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Signature Club Resort : Brigade Orchards, Devahallai – Bangalore

The idea of going out of the hush-bush of the city is always a welcome thought for any city-dwellers.  What better place to go than a resort which usually has greenery around it, recreational facilities and most important good food.  These are places where even someone like me […]

Courtyard & Fairfield Marriott – New Hotels @Bellandur, Bangalore

Marriott International is one of the premium brands in the lodging industry across the world. They offer nearly 19 brands globally with nine in Asia Pacific.  This is the first time that they have setup a duel property in Bangalore.  And another interesting thing is that they have […]

Nature at its best at Raleigh Durham, North Carolina (Part-I)

In continuation to my earlier blog. Well, I am doing that because I don’t want to repeat the same sentences :)…But, still a little bit of intro is required, otherwise you will start wondering that its a cut+paste from somewhere. These are pics taken @Raleigh-Durham-Morrisville, North Carolina (USA) […]

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