Fast Food & Cafe Convention 2019 – Bangalore


The 4th edition of the Fast Food & Cafe Convention happened at Hotel Lalit Ashok, Bangalore.  This time around, a separate Pub Convention was also organized.  The event was specially aimed to hear the experiences and solutions for many challenges faced in the QSR/Fast Food industry.

There were plenty of panel discussions and breakout sessions to discuss the rapidly changing QSR/Cafe industry & roadmap.  The event saw participation from many eminent people from the hospitality industry.  Welcome note was given by Kapil Malhotra (Founder & MD, Total Solutions Group) and keynote address by Rahul Singh, President NRAI.

Fast Food & Café Industry

QSR/Fast Food Industry is the easiest entrepreneur ventures thought by many budding individuals.  People only have an idea to serve the best of the food and start-off their ventures.  But little do people realize that there would be many hurdles potholes and speed-bumps that need to be crossed.  Many folks try finding temporary fixes and continue with the business.  But in the long run these end up becoming fatal and many ends up getting closed.

As part of the Fast Food & Café Convention there were plenty of topics identified to be discussed.  To throw light on these topics, various eminent people from the industry were brought to share their thoughts.

Speakers & Panelists

  • Samir Kuckreja (Founder & CEO, Tasanaya Hospitality)
  • Amuleek Singh Bijral (Co-founder & CEO, Chai Point)
  • Devinder Verma (Head of Operations, Nandos)
  • Sumit Nair (Country Head – India, Newly Weds Foods)
  • Sandeep Mina (VP Supply, Swiggy)
  • Kumar Setup (Co-Founder, Petoo)
  • AravindRP (Director – Marcom, McDonald’s)
  • Ela Mokrzan (Regional Manager APC, Ripples)
  • Sahil Jain (Co-founder, Dineout)
  • Ajay Khanna (Founder, Fifth Element Hospitality)
  • Dhruv Dhawan (Co-founder Hashtag Loyalty)

Agenda for discussions

Sustainability and Response Innovation – A challenge to the status Quo?

Its all about trust in today’s hyper-aware world, and with a global shift towards conscious and sustainable living. It is time for age-old mindsets and practices to change and practices to change.  How can brands incorporate this value into their business models and serve more mindfully.  It is time to start talking about the smaller aspects of process that will be spearheading the future.

An Emerging Tug-of-War between Customer Convenience vs Experience

What constitutes the customer experience when it is limited to the delivery guy showing with the food? Do customers give better value for brands when they visit, experience and interact or when the offering fit conveniently into their day? In a world moving way from human touch point with the advent of cloud kitchens and AI based food solutions, it is important to keep in mind the compromise made for experience for convenient and vice-versa.

Followers to Footfall- Bridging the gap

The internet as a platform may have created a space for social media campaigns and digital marketing strategies that are flourishing.  But does the online engagement truly reflect the offline gains.  Maintaining one’s reputation amidst the flux of online opinions about one’s brand can be hard enough without bad reviews triggering off a herd mentality.  They discussed on how the digital presence can translate into customers.  They discussed on the ways innovations in offline marketing strategies take root in today’s online world.

Smart Supply Chain – A recipe or success

Presently we have demanding customers preferences, disruptive technologies and innovative products & formats.  A reliable, scalable and tech integrated supply chain ecosystem is becoming a necessity for Business continuity, growth and sustainability.  Perfect orchestration of supply chain solution, intelligence and execution can help enable revenue growth, cost optimization and risk mitigation.

Consistency vs Flexibility in Franchising – Where does the sweet spot lie?

Uniformity in brand image and identity is the backbone of any franchise.  When does this stop being a support and start impeding growth?   Topics like – how do you know when to be consistent and when to allow flexibility to individual franchisees with regards to local market requirements and customizing corporate marketing messages without straying too far from the brand’s core message?

Reigning in the “Spoil-for-Choice” Consumer with Loyalty Programs

How is loyalty changing in the face of competition and is your brand image boosting customer loyalty? Do loyalty programs still have a place in driving customers? A deeper understanding of the type of loyalty useful to your brands offerings as well as utilizing effective strategies and channels to engage the correct demographic may be the key to leveraging the full potential of loyalty programs in this climate of choice overload.

Speakers for Select Topics

  • Sustainability in Fast Food & our Role
  • Relevant Marketing in the Digital 2.0 Era
  • The Secrete Sauce of Irresistible Cafes: How can Ripple AM get you repeat customers?
  • E-commerce& Restaurants – The New Guest Experience
  • Add Sustainability o you Brand Promise

Event Sponsors & Partners

Kingfisher Premium, Tornado, Dineout, Veeba, Foodland, Chuck, Xeno & Newly Weds.

Media partners for the event included FBCI, Brewer World, Bulleeha, Bark.  Special thanks to FBCI for extending the invite to me.


To take opportunity of the event and spread awareness, plenty of brands setup their stalls in exhibition area.

Kaapi – Brand makes some unique Coffee Vending Machines.  They have this special machine that can paint one’s picture from a phone on coffee foam.  They have both cold & hot brew machines.

Raw Pressery – Brand makes these raw juices that don’t have any added flavours of sugar.  They have become very popular across the country.  Some of the flavours that one can get include – Sugar cane, Pomegranate, Orange, Mango & Coconut.

Kingfisher Radler – The brand makes some of the best non-alcoholic drink.  They also had Heineken 0.0 that does not contain any alcohol.

Donna Italia – Company that makes packaged ready to heat & eat Pizza for business customers.

Welbelt – Makes multiple kitchen solutions machines.

Puro – This brand makes the single use hand-sanitizers that easy to carry and store.

Pappco Greenware – Brand that makes thick paper straws of good quality.  It is very relevant these days as plastic ban has come in place at most of the place across the country.

Veeba – A well known brand that makes some of the best sauces that known across the hospitality industry.  This brand products constantly innovate, and the team of Chefs share all the info about the brand.

Brew House – The company makes real brewed tea and have multiple ice-tea flavors that packaged in a beautiful glass bottle.

Lunn – This company packaged bottles containing pure desert salt.  They also sell different bottles that mix other spices & seasoning along with desert salt.

Other exhibitors like Meatzza, Ecolab, Crystal were exhibited some of their products.

Exhibitors at Pub Convention -Kingfisher, Care & Clean, Kerry, Mahou, Foodoo, Firstar.

Overall Experience

It was great to learn about the present-day scenario pertaining to QSR/Café Industry.  The problem and solutions discussed have changed from the last year.  It was great to hear different set of panellists sharing their perspective and solutions.  The Q&A sessions helped audience to clarify many doubts among the young entrepreneurs.  It was also nice to see many new exhibitors showcasing products that solve present day problems.

This event has been a huge success and I am sure there will many new topics lines up for next year.

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