Last Over – Perfect play to celebrate World Laughter Day


Last Over is an amazing play starring some of the renowned comedians Rakesh Bedi & Ananth Mahadevan.  The play is written by Abhishek Pattnaik and directed by Suketu Shah also stars upcoming actress Gunjan Malhotra.  The play tries to unravel the emotional issue within a family and correlating the same with cricket.  Initially when I came to know about the play, I was very excited to watch it and new that it would be fun.  The artists conveyed many deep meanings of life in a funny manner by having cricket as the central theme.  Artists made everyone laugh with their comic timing and it was the best way to celebrate “World Laughter Day” on 5-May.

Summary of Last Over Play

The play revolved around a couple from different nationalities (Boy from Amritsar, Punjab, India and Girl from Karachi, Pakistan) falling in love.  Since they think that the parents may not agree, they end up doing a registrar office.  But soon after their marriage, they decide to inform their parents.

The fun starts when both father’s visit London, stay with the couple in their home. Their intent of visiting London is for watching the World Cup finals between India & Pakistan, live from Lord’s.

What follows that is absolute fun ride with both fathers trying to pull down the other person.  Girl’s father tries to repeatedly make fun on her husband and feels that she should have chosen a Pakistani. They argue about the sleeping space, common bathroom, smaller house, cricket and more.  But something that’s common to both is their passion to watch the World Cup finals between India vs Pakistan.

They find ways to get tickets to watch the finals at Lords, London.  But in trying to procure tickets, they end up deviating from their ideologies and lose trust of their children.  It’s surprises to see the way they have been doing that throughout their lives and hiding from their families.  The children show them the mirror and make them realize their mistakes.

Cricket & Life Parallel

The scenes can be compared to many cricketing terminologies.  For example, a player ducks when there is bouncer is bowled, gets out for a Yorker, leaves the ball when its outside off/on.  Every cricketer aims to never miss a ball that’s right in the hitting zone.

In our own lives, when we get a situation that can’t be explained, it’s better to avoid and not worry too much.  There are times when the situation becomes so difficult that we get up getting caught up.  But one needs to be watchful when similar situation comes up.  Also think of times when we face situation that are off the routing, we end up fetching for it and get embroiled.  Finally, everyone get an opportunity like getting the ball in the right slot, that situation should be capitalized well.

Actors in the play

The actors in the play are extremely talented and some of them have achieved legendary status.  It good see excellent chemistry between the young and old.

About Anant Mahadevan

Ananth Mahadevan, a veteran actor who has played many wonderful roles and supremely talented.  His usage of Urdu words and pronunciation was impeccable. He made acting look so easy for everyone watching. While conversing with him, he did mention that theatre has stood team test of the and has a 3000 years old history.  Acting in live play will always be a benchmark to access ones acting skills as there are no retakes.

Some of films he has acted include – 2.0, Vishwaroopam, Baazigar, EMI, The Train, Joggers Park, Baadshah, Mann, Pyar To Hona Hi That, Ishq, Yes Boss, Khiladi, Chandni & many more.

To name few movies he directed – Aksar, Life’s Good, Staying Alive, Anamika, Dil Maange More, Dil Vil Pyar Vyar.

About Rakesh Bedi

Rakesh Bedi is another actor who has enthralled all of us over the years. He performed so well and made us all believe in his role as Punjabi father. His comic timings are just awesome and there are plenty of scenes be made is laugh like crazy. During my conversation, he told about the seriousness in every actor to do justice to the role.  As viewers we assume that the actors will burst out laughing while performing their scenes, but they maintain discipline.  The actor seemed to be well grounded and spoke at length about his work, plays and his future assignments.

He has been an exceptional actor who has been doing movies from 1979 starting from “Hamara Tumhara“. Some of his other movies include – Chashme Buddoor, Ek Duuje Ke Liye, Chamatkar, Diljale, Yes Boss, Hero No.1, Baagi, Gadar, URI & more.

Some of his note-worthy performances in television include – Zabaan Sambhalke, Yes Boss, FIR, Khidki & more.

About Gunjan Malhotra

The play also starred another very good actress, Gunjan Malhotra who shot to fame with her roles in movies like – Airlift, Toilet – Ek Prem Khata and more. Acting with stalwarts could be daunting task. But the young actress said that the seniors encouraged her to perform better. Her performance was amazing and very controlled.

She has also appeared in some of the ads with famous celebs – Oreo ad along with Ranbir Kapoor, Orient ad with Irfaan Khan.

During my conversation, she mentioned about her love for acting.  She was telling that the preparation for the play started a month back with everyday 4-5hrs rehearsals.  And that the seniors encourage her by sharing a lot of insights.  The commitment to delivering the best was seen in her performance.

Final Thoughts

Great job by Coconut Theatre to bring this ‘Last Over’ play to Bangalore and choosing a great venue, Chowdiah Memorial Hall.  The team plans to host many more shows of the same play across the country and travel abroad.  Kudos to their effort in bringing all these actors together for a great play.

The play was very entertaining and the acting by the performers on stage seemed so effortless.  It was an out and out fun riot with great actors like Ananth & Rakesh Bedi performing.  I truly enjoyed the show and looking forward to watching more plays in future.

I strongly recommend everyone across the country to watch the ‘Last Over’ play if it’s in a city near you.


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Supported by – Rubin Raj Productions
Venue – Chowdiah Memorial Hall