Formula-1 – Sport of Speed, Precision & Championship


Formula-1 – Sport of Speed, Precision & Championship

Seems like im starting to really enjoying on writing blogs. The only concern that I seem to have as of now is that the formatting as seen on my blog appears pretty bad. Infact, sometimes I wonder it is showing up like this and not put it across neatly after doing all the formatting. Don’t we thing many time when we actually are doc and that we would like to click a single button that would do the complete – alignment, borders, settingthe font for text and headers, blah blah. Thats like the real laziness. We think, why think can’t just happen with a click of a button 🙂

Ahah, now I seem to have got a good start to this blog. Coz this one is about speeds and thrills and skills and strategy and what not. I am speaking about “FORMULA-1“. Well, in the current generation of youth if someone say that he/she is not a “Formula-1” fan, then he/she might be looked down upon. And
like the way the people may call it hindi, the person lacks theTASHAN“:)

Of course, there is no fun forcing yourself to like something like that. It has be liked from within, which is what happened with me. I used to wonder when the CABLE-TV channels came when I was probably in my 7-8th grade or something. And in the sports channel, they used to show cars driving at high speeds.
Its like who doesn’t like Speeds and Thrills. And then, understand the way things work in the sports becomes easy to learn. After learning the rules (may be not the 100%). The reason why I am writing is that many people stop watching sport or dislike it when the sports has a loads of rule. We all equate most of it to “CRICKET”. We keep wondering why it isn’t as easy as cricket. Throw the ball, hit some runs, and field the ball, the run-outs, the wides, no-balls. But hey, have you every stopped and wondered, even in that sports how many times we make mistakes with regards to the LBW decisions.

Infact, I just seem to have gone away from “Formula1”. The point I tried to make there was try to make is that, its hard to know it all. The latest incident when Hamilton overtook Raikonnen in one of the left-turns but cutting across a shortcut. Basically he dint take the normal marked route, but cut across the road. Well, its more like the way we drive around here in Bangalore to ahead of the vehicle in front. Anyways, Hamilton was rightfully punished by giving a 25secs penalty which let him lose the Belgian Grand-Prix.

Apart from the fundas of rules, its the sheer speed that attracts us. Well, now that the rules and understanding of sport does set in. Its time to choose a TEAM that you would like to cheer and route to win. Isn’t as easy as it seems. But, then the natural choice quite a few might have is FERRARI. But, then that dint come so easily to me. Coz I have always seen McLaren as the stronger of the two. But, then the COLOR OF LOVE (RED) does attract. And why not, at
that time MICHAEL SCHUMACHER was around. I don’t think there was any drive during that period who would DARE to drive like SCHUMI did.

The craze finally did set in and I started watching all of the Grand-Prix events across the world. Now, the point to note is that Formula-1 is not just about the speed, its about the strategy. Coz its also about the TYPRE-CHANGE strategy, traffic after change, fuel-levels and others. Tyre change comes to thought most
importantly coz many time drivers are pretty poor driving in wet conditions and they end up SKIDDING & SLIDING.

Another important point to note is the TRACK. I mean, it’s spectacular. Especially my favorite tracks include – SAN MARINO, BELGIAN & ITALIAN GPs. It also seems like every country in the world want to have a Formula-1 circuit. I mean, this year the latest addition in MIDDLE-EAST (BAHARAIN), CHINA, SINGAPORE are all examples. I guess it is being planned in India as well. I guess the HYDERABAD is the place,lets see.

But surely, only all the above things are sorted out the Formula-1. Its purely about supporting the driver and hope would win. Formula-1 is so thrilling that, things could turn in the flash of moment. I mean some of the things that does happen –

-> tyre getting punctured in the penultimate lap (incident where Raikonnen was driving for McLaren and was leading throughout the race, but then coz of the
puncture he couldn’t continue)
-> the last incident involving Hamilton, Raikonnen lead through-out the raceand I guess there only 2-3 laps remaining
-> you are being a safety car and the driver tries to take a lead of the car ahead and you get black-flagged
-> or the driver goes to pits while safety car is still running. This happened with loads of drivers speeding at more than prescribed speed while reading the pit-stop

Ferrari sure does stand-out among the rest of the team coz they somehow lack the fan-following. I have been a Ferrari fan since more than a decade, thats the craze im speaking about. It was always pleasure watching Schumarcher win the races. And other fun part was the way he used to celebrate victory. I mean, that used to show the PASSION he had for the sport.

In the present generation we do have a driver similar to him, Luis Hamilton.
He sure is a driver who has got the passion and most importantly a desire to
win. Some of the history of MS
includes –

Nationality German
Formula One World Championship career
Active years 1991–2006
Teams Jordan, Benetton, Ferrari
Races 250 (248 starts)
Championships 7 (1994, 1995, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004)
Wins 91
Podium finishes 154
Career points 1,369
Pole positions 68
Fastest laps 76
First race 1991 Belgian Grand Prix
First win 1992 Belgian Grand Prix
Last win 2006 Chinese Grand Prix
Last race 2006 Brazilian Grand Prix
2006 position 2nd (121 pts)

One of my dreams would be drive a Ferrari-car. The Ferrari cars sure due have the best of looks. And I have also head peoplesay that the cars are made on basis of demand and there isn’t an actual production unit. Coz the price of the car surely isn’t reachable for many of us. Schumi gifted a Ferrari car to Sachin Tendulkar and that became such a big issue coz it was imported here to India. And Sachin was suppose to pay tax of 80%. Instead, after of discussion the craze of cricket stayed ROCK-ON and Sachin was allowed to get the car and
not pay tax. I wish I would get a similar gift from Schumi 🙂

Apart from Schumi being part of FERRARI, the 2 drivers, who currently drive for FERRARI include – Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikonnen 🙂

Well on that note, I did like to stop this blog as its already late in the night. Let me think of adding something more to this blog later.

Wait wait, I just forgot to mention about the other most eye-catching thing about the Formula-1. Wondering what it is, well,undoubtedly its the glamour quotient. You can see quite a few pretty model standing next to the drivers-cars and some holding the umbrellas. I guess speed and passion does attract girls attention. Adding a few pics that I grabbed from

Until my next blog, hope you had a nice time reading the same. As usual, your comments are awaited 🙂