My Creations….


Finally, I am doing something what I have been looking to do after long time.
Somehow everytime I wanted to do it, there would be a slackening at my
end. But, then I decided that it was time I do it.

Well, this is got to do with my hobby of SKETCHING. I have always liked to
sketch throughout my life. Infact, I have participated in number of
competitions and won quite a few prices during my school days. Thought of
publish a few of them on my blog –

This sketch is that of a scenery of a sunset by the sea seen from a bridge.
This one happens to be special coz its a CHARCOAL sketching. And I found
that using charcoal on special drawing sheet gives good effects. This one
was done I guess 4-5 months back (June’08)

This sketch is a mountain-range that I had seen while driving to Santa Cruz
from San Jose. Again, this also was done 4-5 months back. I hope you are
able to make out the gradients in the mountains. This was during my initial
visit to US.

This one is one of my favorites that did a couple of yrs back probably when I
started working or something. But, then this one was done completely in
6B pencil and it came out quite good 🙂

Well, the sketch was done while I was just sitting at my home with a blue-ball
pen. But then it came out quite good, may be the power of Reynold Pen Ink.
But, its a very sweet pic that I really love.

I saw this pic in the newspaper where they were telling about the way village
are getting changed. Thought I should sketch the scene with a BLACK BALL
PEN. Turned out that it would be a good option as I was still able to get the
shades. I was quite happy to see the way branches of the tree came out 🙂

One of my favorite scenes to paint is the still life. Its not that it then becomes
easier to sketch. Sometimes when things are still, they look quite nice. I did
imagine a Butterfly as well in the still pic 🙂

Wonder if there can be any other animal that can be called a king other than
the LION. The animal is so majestic and awesome to look at. This sketch was
from a real life pic seen on National Geographic using 6B, 4B pencils.

I sketched this sometime back in my previous job, an office scene, not sure
from where I found it. But, decided to sketch it. The present economic
conditions is very much like the graph in the background 🙂

This cartoon sure is a favorite of many kids and elders as well. Thought
capturing a few moods of Garfield. This one I did recently during my recent
visit to Chennai for Diwali’08. Almost forgot, this sketch was done using a
Faber Caster black pen and it on the pen that it was a Permanent Marker 🙂

How did like the title ? Another sketch that i did in a stretch after finishing the
Garfield sketch. It depicts an irate person who is trying to hit the mosquito
that just whizzzzz past him 🙂

Well, there are quite a few I did like to post. Will keep doing that in the
coming days. But, then i would really appreciate your comments to these.
You can rate all of them, tell how you felt/any thoughts.