Raj Pavilion – All Day Dining at ITC Windsor, Bangalore


Raj Pavilion is the 24-hour coffee shop in the Luxury Hotel ITC Windsor in Bangalore. ITC Windsor hotel started operations in 1982 and was designed by architect Rajinder Kumar.  It is one of the hotels that has the perfect amalgam of the city’s historical past and modern lifestyle.  The hotel has the majestic white edifice which is reflection of the Regency Architecture.  Raj Pavilion is also setup on the same lines and it looks quite exquisite.  Let me share my experience from my recent visit.


The inspiration for the interiors of this restaurant comes from 100-years old Lalbagh Gardens.  There are lot of the small plants setup across the restaurant which looks beautiful.

Beautiful lanterns, nice sofas, wooden cupboards and beautiful tiles make the place look quite sheikh.

I specially loved the seating arrangement which has a combination of long seats and chairs.  It is a nice place to spend time with family and have business meetings.

The arched glass roof of the restaurant is quite like the glass-house at Lalbagh Gardens.

Every corner of the restaurant has been well utilized.  At one section of the restaurant there is the Bread & Min-bar counter, another side there is the buffet spread.

The Raj Pavilion is flanked Dakshin Restaurant and Dublin Pub.  Dakshin Restaurant serves authentic South Indian Cuisine and Dublin is the Irish pub.


I visited this place to have food past midnight.  But I was told by the serving staff that all the items were available.

Grilled Veg Sandwich

Grilled Sandwich breads were presented along with French Fries, Salad with dressing, Beetroot slices and Tomato Ketchup.  Sandwich was made up of grilled white bread outside, with filling of Cucumber, Sandwich, Mayo & Cheese.  French Fries served were fried well and served neatly in a bowl.  Salad and beetroot slices had some dressing which made it taste pretty good.  Small bottles of Tomato Ketchup were from Kitchens of India that tasted good with Sandwich & French Fries.

Veg Biryani

The Biryani contained all the basic ingredients – Veggies like Peas, Carrot and Biryani Masala.  It was served along with special Raita which had a lot of cream.  The Biryani was slightly spicy, but very well cooked.  Every grain of Basmati seemed to be cooked individually and none of them were sticking.  I was a little disappointed with the spices and veggies, as I expected a little more of both.  The dish also lacked garnish.


Chocolate Basil Milkshake

The drink was a unique combination of Chocolate and Basil.  Taste was quite different with the addition of Basil.  The basil was cutting into the taste of the Chocolate.  This is not a drink that everyone would like.  In my opinion, it was a decent drink that can be had once a while.  But I would not crave if I did not have one.

Hot Chocolate

I am big fan of Hot Chocolate and wanted to try the same here at ITC Windsor.  The taste of the drink was good, but I thought they should have added some cream.  I am not sure which Cocoa powder was in making the drink but it did not give me any lasting impression.

Overall Experience

It was one of the best evening spent at one of the premium Restaurant in the city.  The experience was enhanced further as there were no other guests.  Only concern I had here was with regards to the limited service staff.  There were times when I wanted to seek clarification and there were no serving staff available.  But overall, this place will always give any guests an enchanting experience due to its ambiance.  I long to visit this place for Sunday brunch or anytime for dinner.

I rate my experience at 4.0/5.

Rating in other departments.
Food – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Service – 3.75/5
Ambiance – 4.5/5

Food for two considering you take all the times that I just mentioned would be around INR 3000.


ITC Windsor, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Bengaluru
Address – 25, Windsor Square, Golf Course Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560052
Hours – Open 24 hours
Phone – 080 2226 9898