Life (2017)


Language: English
Cast & Crew: Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson, Ryan Reynolds
Production Co: Skydance Media
Director:  Daniel Espinosa
Genre: Horror | Sci-Fi | Thriller
Release Date: 24 March 2017
Duration: 1h 43min

Plot & Summary

There is a growing trend of making movies related to space explorations and human question across various planets.  I guess everyone is inspired by the recent space missions from India, USA, China and other countries.  We have heard of the Voyager reaching the outer bounds of Solar System, Mangalyaan – India mission to Mars and many others.  Each of these have inspired us to think of also possible place on the universe where life can exist.  The closest everyone has thought of is the Planet Mars.  But imagine getting some samples and researching on an organism from the samples.  Well, that is exactly the movie is all about.A team of scientists end up collecting samples and start to research if cell (more like an amoeba) can come to life.  The scientists do many experimentations and can bring it to life.  There is a nice name given to the organism called ‘Calvin’. It is all fine until one of the scientist does a mistake and the organism goes into hibernation.  The scientists are upset but then want to try doing things to revive it.  In this process, they end up evoking the inherent potential of the organism to grow rapidly.  And it seems to thrive on oxygen like how humans do and thrive on live human tissues.

The movie is quite classy and sophisticated until then.  But then things become tragic when the organism attacks one of the scientists and later one of the person aboard the ship handling mechanical repair.  The movie become quite gory from then on coz the organism starts to feed on scientists.

Next part of the movie is quite thrilling where the people aboard the ship try anything and everything in the book to destroy the organism and save their own lives.  It is pure thriller coz the audience are kept glued to the seat wonderful what next would happen.  Among the 6 character aboard the ship, I loved the performance of ‘David Jordan’, played by ‘Jake Gyllenhaal’ who is the one person who has spent the maximum time in the spaceship.  He has health issue staying up on the spaceship for long time but still wants to continue as he does not have anything on earth.

There are obvious hints in the movie indicating that there would be a 2nd part of this thriller.


This movie is not faint hearted and so it rightfully deserved the rating of ‘A’.  It will surely cause sleepless night for few after watching.  But then it also let you think, on what can happen if a foreign organism/creature come alive.  And whenever we experiment on something new, is there a limit that needs to be put, otherwise the result could sometimes end up becoming catastrophic.

Being humans, each us want to surely explore the world/space that is unknown to us.