Nimisserie – Celebrations Plated @Brigade Road, Bangalore

Bangalore has seen a rise in the # of new restaurant in the recent times.  But I would say that none would come close of even think if matching the newly opened ‘Nimisserie’ restaurant by celebrated ‘Chef Nimish Bhatia’.  Well, it was my pleasure being part of few Food-Bloggers who got a chance to dine & talk with the Chef himself, while some amazing dishes were being served.  Each of these dishes, were no even consumed by anyone from public, we were the first to get a taste of it and that was quite a feeling.
As they say, every special occasion needs a special place for wine & dine.   In this case, it was the launch of  ‘Fine Dining’ restaurant serving you some really awesome Indian Food in a manner that you might have seen only in the Television shows.  I call each of these dishes as ‘Top Chef Dishes’.  I had food at various hotels across Bangalore, but I think the Taste of Food and Presentation was ‘one of the Best in town’.  When you see the picture attached, you will be amazed at the effort that has been put in by the Chef.


Chef Nimish Bhatia has been in the industry since quite sometime.  He has had experience working in various hotels across India and abroad.  All along he has worked to improve the food being served for other hoteliers.  Now, it was time for him to invest on something of his own. 


Its nice of him to have chosen Bangalore as one of the starting places to have a restaurant of this nature.  And what better day to start than on the Christmas day.
The food being served is Indian but presentation in manner, which is hard to imagine.  Infact, when you look at the way it is served, you will be startled and wonder if it was going to be possible to serve it this way.
Before sharing any further, let me share the route to this restaurant.
If you are coming from the Bridge Road, you need to cross the signal that has Residency Road in the intersection.  Drive along to pass the Eva Mall to the left and then you hit upon another signal, which has ‘Show Offs’ to the left.  Nimisserie restaurant appears to the left on the main road.
For folks coming from the Koramangala Forum side.  You need to cross the signal at Richmond Road and then drive across to see the ‘Brigade Towers’ to the left and the restaurant is bang opposite. 
It can’t be missed for simple reasons that it has got this great design from outside.  There is ample parking space for folks outside and at the basement.  If not the valet parking folks will be ready to help.
This now leads me to share more insight going into the restaurant i.e., Ambiance & Food.
There has been this age-old argument about the look of food being critical for many folks and then the taste.  Well, I think that it needs to be a culmination both.  But then I also think that the ambiance of the place where you sit and enjoy such a delicacy is also quite critical.  And all of this has been taken care very well by Chef Nimish and his team.


The entrance is quite grand with a nice board of  ‘Nimisserie’ being written.  And as you enter to the right side, you will be see lots of long seats, which look exquisite.  This for sure is a great place for having food with friends and family.  And there surely need not be limitation in terms of the # of people coz there are variety of seats.


Ground level has got a great bar and open kitchen.  The people ready to wait the tables, look all charged up. 


As you walk along there is an array of crockery unit which has hand-made glassware which again is excellent.  The glasses in which water were being served also looked really great.



To the right side, you find think special tree with ‘White Flower’ and that adds to the grandeur of this place.  And to add to this, there are some ‘White Sofas’, which gives such a Royal feeling.



The tables are well arranged with good space being given between tables.  Each of the tables had the ‘Food Mat’, which was special.  



Coz each of them is made of ‘Granite’, these are the same grade of granite that is present in Taj Mahal.  This will tell you the kind of taste the Chef and his team have got.  They simply wanted to bring the best to people.


There were these special bulbs hanging from the roof to the right side, which gave it an amazing look to the place.  To add to this there were these long curtains, which gain enhanced the interiors.



There is also first floor, which has got good selection of seats and a small bar counter.  The seats were again looking awesome. 
There were live grill counter where Chef would make and guest be served from it.  Most of the Sunday brunches have it but here the Chef has thought of giving this experience to people everyday.


Special seating, which is abit private coz of the Beads-Chain separating from rest of the seating.  There are some chairs, which gives you the feel of a Big Boss.  I was glad to have got a chance to click pic with Chef Nimish Bhatia in the seat.




I need to also share info on the special heating panels that Chef has thought of.  There was this special roller where you can feed the grill veggies or non-veg, set temperature and the grilled veggie/non-veg would come out the other side.



Really cool storage boxes for serving rotis.


Great plates divided into 4 sections.


Live grill, which has rollers below.  The Veg or NV grill can be kept to reheat if someone feels the food has become cold.


Well, I guess I have spent enough time-sharing info on the ambiance of this place. Now for sure its time to get into the details of the food which is another awesome experience.


•       Reconstructed Chilled Samosa in a Melon Wrapper, Hibiscus Dust, Fiery Nimbu Chutney
I never thought that I would get to taste a Samosa being served in such wonderful fashion.  Every bit of the ‘Samosa’ tasted quite awesome.  And with the Melong Wrapper, I understand the level of knowledge Chef has got to pull it off.



Not a single bite from this could be left as it coz it was simply awesome.  I could not resist and ended up taking 2 portions of it.


One more thing I got to tell is the plate in which it was served had a ‘Spoon’ etched and then ‘Nimisserie’ was written in the chutney.  Wow, what a beautiful presentation.
•      Chicken Picattas  Rolled with Fresh N Citrus Coriander Tabouleh          
Just like the vegetarian Appetizer, my fellow foodie friends were quite happy with this dish and had the similar feeling like I had when I took the ‘Reconstructed Chilled Samosa’.
•       Rohelkhand Style Dal with Citrus Kuchumber Chaat on a Crisp, Tomato Carpaccio
Truffle Oil Drizzle
A chaat that I had on the day was something I have never thought could be done any better than this.  It was one of the best combinations of Cucumber & Tomato served.  I must appreciate the crockery on which it was served as well.  Again, a chaat that would make you want more and more.  Topping of onions and coriander also added so much of flavor in to the chaat.



Arugula, Marigold Flowers, Basil, Dehydrated Pineapple
This was a salad served in a very unique kind of bowl.  It had ingredients like the flak seeds, lettuce, lotus stem, basil, marigold flower seeds and what not.  The taste was so amazing.  I enjoyed every bit of the taste.



A wet and hot, invigorating brew of stock and fine ingredients. It will bowl you over with an explosion of flavors & textures where a bubble is created using molecular gastronomy, loaded with floral, root veggie and fruity fragrance and  poured over with a fresh decant of herb infusion.






 I have taken soups at plenty of place but then never seen a place where they serve soup in which the soup is let to brew at your seat.  The way this is served is that there would be a bowl with veggies & fine ingredients.  Herbed hot water is brought which is poured in the soup bowl.  And then the lids shut for it to brew for 60secs.  Then you are supposed to consume it and I must say that it was simply awesome. Loved taking every sip of the soup.  There was great aroma coming from the flowers that were added. 



•    Bihari Pithi  Pockets Stuffed with Spinach , Cottage Cheese, Flax Seed, Dal Sauce with Crisps
The Naaneree
•                Beetroot, Rosemary & Goat Cheese Kulcha
•                Apricot and Chilli Kulcha
•                Date & Duck Kulcha
•                Chooran & Green Apple Kulcha
I had some excellent items until now.  It was time for the main-course and with the expectation flying high, I was expecting nothing less.  It surely did not disappoint coz the ‘Cottage Cheese’ with ‘Bihari Pithi Pockets Stuffed with Spinach’ were simply awesome.  The flavors were blending along so well that the mouth just water for every bite of the items that were served.


To be able to enjoy the main course, there an array of rotis that were served.  It was not just the normal roti, but the stuffing were unique – Beetroot, Apricot, Date & Green Apple based. Each of the roti went along so well with the main course.


If I would have got a chance, would have planned to digest whatever I had eaten and come back real quick for 2nd round.  The taste for sure was out of world.
  • Fishy Affair With:  Kasundi Grilled Snapper: Gooseberry Chutney Tuna: Curry Leaf Pesto Seer  : Curry Lemon Foam
This was another dish that got people to just say wow coz for 2 reasons, 1 being the fact that it was served on a very different kind of plate.  It was not the normal porcelain or glass plate.  It was more like black slate on which food can be consumed.
Appearing on a table cleared of other dishes, savouring the sweet finish calms the palate
to revive an experience of a good meal enjoyed, just as well !
•                Tarte Tatin Misti Doi Crème Brulee, Candied Fruits & Petals
This brings me to the last section, which is the ‘Deserts’.  First of the desert had this ‘Crème Brulee’ which was sure THE BEST I have had in awhile.  Anyone loving Brulee can’t just stop with 1 bit.  And to add to this it was having ‘Misti Doi’ ie, sweet curds.  Now, I think if the dish can be made at home.  I guess yes, but its going to be quite hard, coz you need  Top Chef like Nimish to help you.


There was also like dried Fruits & Petals kept on this cute ‘Toy Tanga’, which was awesome presentation.


•                Chlorophyll Panacota with pearls
The last of the items that was served.  And for sure this was nothing less than perfect.  A ‘Panacota’, which is the best in town, is what I can say it to be.
This bring me to end of my exhilarating experience in terms of food and ambiance.


Final Thoughts
I am for sure lost of words after eating food at this place.  And I am sure its going to be hard for any place to even come close to what I experience at Nimisseria coz it was fusion of Great Food, Ambiance, Hospitality which will make you remember it for long.  And then also whenever you think of wanting the royal experience, you would want to come right back here and enjoy it. 


My rating for this place would be a straight 4.5/5.  May be this is the first to which I wanted to give the max but then I want to enjoy it more # of times and may be for sure it will reach that level of rating.


The food that I tasted is also available to be ordered as part of various packages.  And each of the packages will for sure cover the best of the food.  Each of the meals, have different courses and for sure it is something you would enjoy when done slowly.  I would want people to go there and then relax themselves for next 2hrs and enjoy the food.
My rating in other departments is as follows –
Food – 4.5/5
Ambiance – 4.5/5
Service – 4.5/5
Drinks – 4.5/5
Food for 2 would cost anywhere between INR2500-4000 for a wholesome meal.