishes.  The Punjab Grill started in Bangalore few years back and now has around 5-7 outlets across the city.  The food at Punjab Grill has always been consistent over the years.

Details of Noor-e-Punjab Food Festival

Until 15-Jun’19
Lunch & Dinner

Forum Shantiniketan, Whitefield, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560066


084485 81880