SACCI – Cashless Cancer Care in Bengaluru


Cancer has become one of the major causes of concerns among Indians in the recent days. There are various methods by which one can get treated. But it solely depends on two factors – the stage of cancer and the affordability. The first part, completely under the control of doctors as they are knowledgeable to detect. But the affordability factor, big cause of concern among many Indians. The cause of detecting, treatment costs are high making it unthinkable for those living below Poverty Line who manage to make ends meet. This was one of the main triggers for entrepreneur couple – Mr.Vijay Tata & Mrs.Amrita Tata to think of opening a Cancer Centre in Bangalore (SACCI – Saanchi Advanced Cancer Centre Institute). The couple recently went public with the announcement at JW Marriott to which popular Bollywood Celebrity Star, Emraan Hashmi was invited.

Thought Starters

Mr.Vijay Tata one of the successful businessman, entrepreneur, philanthropist in Bangalore shared his recent tryst with chronical cough. He feared cancel after early discussion doctor which turned out to be negative. Mr.Vijay then did extensive research on Cancer and how people across the country are suffering due to lack of affordable cancer treatment. He then decided to bring about a change by building a Cashless Cancer Hospital. After initial discussion with his wife, Mrs.Amrita Tata, they both agreed to implement the plan.

This lead to the idea of starting SACCI – SAANCHI ADVANCED CANCER CARE CENTRE. Cancer Centre will serve all those people Below Poverty Line free of cost.

The hospital will be started as part of New India Charitable Trust which has already been serving the under-privileged. This trust has already been taking care of 40 kids by bestowing upon them shelter, food, education and a happy homely environment.

Some of the thoughts by Mr.Vijay Tata.

“I may fall, I may rise, but I won’t cease, for nothing comes with ease”.

“Every life is precious, let us protect it”.

Press Conference

The unveiling session happened at the popular hotel JW Marriott, Bengaluru on 20th Feb’18. This day happens to be the birthday of their daughter, Little Saanchi who turned 6. Popular Bollywood Star Emraan Hashmi was invited for the event along with Dr.Satish Babu (Oncologist & Health Advisor) and Mr.Sameer Shaikh (representative from UK firm handling the planning). There were plenty of Media personal and Bloggers part of the event.

Emraan Hashmi Speaks

This Bollywood Actor has had history of seeing someone very close i.e., his son suffering from cancer couple of years back before recovering. He has also written a book by name, “The Kiss of Life“.

Emraan explained how his son detected with a rare cancer in Kidney at young age, 3yrs 10months. He was able to seek help and get his son treated. But he told about the tensions within the family during the entire year while his son recovered. Emraan collected plenty of info about Cancer, Symptoms, Medication Method, Prevention and many other topics. To make the info widely available, Emraan put it in a book format.

While addressing the audience, Emraan expressed the need for taking Preventive action to avoid Cancer. He stressed on the need for others to contribute for such novel cause. Emraan showered his praises for both Mr & Mrs. Vijay Tata for desire to dream and make it a reality.

Emraan was the main chief guest for the afternoon, who also unveiled the design of the Cancer Care Centre to audience.


Health and hygiene are basic right of every individual, that are very necessary. New India aims to make the basic right available to all, by investing in and creating affordable quality health-care.

SAANCHI Cancer Care will be one of a kind hospital that will serve people who are Below Poverty Line (BPL). There would be specific department within the hospital that will verify the authenticity of the BPL card holder.

Couple of update/highlight(s) about the hospital.

  • Vijaya & Amrita Tata are committing INR 200 crores towards the building of cashless cancer care hospital for underprivileged in Bangalore.
  • Gifting 50 acres land worth INR 100 crores.
  • Plus INR 100 crores over a period of time for hospital development.
  • Hospital Phase-1 will be ready by December 2018.
  • No Cash Counters
  • Open only for poor in India
  • One stop comprehensive cancer care under one roof
  • 150 Beds
  • Renowned Oncologists

The hospital will focus on detecting and treating cancer in patients. Dr.Satish Babu told that the hospital will also have Research Department, Rehabilitative Oncology, Prevention and will be a comprehensive care facility.

Project Design

The entire project handled by BDP, famous Architectural firm UK. Mr.Sameer Shaikh from the firm handling the complete planning from the Cancer Centre.

Few things regarding the firm –

  • UK based Architect and Engineering firm, BDP, formerly known as Building Design Partnership.
  • Firm of architects and engineers employing over 900 staff in the UK and internationally.
  • This firm will be planning and designing the entire project.

Overall Experience

This was one of the most interesting event that I have attended at JW Marriott. It was nice to hear Mr.Vijay Tata and Mrs.Amrita Tata speak about the inspiration, steps going forward. Emraan Hashmi spoke like a true father and shared some great insights about cancer. Media was allowed to interact with Emraan, Vijay, Amrita, Dr.Satish Babu & Mr.Sameer. It was also nice to see the passion in Dr.Satish Babu and Mr.Sameer Shaikh during the event.

I want to personally wish Mr. Vijay Tata and Mrs. Amrita Tata, all the best for successful completion of Cancer Care Centre and also many more in future.


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