Logo Quiz Time


Time for a Logic Quiz. Its not just a quiz but something more like a quick-sand. A quick-sand where you
generally like to get drowned in and then come out of it after having achieved the ultimate desire
of finishing it all up.

The reason why I thought putting this on my blog is to bring across a very unique point. Have you
ever thought when you get a question that you cannot answer it. I mean, not when you can atleast
figure out 50% of the clues easily. But, then the fun starts just after reach that very mark. Coz
you start wondering, it would be so nice if you get that remaining 50%. And then as you keep
inching forward, you keep thinking to yourself, –
“waaw, how did I forget that”
“hmmm, wat was that”
“yes, i know that one, seen it somewhere, but where ???”
“this one, gosh man, how could i forget it”

But then its not just about those expressions to complete the quiz. Its more about the craze to
complete it. Infact, these are all the feeling that I felt when I got the puzzle. I mean, it makes
you get sucked into it. Should I say like a magnet. And its not just myself, I mean to the people
I send it as well. There is this craze or madness about completing this one. And many time, it
also happens that you know something and want to write it but are not confident and you dont
write it. Or you think that it might be wrong and it happens to be right later 🙂

This time around, I had a good run at it. The initial attempt, I got around 90-100 and then
slowly steadily reached the required number ie., 130. Well well, not sure you felt the same
when you saw this puzzle, like many others.

I would encourage you to share the same with rest of your friends and let them also get glued.
Remember, its no use stopping in the mid-way when you know the design is just half-way more:)

That sure did seem seem like a philosophy or a thought for the day. But, then it was just
something to eg you. So, happy solving the puzzle. And yes, once you are done or progressing,
I would like to hear all your thoughts in the comments section to this blog. Come on guys,
lemme see some discussion on this 🙂

Oops, blogspot doesn’t allow me to add the excel-sheet of Logic Quiz form my email. Well, I will send the mail
as attachment with the detail to this site. And enjoy finding solutions 🙂