Drunkling – Great place for Sizzlers & Cocktails


Drunkling is one of the best places in town to visit for having tasty Sizzlers and wonderful cocktails. Its located in the same building as the erstwhile Yana Sizzler and very close to Forum Mall & JNC college in Koramangala. The new outlet has been decked up, it now looks fresh and fun place to hang-out with friends & family. I recently visited the place and enjoyed the experience and would like to share the same.


  • Located across three floors, every floor caters to different taste of audience. Ground & first floor are meant for relaxed dining experience. While the second and third floors have the look & feel like a pub. The top 2 floors are suited for hanging out with friends or may be discuss office politics with colleagues.IMG_20180609_183532
  • The section meant for dining has wonderful seating arrangement that are painted white making it looks sheikh.
  • Second floor specifically has a nice bar counter and open-air section to one side. There are some nice posters put up on the wall which looks pretty good.
  • The top floor has DJ Console and plenty of open space for dancing, making it perfect for party goers. Couple of mikes are also setup for live performance.
  • Entrance of Drunkling looks pretty compact from outside but once one enters inside, it gives a great vibe.


The place offers some wonderful cocktails with different flavours that can suit different taste buds. Cocktails are made using different base like Gin, Whisky, Tequilla, Vodka and Rum. The other ingredients added in various cocktails include – Rosemary, Cherry, Lemon, Raw mango.

Each of the cocktails have unique names, let me share some of the names.

  • Obsession (Gin based)
  • Pop My cherry (Whisky based)
  • Cilantro Jalapeño Margarita (Tequila based)
  • Free Flow (Rum based)
  • Aam Panna (Vodka)

Among these I specially loved the Tequila based cocktail as it was a little spicy due to present of bell-peppers.


The food options at this place are pretty good and they complement the cocktails. Sizzlers are the highlight of the place, one can also get some good Continental, Chinese, Indian and Italian food as well.


Among the Veg Starters, my best picks would be the Stuffed Mushroom and Veg platter.

Veg Platter comes with Paneer Tikka, Grilled Pineapple, Grilled Baby-corn, Veg Sheekh Kebab and salads. Served with mint-chutney & salad, all the items tastes good.

The non-veg lovers also have an option to take the platter that comes with a selection of chicken and mutton-based dry-items.


Whenever one speaks of sizzlers, the Vegetarians seem to be limited for choice. But that’s not the case with Drunkling, as they have nearly 25-30 varieties of Veg Sizzlers. Among these I specially loved the Paneer Satellite Sizzler which came with Paneer, Patty, Veggies (including Mushroom), topped with cheese. Guests have choice to of mash-potato/fries, rice/noodles and sauces (garlic/pepper). I specially recommend taking sizzler with garlic sauce.

With a doubt, the Non-Vegetarians have loads of choices.


The starters, main-course taken along with cocktails can make anyone feel very full. But still if one needs to take dessert, the best option would be to take Caramel Custard. It’s got the perfect creaminess, fluffiness and sweetness that’s light for stomach.

Among the desserts, they also have the Brownie with hot-chocolate as one of the options.

Overall Experience

It was a great afternoon spent at Drunkling during the weekend. The hospitality of this place is wonderful, and the staff are always ready to help. Ambiance of the place makes it perfect for dining, hanging out or partying. The DJ setup on the top floor making it a perfect place for hosting private parties. Food at this place are spot-on which compliments the drinks and wonderful ambiance. I strongly recommend this place for everyone to everyone in city and those visiting Bangalore on vacation. My rating for this place would be 4.0/5.

Rating in other departments.
Drinks – 4.0/5
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.25/5

Food & Drinks cost at this place will come up to anywhere between INR 1200-1500.

145, 60ft Road, KHB Colony, Koramangala 5th Block, Bangalore