TE-A-ME Ice Brews – Delicious New Blends of Fruits, Herbs and more


We all love to drink a cup of hot tea prepared by few people as they brew it just right giving it the right tea-flavour and taste. The flavours vary depending on the tea-powder which are in turn influenced by region, water, spices & other infused ingredients. Many tea-lovers love to drink black-tea, and few add few lemon-drop, take it as lemon-tea. But among the cold variants of the tea, most of us know of lemon-ice-tea. But over the years, different flavours of ice-tea are available at select cafes. I don’t remember of any brand coming up with ice-brews that can be used to brew cold-drinks at home. TE-A-ME, is the first company to come up with this novel thought of infusing special flavors into tea-bags.


About TE-A-ME Ice Brews

  • TE-A-ME Ice Brews are delicious new blends of fruits, herbs and all things nice. They are all-natural and super-healthy, giving a refreshing burst of goodness with every sip. ‘
  • The tea gets brewed in minutes, just using cold-water and no boiling required.
  • Ingredients used – 100% natural ingredients, Non-GMO, gluten free, no added sugar, no artificial colours.
  • No sugar is added in any of the tea-flavor, one can add as per the taste preference.
  • 5 different flavours of ice brews – lemon, wild berry, peach, mint green, lychee.

Making the TE-A-ME Ice Brews

The process for making the tea is simple and can be replicated by anyone. Let me share the steps.

  • Taka a glass (250-300ml) of cold water. Ideally the temperature of the water should be around 5-10 degrees. If you don’t have cold water, you can add ice-cubes into water kept in room temperature.
  • Cut open one of the TE-A-ME tea-bag.
  • Put the tea-bag into the cold water and let it brew.
  • Wait for over 2-3 minutes, tea color changes depending on the flavour.
  • After 5 minutes, almost all the flavors from the teabag would have got infused into the cold-water. It’s time to take out the tea-bag and enjoy the drink.
  • Keeping the tea-bag dipped for a little longer might help in extracting more flavors and make the drink a little stronger.

Once everything’s done, the tea bag can be thrown-off, and ice-tea served.

Variants of TE-A-ME brand

I am sharing the info regarding the ingredients inside each of the flavors and the tasting notes.

Mint Green


  • Green Tea (68.00%)
  • Natural Mint Flavor (5.00%)
  • Apple Peel Citric Acid (12.00%)
  • Natural Flavouring Substances (3.00%)
  • Marigold (1.30%), Lemongrass (1.30%)
  • Steviol Glycosides (INS960) (0.40%)


The mint flavour in the tea comes out very evidently in every sip consumed along with the green tea. If you are not a green-tea lover for its bitterness, I would advise adding one spoon sugar and enjoy the drink.



  • Apple (24.00%)
  • Rosehip (20.00%), Hibiscus (31.80%)
  • Natural Lychee Flavor (15.00%)
  • Natural Flavouring Substances (6.50%)
  • Rose Petal (1.00%), Marigold (1.00%)
  • Steviol Glycosides (INS960) (0.70%)


This was my favorite among the 5 flavours that I tasted. The typical taste of ‘Rose’ and ‘Lychee’ comes out very well and I enjoyed every sip of the drink. For old-timers, the taste might remind you of ‘Rooh Afzaa’ drink.



  • Black Tea (63.00%)
  • Natural Lemon Flavor (16%)
  • Apple Peel Citric Acid (12.00%)
  • Natural Flavouring Substances (6%)
  • Marigold (1.25%), Lemongrass (1.25%)
  • Steviol Glycosides (INS960) (0.50%)


Typical lemon ice-tea which we have been known since long time. I enjoyed the drink without adding sugar as the lemon flavour comes out very well.



  • Black Tea (77.00%)
  • Natural Peach Flavor (15.00%)
  • Natural Flavouring Substances (5.00%)
  • Rose Petal (1.25%), Marigold (1.25%)
  • Steviol Glycosides (INS960) (0.50%)


The drink has the typical flavour of peach which also infuses a little sweetness into the drink. The taste of the drink can be enhanced further by adding a little sugar.



  • Hibiscus (68.00%)
  • Apple Peel Citric Acid (22.50%)
  • Natural Strawberry Flavour (2.50%)
  • Natural Raspberry Flavour (2.50%)
  • Natural Flavouring Substances (2.00%)
  • Rose Petal (1.25%), Lemongrass (1.25%)


A unique combination of berries which give the drink a totally different taste. One can feel the slight tanginess infused by the berries. Also, the color of the water changes drastically within minutes of dipping the tea-bag into the cold-water. After five minutes, one can see the water color being transformed to thick red color.

Final Thoughts

Its great to see a brand coming out with a complete range of ICE BREWS. With simple steps to prepare, its very easy for anyone to prepare. Its also a very healthy option to take ice-tea(s) rather than taking the sodas that have plenty of sugar in them.

Among the 5 flavours, I specially loved the Lychee, Wildberry & Mint Green as they have unique flavours. I also loved the material used for making the tea-bags which enables the flavours to get infused quickly into cold-water.

The quick brew of tea will make it the perfect drink to be given to guests visiting home or during a house-party. I am sure this will be a game changer and going forward, become the most popular drink.