KDHP – India’s Finest Tea Planters from Munnar


Kanan Devan Hills Plantation Company (KDHP) is India’s first employee owned plantation company. It’s also the largest producer of Tea in South India producing over 24 million kilograms of exquisite, garden fresh teas, complying the latest Food Safety Standards.

History of KDHP

Munnar is the home of KDHP and in the past it was completely covered with thick forest.  In 1879.  Mr. J.D. Munro and Mr. A.W. Turner formed the North Travancore Land Planting and Agricultural Society and started planting crops like sisal, coffee, cardamom, etc.

In the year 1897, Finlay Muir & Co. of Glasgow became interested in this area & formed the Kanan Devan Hills Produce Co. Ltd.  Thus, the flagship company KDHP came up and two subsidiaries became interested. They wanted to focus on development and cultivation of tea among other crops.

In 1983, Tatas complete acquired 33 estates and giving rise to one of the biggest tea companies in India. Tata Tea Ltd, spent the next 22 years modernizing the tea estates. Tata Tea Ltd also raised the living standards of its employees.

TTL decided to exit tea operations to focus more on branded tea business.  Thus, KDHP Company was reborn with the name Kanan Devan Hills Plantation Company Private Limited on the 1st of April 2005.

The company’s 12,700-plus employees are shareholders and hold approximately 69 % of the company’s Rs. 13.94 crore equity capital. TTL retained an 18 % stake, 7 % is held by a trust and 6 % by ex-TTL employees & business associates.

KDHP Products

The products from KDHP have been put into 7 different categories and each of them have many products.

Speciality Tea, Tea, Flavored Tea, Coffee, Oils & Aromas, Hand-made Chocos, Spices & Dry-Fruits

The various offering in each of the categories are mentioned below.

Specialty Tea

Classic Green Tea, Ripple Premium White, Munnar Green Tea, Munnar OolongTea, Munnar Orthodox Tea, Ripple Black Lemon Tea, Ripple Black Peach Ice-Tea, Speciality CTC Tea, Ripple Green Apple Ice-Tea, Ripple Green Lemon Ice Tea, Ripple Green Peach Ice Tea, Kundaly Organic Tea, Chundavurrai Exotica, Ripple Premium Rose Tea, Yellapathy Supreme Green Tea.

In total there are 16 items under the Speciality Tea category.


Ripple Premium Leaf Tea, Munnar Heritage Green Tea, Ripple Green Tea, Ripple Premium Tea Bags, Ripple Premium Dust Tea, Chundavurrai Whole Leaf, Chokkanad Gold Premium Dust, Chundavurrai Green Tea, Chundavurrai CTC Dust, Gundumallay CTC Leaf, Kanniamallay CTC Dust, Kanniamallay CTC Leaf, Letchmi Clonal Dust, Letchmi Clonal Leaf, Chokkanad Gold Premium Dust, Ripple Premium Green Tea Bags (Double Chamber).

The Tea category lists 19 items.

Flavored Tea

Ripple Ginger Green Tea, Ripple Lemon Green Tea, Ripple Premium Lemon Tea, Ripple Premium Flavoured Tea, Ripple Premium Flavoured Tea- Natural Rose(Green Tea), Ripple Premium Cardamom Tea, Ripple Premium Ginger Tea, Ripple Premium Flavoured Tea- Natural Jasmine (Green tea), Ripple Premium Masala Tea, Ripple Premium Flavoured Tea- Natural Spearmint, Ripple Premium Flavoured Tea-Natural Vanilla.

Flavored Tea category lists 11 items.


KDHP Royal Premium Instant Coffee

Oils & Aroma

Almond, Citriodora, Cypress, Eucalyptus, Geranium, Grapeseed, Lavender, Rosemary, Tea Tree, Wintergreen, Clovebud, Lemon Grass, Vetiver.

Hand Made Chocos

Assorted Flavour Chocos, Assorted Nut Chocos, Assorted Plain Chocos, Butterscotch Chocolate, Green Tea White Chocolate, Orange Chocolate, Premium Nut Chocos (Almond/Cashew), Red chili Chocolate, Premium Hand Made Dark Chocos, Premium Hand Made Milk Chocos, Premium Hand Made White Chocos, Sugar Free Chocolate.

Spices & Dry-Fruits

Spices – Cardamom, Cloves, Pepper.

Dry-Fruits –Almond, Pista (Roasted), Cashew Nut (Plain), Dry Grapes (Black), Dry Grapes (White), Saffron.

Tea Bungalows

“Tea Sanctuary” Bungalows are Heritage Bungalows, owned & managed by KDPL.  Some of them are more than a century old and offer the guests the lifestyle of pioneer planters.  The Bungalows are present, within the biosphere reserves of the Western Ghats. They are in the High Ranges of Munnar, at altitudes between 4000 feet and 7000 feet.

Final Thoughts

The company has come a long after the employees owned the plantations.  There is a clear Vision with desire to have sustainable business involving employees as partners.  They also have a very committed Mission and endearing Value that will anyone love the company.  Over the course of time, the company has won plenty of awards that’s a testimony of the quality and consistency.  I wish the company would expand its horizon across the globe and continue to make our country proud.

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