NIRUTTARA – Journey of Relationships & Emotions (2016)


Language: Kannada
Cast & Crew: Bhavana, Kiran Srinivas, Andrita Ray, Rahul Bose
Music Director: Pandit Niladri Kumar
Production Co: Hometown Productions
Producer: Aravind Ramanna
Director: Apurva Kasaravalli
Release Date: 23Dec16
Duration: 2 hrs 42 mins

Plot & Summary

This is one of the latest Kannada movies that has a very different vibe to it.  It is a movie that dwells into various human relationship like – Friends, Lover, Companion, Marriage and many more that can’t be defined in the known terms.  The movie starts with the lead actor Achinth a budding musician &singer, played Kiran Srinivas, performing to a Night Club audience along with his band.  Then you see Shravya a pretty lady who shoots documentaries, played by Andrita Ray, entering the scene.

For a split second, you would start to think that the Achinth is trying to impress Shravya but then as it turns out, she is just good friend of the lead actor.  Achinth is being shown a care-free and happy-go-lucky individual who tries to hit upon gals in the night club after his performance.  Achinth life takes a fatal turn when he meets Hamsa, a relatively elder lady who is married and specializes in Indian Classical music, being played by Bhavna Ramana.

Achinth is instantly attracted and wants to find every opportunity to spend time with Hamsa, to know her more.  As soon as Achinth come to know that Hamsa would be joining Shravya in shooting next documentary in Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan, he pesters to join the group.  Hamsa is being portrayed as a deeply emotional and lonely person who wants to stay within her thoughts.  Achinth does not connect to her deep philosophical thoughts of Hamsa, but still feels good spending time with her.  Achinth manages to keep Hamsa away from Shravya’s documentary team for a day and spend quality time together roaming the town.  Achinth finds the courage to express his true love for Hamsa after being a little drunk. Hamsa confronts him and tells that there isn’t any future for the relationship, but also tells that she is having great time coz of Achinth. They both become friends but then there is certain attraction between them.  Achinth convinces Hamsa to join Shravya & crew, for a holiday in Goa after documentary shoot.  Hamsa’s agrees and entire gang parties. One of the evening, Achinth & Hamsa end up being alone in a room drinking.  After couple of drinks, their attraction turns physical.  Hamsa thinks that she committed a big mistake and distances herself.  Achinth expresses his true love for Hamsa and she decides to start the new relationship.  Both are happy until the arrival of Pradeep, husband of Hamsa being played by Rahul Bose. Pradeep is a career oriented individual who has been married with Hamsa for nearly 10 years.

The second half shows the way Hamsa and Pradeep build their home with lots of love.  But then, ‘giving priority of work over family’, increases distances in relationship.  In one of the scenes, Hamsa says that – ‘They both are on parallel rail tracks and then corrects to say that they are on divergent paths’.  The movie shows the way Hamsa, tries to sustain the relationship but every time Pradeep ends up disappointing her.  The arrival of Achinth gives her a renewed zest for life.  Hamsa realizes that she does not need Pradeep anymore in her life as their relationship was only more of ‘Social Obligation’.  Achinth and Hamsa relationship blossoms slowly. But when Hamsa decides to give the relationship a name, Achinth gives lame and immature reason which deeply hurts Hamsa.  Now, Hamsa feels that she has been betrayed by Achinth.  It takes time but Achinth does realize before it’s too late.  He even tries getting back to Pradeep to get Hamsa whereabouts.  But instead gets a beautiful dialog back – ‘A girl would usually forget what you said, or even what you do, but will never forget how you made her feel’.  Achinth curses himself and take the fatal step, unable to bear the pain.

This is a movie that is quite deep and lets us understand how our action can hurt the people who are in relationship with us.  It tells us how we need to choose words in manner not hurt our partner.  Coz sometimes the harsh words can lead to serious consequences.  Also, it tells about how the relationships needs to be nurtured and cared like a tree.  Unless you keep watering the tree/plant may die and the possible fruits you might have got will no more be there.


I loved the performance of Bhavna playing the lead role as Hamsa.  She has portrayed herself as a modern lady who is quite knowledge and strong individual.  A lady who does value her relationship and tries to keep it intact.  But then when things go out of controller, she has the confidence to make bold move.  Bhavna has done excellent job in expressing her emotions, happiness and excitement.  I felt that throughout the movie, she became the character Hamsa.  I don’t think anyone could play this role better than her.

Another role that is quite well played is that of Shravya played by Andrita, who is an independent gal who has her own career aspirations and desires.  At times, you would feel that she is attracted to Achinth but does not forge ahead coz of immature thinking of Achinth.  But being a good friend, at times she is shown to give relevant inputs to Achinta.

The role of Achinth as a care-free individual played by Kiran was good.  But I would have wanted the character to act a little bit more mature and realize the mistake earlier.  Performance of Kiran was quite gripping as he transformed himself per the scene from being a care-free fun loving person, to a caring individual and then to a person who is going through emotional trauma.

Finally, Pradeep played by Rahul Bose is good.  He looked quite equipped to play the role.  I think the cameo role played by him suited him quite well and he should be doing many more in future Kannada movies.


A movie as intense as this one, also needed wonderful music which was given by Niladri Kumar.  Music was quite subtle and touching to the heart.  I especially loved the songs – Hoo Mele Hani sung by Junne Banerji & Savani Mudgal and Aaha Identha sung by Blachandra Prabhu.  You can hear the above-mentioned songs ‘n’ number of times, they will always touch your heart.  List of songs in the movie includes.

Aaha Identha. Singers: Balachandra Prabhu.
Aalangisu Baa Nannanu. Singers: Jonita Gandhi, Balachandra Prabhu.
Aigiri Nandini. Singers: Arjun Nair.
Hoo Mele Hani. Singers: Junne Banerji, Savani Mudgal.
More Piya. Singers: Ankitha.
Neenene Hosa Kanasu. Singers: Jonita Gandhi.
Neenilla Nanna Yedeyali.


The most important aspect of a movie apart from acting & music is that of Direction.  And Apurva Kasaravalli has done an excellent job with the same. Infact, he is also the Writer and the one who wrote the Screenplay.  It is so hard to direct a movie coz there is so many aspects of human emotions that needed to be dealt with.  The screenplay has been done so well that every scene looks so seamless and well thought of.  Every time audience would feel engrossed in what’s being shown.  He has been able to capture the emotions portrayed by actors aptly.  This might be his 4th movie, but I am sure there will be many more to come in future.

His father Girish Kasaravalli, one of the legendary Director of Kannada movies who is a pioneer of Parallel Cinema. Known internationally, he has won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film four times: for Ghatashraddha (1977), Tabarana Kathe (1986), Thaayi Saheba (1997) and Dweepa (2002). In 2011, he was awarded Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian award by Government of India.


I think this is easily one of the best Kannada movie that I have seen in a long time that deal with human emotions.  Though it might seem a little slow in the 1st half, I feel that is was very necessary to develop the characters in the movie.  Something that I missed on writing about is the Cinematography and Picturization.  The folks who did the Location Scouting have chosen some excellent places in Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan and some many part of South Bangalore, Jayanagar area.  I feel that this movie has every potential for being the Best movie of the year in National Awards.

Thanks to the team of Aravind Ramana (Hometown Productions), Rubin Raj Production, Apurva Kasaravalli (Director) and the actors Bhavana, Kiran Srinivas, Andrita Ray, Rahul Bose; for bringing forward a great movie.  These kinds of movies will bring more people across the country to appreciate Kannada movies.



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