My Baby….Maruti Suzuki Swift

A car that I dreamed of having since a long time. And finally, the
dream did come true. Had to wait 5 long months after booking

to get my Sweetheart : MARUTI SWIFT -VXI.

Obviously, it is very costly for a Small-Car. But, somehow the looks

and the feel impressed me alot.

Saw it first a year and half back when it was first released by
SUZUKI in the Geneva Car show in Europe. And it sure became
an instant hit.

And the time it was released in India ie., 1st week of June’05. When
I first went for the test-drive, man, there was such a big queue.
The waiting list for test-drive was 210 🙂

When I booked the car, initially was told that it would come by next
year. But then, for my luck, it came earlier.

Surely, it beats all the competition from GETZ-HYUNDAI in terms
of Power, Speed, Mileage, Pickup and most importantly, LOOKS.

Now for the color, its an obvious choice…….REEEDDDDD 🙂

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  1. nimma blog date ondu sala nodkoli sir 😛

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