TE-A-ME Ice Brews – Delicious New Blends of Fruits, Herbs and more

We all love to drink a cup of hot tea prepared by few people as they brew it just right giving it the right tea-flavour and taste. The flavours vary depending on the tea-powder which are in turn influenced by region, water, spices & other infused ingredients. Many tea-lovers love to drink black-tea, and few add few lemon-drop, take it as lemon-tea. But among the cold variants of the tea, most of us know of lemon-ice-tea. But over the years, different flavours of ice-tea are available at select cafes. I don’t remember of any brand coming up with ice-brews that can be used to brew cold-drinks at home. TE-A-ME, is the first company to come up with this novel thought of infusing special flavors into tea-bags.


About TE-A-ME Ice Brews

  • TE-A-ME Ice Brews are delicious new blends of fruits, herbs and all things nice. They are all-natural and super-healthy, giving a refreshing burst of goodness with every sip. ‘
  • The tea gets brewed in minutes, just using cold-water and no boiling required.
  • Ingredients used – 100% natural ingredients, Non-GMO, gluten free, no added sugar, no artificial colours.
  • No sugar is added in any of the tea-flavor, one can add as per the taste preference.
  • 5 different flavours of ice brews – lemon, wild berry, peach, mint green, lychee.IMG_20180709_191812

Making the TE-A-ME Ice Brews

The process for making the tea is simple and can be replicated by anyone. Let me share the steps.

  • Taka a glass (250-300ml) of cold water. Ideally the temperature of the water should be around 5-10 degrees. If you don’t have cold water, you can add ice-cubes into water kept in room temperature.
  • Cut open one of the TE-A-ME tea-bag.
  • Put the tea-bag into the cold water and let it brew.
  • Wait for over 2-3 minutes, tea color changes depending on the flavour.
  • After 5 minutes, almost all the flavors from the teabag would have got infused into the cold-water. It’s time to take out the tea-bag and enjoy the drink.
  • Keeping the tea-bag dipped for a little longer might help in extracting more flavors and make the drink a little stronger.

Once everything’s done, the tea bag can be thrown-off, and ice-tea served.


Variants of TE-A-ME brand

I am sharing the info regarding the ingredients inside each of the flavors and the tasting notes.

Mint Green


  • Green Tea (68.00%)
  • Natural Mint Flavor (5.00%)
  • Apple Peel Citric Acid (12.00%)
  • Natural Flavouring Substances (3.00%)
  • Marigold (1.30%), Lemongrass (1.30%)
  • Steviol Glycosides (INS960) (0.40%)IMG_20180709_201526


The mint flavour in the tea comes out very evidently in every sip consumed along with the green tea. If you are not a green-tea lover for its bitterness, I would advise adding one spoon sugar and enjoy the drink.



  • Apple (24.00%)
  • Rosehip (20.00%), Hibiscus (31.80%)
  • Natural Lychee Flavor (15.00%)
  • Natural Flavouring Substances (6.50%)
  • Rose Petal (1.00%), Marigold (1.00%)
  • Steviol Glycosides (INS960) (0.70%)IMG_20180709_201826


This was my favorite among the 5 flavours that I tasted. The typical taste of ‘Rose’ and ‘Lychee’ comes out very well and I enjoyed every sip of the drink. For old-timers, the taste might remind you of ‘Rooh Afzaa’ drink.



  • Black Tea (63.00%)
  • Natural Lemon Flavor (16%)
  • Apple Peel Citric Acid (12.00%)
  • Natural Flavouring Substances (6%)
  • Marigold (1.25%), Lemongrass (1.25%)
  • Steviol Glycosides (INS960) (0.50%)IMG_20180709_202011


Typical lemon ice-tea which we have been known since long time. I enjoyed the drink without adding sugar as the lemon flavour comes out very well.



  • Black Tea (77.00%)
  • Natural Peach Flavor (15.00%)
  • Natural Flavouring Substances (5.00%)
  • Rose Petal (1.25%), Marigold (1.25%)
  • Steviol Glycosides (INS960) (0.50%)IMG_20180709_201723


The drink has the typical flavour of peach which also infuses a little sweetness into the drink. The taste of the drink can be enhanced further by adding a little sugar.



  • Hibiscus (68.00%)
  • Apple Peel Citric Acid (22.50%)
  • Natural Strawberry Flavour (2.50%)
  • Natural Raspberry Flavour (2.50%)
  • Natural Flavouring Substances (2.00%)
  • Rose Petal (1.25%), Lemongrass (1.25%)IMG_20180709_201637


A unique combination of berries which give the drink a totally different taste. One can feel the slight tanginess infused by the berries. Also, the color of the water changes drastically within minutes of dipping the tea-bag into the cold-water. After five minutes, one can see the water color being transformed to thick red color.

Final Thoughts

Its great to see a brand coming out with a complete range of ICE BREWS. With simple steps to prepare, its very easy for anyone to prepare. Its also a very healthy option to take ice-tea(s) rather than taking the sodas that have plenty of sugar in them.

Among the 5 flavours, I specially loved the Lychee, Wildberry & Mint Green as they have unique flavours. I also loved the material used for making the tea-bags which enables the flavours to get infused quickly into cold-water.

The quick brew of tea will make it the perfect drink to be given to guests visiting home or during a house-party. I am sure this will be a game changer and going forward, become the most popular drink.


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    • I personally loved the Lychee flavour. Its one flavor that blends very well into the cold water. And also the thought of drinking something which tastes like ‘Rooh Afzaa’ is great 🙂

  1. I love how beautifully you have defined all of them and this is my current favourite ice brew company.

  2. I love the look of tea bags. These look quite similar to London Breakfast tea and Lolas Apothecary tea bags. However I’m loving the fact that these are cold brews and come in various flavours.

  3. I am a big fan of green tea.. Will definitely try this refreshing flavours specially the ice tea.

  4. The ingredients list for each flavour looks really luxurious… i would love to try all the flavours… The best thing is that you dont need to boil water

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