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PokerStars is one of the leading Internet Poker Software company in the world.  It was founded by Isai Scheinberand his son, Mark in 2000.  They now have huge selection of Poker Games, where people across the globe play various games for real or play money. It’s basically a place where there is non-stop action.  PokerStars recently hosted a Poker evening with one of the Top Poker Player of the world, Aditya Agarwal.  I have seen videos of Pokers being played on large scale with huge bets and it fascinated me.  The opportunity to meet an expert was very special.

Event Updates

During the meet there were multiple tables with Aditya and few other Poker experts like Gokul, sharing lots of info about the game to inspire us.

They shared info from basic including – rule of the game, # of players, role of dealer, cards shuffling & distribution to players, folding, betting, show, and many more things.

Explained the selection of cards, that needs to be with a player to win over the opponent.  They shared more info on – Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three of a kind, Two Pair, One Pair, High Card. Ideally, every player would aim to get the Royal Flush and be the ultimate winner among the max 9 players that can participate.  But that combination of cards is rare and may happen once in bluemoon.

Shared info about the way people try bluffing and let the other players doubt their own cards and end up folding from a winning position.  Even when people are having bad cards and are sure to lose the money, they might keep a calm face & never reveal how they feel about it.  That is what is popularly referred as ‘Poker Face‘.

We all played 3-4 games with fake coins.  During the first 2 games, I was able to win courtesy of ‘One Pair’ and ‘Two Pair’.  In another game, I was almost about to win but ended losing as the opponent had a higher priority combination, ‘Straight’.  The entire gaming experience was fun, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I also got a chance to discuss at length with Aditya Agarwal to understanding about – his experience playing Poker, highest price money earned, need for becoming a winning player, learning from mistake and many more thing.

More About PokerStars

PokerStars has grown and matured into the leading poker company in the world, and the events on PokerStars have shaped and created the poker world as we know it today.  The first cash multi-table online poker tournaments were hosted by PokerStars, the success of PokerStars qualifiers at the World Series of Poker, played a key role in the start of the global poker boom.  PokerStars history is truly the history of modern poker itself, and this online museum is a place to store that history.

Poker players can play the biggest weekly online poker tournament – The Sunday Million, The Annual World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP).  Players can qualify for live poker events like the PokerStars Championship and many more.  This is one place where people can win big prizes in minutes with Spin & Go Tournaments and play the Fast-Paced Poker Format Zoom.  If don’t have the appetite to take risk, you can play free for fun.

To get started playing the game online, one needs to download the app on desktop and/or mobile.  Following simple instruction helps with in signing up and getting ready to play.  The online game allows beginner to observe any games that are running and see how the software work.  This can help in understand the game further before taking the plunge.

Overall Experience

The idea of Poker game has always been intriguing and fascination.   For long time I thought it to be a gamble, now I realize that its more about the skill than about the luck.  PokerStars gave an opportunity for a beginner like me to interact with the expert, Aditya Agarwal and learn about the game.  My discussion with him made the smaller details and help build confidence playing the game.  I am hoping to take up playing the Poker game more seriously in future and urge my friends to do the same.


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