Trapped (2017) – Press Conference


Attend the press conference for the movie ‘Trapped’ starring Rajkumar at Inox Theatre, Garuda Mall.  The press meet was attended by Rajkumar (hero for the movie) and and the director Vikramadithya Motwani.  They spoke about the movie, challenges faced, the expectations, efforts & journey during the making of the movie.

Both also answered many of the questions posed by the media & people. Rajkumar specially seemed to be quite excited about the movie and thinks that its a different concept that can enthrall audience.

Few Details about the movie includes –

Language – Hindi
Genre – Comedy / Romanace
Duration – 2 hrs 19 mins
Starring – Rajkummar Rao, Geetanjali Thapa
Direction – Vikramaditya Motwane
Producer – Madhu Mantena, Vikas Bahl, Anurag Kashyap
Release date – 26 October 2016 ((Mumbai Film Festival))
17 March 2017 (India)

My first take from the trailers –

A short trailer sometimes can actually give so much of info about the feel.  It actually lets the ball rolling and the audience build so much from the movie.  Well, I felt the thrill by just looking into the ~2mts odd trailer.  In which the Actor Rajkumar, is shown to be a busy person living in the 35th floor and is in a hurry to get out of his home.  Apparently, his front door is a little jammed which happens to be the case for many house with the change of weather.  You see the actor is stepping out of the home but then forget his mobile.  He realized and heads to get it by leaving the keys behind.  As he is just about to reach for the door, it just shuts.  And he finds it really hard to be able to open it.

Then start the ordeal of the character here who tries many means to get in touch with people to take notice of his situation and try coming up and opening the door.  There is a small scene where they show his lighting up whatever is there at home, also trying to thrown his 32″ TV so it falls and someone can take a note.  Inspite of all his effort he can’t get noticed.  And this starts the 21-days ordeal for survival.

Though it might surprise, how a person has gone unnoticed by family, friends, office colleagues.  When I tried to asked the question to directly, he told to watch the movie.  I guess there is quite a bit of suspense & thrill in the movie which makes it a must watch when it releases in India.

I asked a question to Rajkumar to know if this was challenging role compared to previous outings and he agreed.  We also heard the director say that there is a lot of effort gone into making the movie.

Hoping that this movie gets to do well and we also get to see more of Rajkumar in more Commercial movies coz he sure has got talent for the same.