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Titan Connected-X – The latest smartwatch offering by Titan has the Best Look, Features rich, Superior quality & Futuristic design. We all have known Titan for pioneering in making Edge Series – World’s thinnest watches, Raga – World’s only women-centric watch and more. The company has ventured into the Wearable categories just a few years back in 2016 and is already one of the preferred brands across the country.

The Titan Connected-X adds a new feather in the cap as its one of the coolest looking Smartwatch. It has the typical looks of an Analogue Watch in the background but the moment one touches the screen, the typical features of the smartwatch show up.

Feature Highlights

The new smartwatch by Titan has multiple features that one can expect any smartwatch.  If we were to consider these as use-cases, they have nearly 13 different aspects.

Design excellence, Notification Control, Weather Notifications, Watch Faces, Call Controls, Find the Phone, Calendar Alert, Camera Control, Fitness Tracker, Sleep pattern, Distance Travelled, Activity Tracking, Heart Rate Monitor

My Take

Looks – It got an amazing design that clubs the typical analog watch and latest digital watches.  At first glance, one would think that its another analog watch.  It’s only when one presses the button & screen, the magic reveals itself.  The watch looks so trendy and comes in some amazing colors like Khakhi Green, Copper & Black.  The most unique color for sure would be the ‘green’ as it gives a slightly rugged yet fashionable look.

Screen – The content displayed on the screen is clear and non-cluttered.  It’s easy to just load features on the phone but it’s necessary to make it look neat.  The font selection, placement of sub-features, details shared are the key aspect to make a watch stand out.  This phone has everything that one would desire from a smartwatch.

Features – It has 13 features that are very easy to operate.  With the complete touch-screen option, the features reveal itself very easily.  The setting corresponding to features, tracing & tracking is very easy.

Price – Its priced at around INR 15k that’s probably the sweet spot in the market for any smartphone lover.  But over the years, I am hoping that they bring down the price to be between 8-10k that makes it very comfortable for many more to buy.

Battery Life – Typically it can last for 3 days but if one does not charge, the analog watch will continue to show the time for 30-days.  Ideally, I would have wanted it to work a little longer for 5 days so I can charge it over the weekend.  But I am sure this is something that will constantly evolve over the next releases.

Final Thoughts

This for sure will be game-changer in the Indian market for a smartphone. Considering that it’s made by one of the most reliable & revered companies in the country, it will easily become one of the most preferred smartphones in the country. I am eagerly waiting for the phone to be available to the public in March 2020.

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