Life (2017) – Premier Show


The opportunity to go for a premier show of an English movie, sure does cause a lot of excitement and thrilled.  And when the movie is by Sony Pictures, then you realize that it has got to be a something very special. The production company locally helping with movie promotions is the noted production house, Rubin Raj Productions

The special screening happened in Fun Cinemas @ Cunningham Road.  Show as attended by many Celebrities, noted Socialites in Bangalore, Press/Media and Bloggers.  It is great to see a Hollywood movie being released on the same day world-wide.  The makers of the movie sure do believe in what they are offering to the audience.

Rubin Raj Production has been doing production for multiple movies in Kannada, Hindi and English.  Recently, I have attended the premier shows of noted movies like Trapped (Hindi), Niruthara (Kannada) and now the blockbuster English movie LIFE.

It is always a wonderful experience watching a thriller movie like this with fellow movie lovers.  This movie for sure was an edge of seat thriller which left many people aghast and shocked.  The concept of space exploration has become a good subject to make movies.  But none have explored it like in this movie.  I wish the best of luck success as box-office for the movie.

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Life (2017)