Monsoon Madness Food Festival at Sheraton (Brigade Gateway)


Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway​ has come up with a perfect food festival for this monsoon season.  Its called the “Monsoon Madness – Myriad flavors of the rain”.  It’s the perfect time to cosy up at the comfort of one’s home and prepare something spicy & tangy dishes.  But Sheraton at Brigade has come up with this unique festival that make it impossible for one to stay back at home.  Because this food festival is all about the street food that’s very popular across the country.  Along with the food, there are some wonderful varieties of hot tea & coffee that goes along very well.

Monsoon Menu – Kya Khaya Jaye

The special food menu for this festival has been named “Kya Khaya Jaye” which sounds quite cool and very local. To make it a little more interesting, Chef Anthony Huang has come up with the novel idea of naming the dishes to remind us olden days from Bollywood.   Some of the names reminds us of good old days, some may also give us chills and invariably some goose-bumps as well.

Let me share the names of the dishes.

  • Fringle Ka Baap – Potato Bajji with raw spiced mango
  • Kolavari Di – Chicken Bonda on fire served with pav
  • Tip Tip Barsa – Egg Bhajji served with pickled cucumber and fried green chilli
  • Chennai Express – Spicy railway style omlette with Pav
  • Malgudi Days – Instant noodle our style
  • Dabangg – Chilli bhajji topped with lemon, chilli and marinated onion

I enjoyed all the vegetarian food and found it hard to pick my favourite. My fellow blogger friends, who also eat non-vegetarian food, devoured all dishes and found it hard to resist.

Drinks – Kya Peeya Jaaye

Along with spicy food, hot coffee/tea always go along very well.  If we can add some spices into it, the taste enhances even more.  Like the food menu, the drink menu has been named very uniquely as “Kya Peeya Jaaye”.

The drinks included as part of the menu are Bewda Sulaimani (has slight amount of rum), Cutting Masala Chai, Adrak Ki Chai, Sunti Coffee & Filter Coffee.

First Flush Tea

Apart from the Monsoon Menu, special FIRST FLUSH TEA would be available for guests. First Flush, defined as the very first plucking f a tea plants harvest season. The new growth leaves plucked during first flush are the youngest and most tender part of the tea plant. And they yield the purest and freshest up of tea that plant can produce.

The tea variants served include – Green Tea with Jasmine, Supreme Ceylon Single Origin, Pure Chamomile Flowers, Ceylon Silver Tip with Tea and Rose with French Vanilla.  Each of the tea have been specially picked and had unique flavours.

Final Thoughts

Kudos to the effort to Sheraton F&B team. I am very much looking forward to visiting the place more often to try out the food & drink.  And I also recommend everyone to visit the Sheraton (Brigade) during this monsoon season, try the food and share your experience.

Details of Food Festival
Till 31st July 2018
4.00pm to 7.00pm
For more information, call +91 80 425 20133 | +91 90083 02527