24@43 Sunday Brunch – Crown Plaza, Bangalore

There are some restaurants in Bangalore that are having such unique names to which people easily get attracted and feel that there might something different served.  Infact, many of them are situated across part of Bangalore which you will need to search and go.  Many folks try to advertise in lengths and breadths in various online & newspapers.  If not, these place rely on the network of foodies to direct people 🙂




Well, this is one such restaurant which is located in Electronic City that visited recently.  It was on a sunday to specifically enjoy their brunch.  I like many others was referred this place by one of my friend.  Initially I was amazed knowing the name of this restaurant.  So, the curiosity was already set for this restaurant.  So, I drive down to Electronic City, specifically into the HP Lane.  It nearly 7-8kms from the silk-board junction and surely not far away.  As you drive down the HP Lane you would find a the hotel named ‘Crown Plaza’ which houses the 24@43 restaurant.  




My initial feel as I enter was really good. I was greeted warmly at the reception and then I see this round-glass door in which you need to enter inside.  As I entered with my family, was again greeted by other inside.  When I asked them about the place, they directed to a location to the right.  But, before going I stood there just looking at the amazing interiors of this 5-star facility.  The manager told me that they had 8 restaurants in one hotel.  I was simply amazed knowing that.  Anyways, my first purpose was to have some good.
As I entered the 24@43, first thing I felt that of amazement especially in terms of the space.  But before that I was curious to know why 24@43 name was kept.  To this the manager told that the plot number is 42 and that previously they used to have it open 24hrs-7days-365 days. But now they have changed it.  But the name remains and is quite unique.
Coming back the buffet spread.  This one is a huge restaurant spread – inside with normal roof like in other buildings and then a glass covered section and then of course the open air section.  Then I see the buffet spread and was completely mesmerised by the variety of food available here.  I told the manager straight away and told him that I need a guided tour of the food items being served and he obliged.  Then started by journey of the food-items being served.







Buffet Spread
First to the right was the section of the salads where in they had variety of salads available for picking.  They had created different salads and put it on display.  As I walked along came the section where loads of breads were put on display.  The bread was actually designed like a Pied-Piper blowing the horn and then the bread coming out from it.  I was really amazed about the thoughtfulness of the chef for creating such a master piece.  I heard them say that it was inspired by setup seen in US.  Well, I guess they did a great job with the presentation.  Next to it was the soup section with Veg soups available.  The came the section of the main course dishes which were again in plenty with at least 5-6 types of veg options and of course quite bit of non-veg options as well.  As we walked along, next came the section where the chef were making rotis and naans on the tandoor.  The best part was that it was a open-kitchen so you could see the chef making those items.  












I guess I should split para here. Next to write about the desert spread which again was huge and I guess nearly 20+ types of deserts being served.  There was a chef specifically to make a ‘Wish-a-Ice-cream’, who would let you choose ice-cream, nuts, creams, sauces and make a desert or sundae in front of you.
I thought this was it and enough to hog.  Well, that was not just yet as there were counter outside serving – Lebanese food varieties, live chaat counter making chats.  Chats included – sev-puri, bhel puri, panipuri, pac-bhaji, vada pav.  Then there was a section for momos and a section for making live Appam & dosas.  Last but not the least, most importantly a section for making kala-khattas 🙂




I know, this has been a lengthy review talking so much about the restaurant in detail.  I am writing this all coz, I really enjoyed the experience there.  The head-chef spoke to me and also shared the thoughts behind the concepts.  
Welcome Drink
Now, coming to the main items of eating.  I started with a Shangria drink along with my partner trying out Virgin Mojito.  Must say both of them were the best start to the meal.  


I thought of starting by trying the Lebanese soup, which I must say was simply amazing.  The texture, ingredients was mind-blowing and was quite yummy to taste.  There seems to be quite a few ingredients that was put in it.  Hard to describe coz you need to drink and eat items in it to enjoy it more. Or look the pics I have put up to get some idea :)….I thought of trying the veg soup as well, which was also done very well.  Again the soup was not too thin and not too thick and almost perfect.


Next came the time to try some Momos.  I just took 1 of it along with 1 for my partner.  We did not want to eat much of it coz we had so many more items to taste.  And I must say, the momos were well done.  The manager there was telling us how the momos are made a special location and the momos are heated by steam coming from a huge container below.  I can’t explain much but yes, you got to see it believe it 🙂




Time for some Indian starter like the Paneer Tikka with some beetroot liquid on it.  And then the corn-kebab.  I must say the kebab was okay but the Paneer was not so okay.  I was really amazed to know how a big and renowned place have problems getting Paneer.  The problem with Paneer was that it was a bit hard to my liking.  The chef told that they were finding it difficult to get the original soft Paneer.  I am sure the team is so good that it no time they would be able to scale up the quality there.  But taste wise it was nice with the chutneys served.


As I was finishing the next item in my mind was the chaat items like the Paav Bhaji.  Must say, it was simply superb.  The best part was the way it was served.  They had the sabji as stuffing in the bread, which I thought was unique but the tasted was awesome coz the bread had god butter coating 🙂
Continuing with eating items being made in open kitchen outside.  It was turn to try some ‘Appam’ which again served with Stew and was simply awesome.  Though I had a bit of concern with the Appam as I thought it was a bit thickish and less perforations.  But taste wise was simply awesome.






Keeping with the dosa, had 2 other dosa – 1 being the Ragi Dosa which is usually a delicacy made in south and we are told how its good for health.  It was simply amazing with all the chutneys :)…If I am not wrong there were like 5 chutney including – coconut, ground-nut chutney, mint, tomato and other i can’t recollect.
Also took the Persarittu dosa which is speciality that you get in Andhra.  As I was just finishing it, got some Vada Paav to try, again tasted 1 of it as i wanted to try many more of the items there.


Continuing with the journey, tried some Sev-Puri which was again unique as the was stuffing inside puri was well done.  And then the Pani-Puri was served with nice puris with 2 different liquids.  Though I would have enjoyed it we had a chance to goto the counter and eat it directly.  But then the taste in anyways would have been same so I enjoyed it very much.
I guess the next was the time to go for a bit of main course.  
Palak Subji – was well done and I enjoyed the taste along with those soft butter-naan(s) & rotis(s).
Paneer butter masala – also was yummy with the gravy.  Just that it could have been a bit softer 😉
Mixed veg subji – also was well done and I enjoyed it.
I think I asked for some more stew to try with roti and it was good.







As we were eating, I asked chef for some ‘daal makhani’ was not there in display.  Chef prepared some amount of it and the tomato gravy was good and gravy was quite thick and tasty.  Last of the sabji I tried the Aloo sabji which was also well done.




I heard from the manager that all the food items were being made locally by the cooks.  I am sure they are doing a great job at this place to maintain the food taste & quality.
Final item in the main-course was a bit of the traditional curd rice but yes also tried some veg-biryani, both were done pretty well which nice mix of veggies in biryani & simple thdka with curds in rice.
Enough of the main course, went for the desert which again is really hard to explain as there were plenty of varieties.  Some of the stand-out desert was the Tart made with walnut.  And there were plenty of chocolate, strawberry & pista based cakes available for picking. Also loved the English Pudding.
Also asked for the desert which was my choice of vanilla, chocolates mixed with various nuts & jam.  It was one last item before heading for the ‘kaala chat’.  That was a special dish as it takes you back into your younger days.  I guess a restaurant like this serving this item shows that they want to cater to various age-groups as well.








Final item after all of this was a nice cappuccino which felt like bliss as I seemed to have consumed quite bit of food right through the buffet.



I guess this was one buffet I have enjoyed eating and also writing about.  It won’t be good if I don’t tell about the hotel in general.  Being located in Electronic City naturally they get quite a bit of corporate crowd.  All of us enjoy if some good music is played.  On sunday especially they have life singers performing next to the buffet counters.  They play some real good music so you can enjoy your meal.
Also the hotel has quite a few banquet halls and other restaurants that serve – Italian, Mughal style or say a simple coffee bar.  And also there is a pan-asian restaurant.  There is also a small brew that is being planned.  Currently they are tasting to get the right taste of the beer and the license.  I am sure it will be easily a hit when it comes up.



Overall, my experience was splendid, and my rating also goes straight to 4.5 without any doubts.  May be the next 1-2 times I go, I could take the ratings right upto 5.  There are a few things I have pointed out in my review which I think needs improve.  I had told it to the chef and I am sure they might have also corrected it by now.
So, if you want a really good buffet bread with great food, ambiance, music and service – 24@43 is the place to be:)
My other ratings for this restaurant are as follows –
Food – 4.5/5
Drinks – 4.5/5
Service – 4.5/5
Ambiance – 4.75/5
Food for 2 here for sunday brunch would come to nearly Rs.3500 if you are to add couple of drinks.
In closing, missed out on telling that they give us complimentary muffins with some nice chocolate toppings. It was being given to all guest and must say it just tasted yummy 🙂