RISHI XAI-based EPI Solution launched by Digité


Digité launch RISHI, Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) based Enterprise Project/Business Intelligence (EPI) solution.  The product will help managers predict business outcomes, prepare for the next course of action.  This will in turn help organizations perform to their fullest potential.

RISHI – Ignite the Infinite

In today’s corporate world, every company is looking to deliver every product at the right time.  And everyone is looking to try and eliminate any possibilities that might cause a delay in delivery.  Companies take strategic decisions that purely based on assessment from few individuals in top management.

But the solution to a problem is complex and required deep understanding of business.  Statistics say that only 16.2% of strategic initiatives are complete on time and within budgets.  There can be innumerable reason for the low success.  But with Timely actionable insights can ensure success in business environment.

Launch Event

Digité launched RISHI to public, at a special event at ‘Gateway Hotel’ in Bangalore.  Top executives Mr. AV Sridhar (CEO), Mr. Mahesh Singh (SVP Marketing), Dr.Ramesh Patil (CTO) and Mr.Parameshwaran (Sr Director Solutions), Mr.Nishant – Marketing were present.

To set the context right, the team initially shared info about the % of project executed getting delayed.  This inturn leads to loss for the company as per the clauses.  But if someone were to circumvent the problem, a deep understanding of the projects is necessary.  Using RISHI, one can get solutions that will drive the projects back to right track and meeting deadlines in future.

The top management also clarified many doubts the press-conference meet with Media people.

Unique Features in RISHI

  • The product combines a knowledge system crafted from Digité vast domain experience, a cutting-edge Machine Learning (ML) system and eXplainable AI.  The AI/ML techniques come in handy to solve a dynamic problem.  Outcomes of the using Rishi comes out in a simple Humanly understand format.
  • RISHI can track Agile, traditional (waterfall/iterative) and hybrid projects.  It investigates the info from the past project and gives actionable insights about future outcomes.
  • AI/ML are used to extensively to calculate program goal deviations to granular level.
  • XAI give the reasons why project performance may deteriorate in future.  But at the same it gives corrective actions that can bring project back in track.
  • The design has an automated pipeline that provides users (data traceability and visibility into feature engineering.  This in turn enables “Root Cause Analysis (RCA)” that info regarding various factors affecting project performance.  The deviations can be corrected to successfully deliver products.
  • Rishi’s knowledge system can be tweaked to individual customer’s needs.   User benefits from constant calibration of AI/ML models accrued from industry-wise best practices.IMG_20190306_145402

Role Based What-if Analysis

Decision makers can set macro to micro level goals across projects by using ‘What-If Scenario Analysis’ feature of RISHI.  This helps in track project goal deviations and take corrective actions.

Some of the questions answered include.

  • Can you suggest performance improvement measures while keeping resource utilization constant?
  • By increasing quality effort by 20% across the board, how is project performance affected?

Application Ecosystem Interaction

Microservice Architectures – RISHI uses a cloud-based microservices architecture.  This enables a robust framework, so that results of analysis can be extracted using APIs.

Connects to Existing ALM ProductsImplementing RISHI does not need large migration process. Seamless integration is possible.

User Cross-Functional DataRISHI can plug into org ERP, DevOps and revenue solutions.  It can leverage project management data to control both the top-line and bottom-line.

Team Dynamics – Project Management decisions are based on structured data and team dynamics are not considered.  By enabling the ‘Team Dynamics’, RISHI also factors in Team Dynamics

Product Demo

After having heard multiple folks speak about the product, design and benefits.  It was time to see the live demo of the products.  They picked up an Agile project has various spirts with aging, value, impact components mentioned.

By running RISHI, the system did show the various changes were needed.  By applying the suggestion, it shows how the deviation & impact gets reduced.  It also shows how the product will improve on applying the changes.

User can apply the changes and see the outcome. This will in turn give more confidence in implementing the change across the project.

About Digité

Digité Inc. is a leading provider of Enterprise Project Intelligence Solutions.  Company has 18+ years of domain experience combined with Data Science Technology in one package.

A Silicon Valley start-up founded by group of serial entrepreneurs.  The company headquartered in Cupertino, California with office in US, UK and India.  Digité has customers in North & South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.  Over 900,000 users use Digité products world-wide.  Some of the leading brands such as Amazon, Cognizant Technologies, Continental, Infosys, L&T, United Healthcare, Vodafone, Wipro and more, use Digité products.

The users of the products are from different industries like Consulting, Professional Services and Enterprise IT organizations.  Other industries like Automotive, Financial Services, Public Sector, Hi-Tech and Telecommunications also use the products.

Final Thoughts

RISHI is the exciting new product introduced by Digité company that combines the best of AI and ML. The XAI based solution will allow the decision maker to know why the changes are suggested.  Usage of historic in the product design allows the product to give accurate data.  It was great interacting the executive from the company and view the product demo.  I feel that the product features will help increase profitability for companies across different industries.

More Information

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