Malleswaram Food Walk

Date – 13Dec14
This was one of the amazing thing I have done as foodie.  I never even thought the something like this could be done.  The first time I heard it, I was wondering who this can be done coz I was told that the plan is to walk around the area and cover all the favourite eat-out spots, while there will be few tit-bits shared about the history as well.
With immense hesitation I reached the starting place nearly 15 mts late.  I was glad to see that there were few more who just arrived when I did and the event had not started. The first spot (Veena Stores) was the actual meeting point. Let me write about the places and share few experience in between as well.
Veena Stores – It is supposed to quite old and established in Malleswaram since 30-40 yrs.  And the first item that ate as part of the food-walk as the ‘Idli + Vada’.  I thought that the Idli was okay okay but the Vada was simply superb.  I was like highly impressed with the chutney, but yes it was decent.



As we finished the visit to first place, we started the actual walk.  During this time Mansoor did a bit about the Malleswaram history.  We saw the old Fire-Brigade water connection point on the main road, used in the past to release water in case there was a fire outbreak.  The same has now been closed.
We also looked at some huge houses in the area which were probably build on 1-2 acres lands that were allocated in the past.
Next for the most important house we house currently converted into a centre ie., CV Raman house.  It was good feeling to see the house of the legendary Physician who won the Nobel price for Physics in 1925.
We then walk further along and get to see a property of ‘Prakash Padukone’ which was donated for sake of badminton.








I think the walk was too much so the next was a spot to cool off.
Armagh Ice-creams – This is a place where we got to taste these brilliant ice-creams.  I tried the Fig & Honey and also Choco chip.  In fact, the owner obliged to show us the machines that used during the preparation of ice-creams.  I think its one of the best ice creams I have eaten in a while.












Then we had to walk very less before we could see a brilliant house.  Some big shots house which I thought might have belonged some big industrialist.  It was written ‘Ramaraju Nilayam’.  Anyways, we were headed to the next spot.
Raghavendra Stores – Again establish long back and surely the business flourishes being situated next to Malleswaram Railways ticket booking.  But yes the most famous item here is the Idli + Vada.  I thought the idli here was simply superb, thoroughly enjoyed it.  Just that I had some concerns with the spice in chutney.
We walk along and the next spot in mind was the CTR-Shree Sagar but before that was the short visit to another place.






Shenoy Stores – place famous for Rs.2-3 samosa which is those who don’t want to take the big one.  It has many other condiments and mixtures.  We are ended up picking 1 item each like – Chakuli, Congress Kadle-Kaayi, Mixtures, Nipattu and other.
Soon after we were done it was time for CTR.
CTR Shree Sagar is one of the old dest restaurants where you get some real good ‘Butter Masala Dosa’.  I ended up taking the full dosa as I think you will get the complete satisfaction eating full.  Also had ‘Mangalore Buns’ and of course some coffee.  Buns were okay okay, not that it was really superb.
We there walk along the market area and find couple of spots.







Ramananda Stores – one of the walkers told that was famous for ‘Bun Gulkand’.  I tasted and found it to be super yummy.  Next time I will pick few for home 🙂


Hotel Janatha – this was one place I would like to say was not as I expected.  Was highly disappointed with the masala dosa.  The chutney that came along was completely watery.  And the ‘shavige’ bath also not upto mark. Infact, I could eat only 1-2 bites.
It was time to head out 2 more spots and this time it was for cooling our heavily loaded stomach.






Asha Sweets center on 11th cross is quite famous for ‘Badam Milk’.  It was a blissful experience drinking which also had pista added to it.  I think next time I am in malleswaram, this place is a must 🙂
Lastly it was time to walk further ahead nearly 3/4th cross and goto special Gulkand place.




Baghyalakshmi Gulkand Store – They make Gulkand and also see it to be people in boxes.  We all ended up taking couple of gulkands – 1 Butter Gulkand and 1 Premium Gold Gulkand.  I thought that ‘butter Gulkand’ ie., entry level was the best.  The other one had quite a bit of crystal and could not enjoy it.






Overall we did come to end of the Foodie Walk.  It was nearly 3-1/2 – 4 hrs and it was good fun talking to various foodies.  People share info about the things they do, what food they like and introduce us to new places. Basically this is one of the best way to enjoy eating good food with foodies who always appreciate good food 🙂
I am also uploading few pics for all to savour. Hope you enjoyed reading my write up on the ‘Foodie Walk @Malleswarm’.  Hoping to see all – Mansoor, BB, Parvathi, Rohini, Preethi, Ajay, Nitya, Muralidhar in the next walk.
1. Veena Stores
– Idli + Vada
2. Amrith Ice-creams
– Fig & Honey
– Choco chip
3. Raghavendra Stores
– Idli + Vada + Coffee
4. Shenoy Stores
– Chakkuli
5. CTR
– Butter Masala Dosa
6. Ramananda Store
– Gulkand Bun
7. Hotel Janatha
– Masala Dosa
– Shavige Baath
8. Asha Sweet Centre
– Badam Milk


9. Baghyalakhmi – Butter & Gulkand Stores
– Premium Gold Rose
– Butter Gulkand