Dot Yum Restaurant at Aloft Whitefield


Dot Yum is one of the restaurant located in Aloft – Whitefield.  The restaurant looks quite neat and has a positive vibe about it.  The restaurant is predominantly serves Al Carte food and has one of the acclaimed Chef Hafizulla as the Executive Chef.  Highlight of the restaurant has got to be the taste and presentation of the food which speaks volumes of the Chef’s experience.  I recently got an opportunity to visit the place and try out some of the wonderful food.


The restaurant has sheik finish with pillars being covered with laminates.  Designer tiles seem to be used across various section of restaurant.

Tables are quite nicely spread out quite well, to let guests move around easily.

There are plenty of books on the shelf, for guests who love reading.  The hotel has around 160 odd room and most of the corporate guests across the globe enjoy reading.

A nice buffet counter section is put up to the left side, where buffet lunch is served during the week-days.

Highlight of the restaurant is also the view outside.  One side of the restaurant is a beautiful Swimming pool and the other side is an open lawn area which has greenery.

Apart from the restaurant and its interiors, the Aloft Whitefield property itself is quite appealing.  It is one of the few hotels part of Marriott group of hotels that looks more relaxed and energizing.


Food is surely one of the main highlight at this restaurant.  Executive Chef is very highly qualified as he pursued his Hotel Management studies at IIHM, Chennai.  He has a lot of experience working in multiple countries, cruise-lines and restaurants across the country.  Let me share my experience of eating some of the food.


Dahi Ke Kebab – This is one of items made with Hung Yogurt, Onions, Ginger, Coriander and is very popular.  The taste of the kebab is quite awesome which was enhanced by taking it along with Mint & Cream-Mayo based chutneys. The starter was served on a special edible stone along with another starter which made it look like picture perfect.

Badami Saag Sheek –  A combination of Spinach Leaves, Almonds mixed along with Indian Spices.  The saag and almond slices combination along with Cheese brought out unique taste.

There are 2 Non-Vegetarian starters which are presented very well and taste quite awesome – Lahori Boti Kebab and Murgh Gulnar.

Main Course

Mushroom Gravy Subzi – This was a gravy subzi served along with Butter Naan.  The combination was just awesome, and it was hard to resist after taking one bite.  Special mention about the presentation which was done on a big plate that a small section in the middle where gravy was served.

Paneer e Hazrat Mahal – A dish that had paneer pieces rolled finely and served with Makhani gravy. Along with the gravy there was a small portion of green-leaves, which tasted quite good.

Maa Ki Daal – Combination of well cooked & simmered Black Dal, Rajma and Channa finished with cream and butter.  The daal was served with Rice that had raisins in it.  Black Lentils was cooked very well and the gravy was quite yummy.  I would loved to have the daal with steamed rice instead of the dry-fruit pulao rice.

There are also some wonderful Non-Vegetarian dishes and best among them is the Dhuwan Nalli Ghost which seem to have been presented well. 


There are a variety of items we are used to eating as part of Dessert which includes Pastries, Chocolates & Ice-creams.  Many have forgotten the taste of Indian sweets that can be tasty desserts.

At this restaurant I tried couple of sweet dishes including – Duet of Beetroot & White pumpkin Halwa, Carrot Quenelle and Rajbhog Milk Burfi.

Beetroot Halwa is quite popular at home but it is always served by itself.  Here the Chef served it along with White pumpkin based Halwa, which taste really good when taken together.


Guava based mocktail – I tried one of the Guava based mocktail that was specially prepared by Chef.  It looks like a Guava Margarita that had Chilli powder long side the rim of glass.  The taste of every sip of really good and it acted as the perfect drink along with the lunch.

Overall Experience

I had great experience of having lunch at one of the best restaurants in Aloft – Whitefiled.  Kudos to Chef & his team for making every dish tasty and present it like a piece of art.  It is hard to point fingers at any of items, as individually each of them were quite good.  Special mention of the serving staff who were quite courteous and prompt in service.

I rate my overall experience at 4.0/5.

Rating in various departments.
Food – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Food for 2 at this restaurant will cost anywhere between INR 1500-2500.

Opening hours

7 AM to 11:30 PM

Aloft Hotel, 17C, Sadaramangala Road, Whitefield, Bangalore

Picture taken with Chef Hafizullah.