Hydrofit – Fitness Workout at JW Marriott, Bengaluru


Hydrofit Workout is the latest trend to maintain fitness that is like doing Aqua Aerobics. Instead of sweating it out in the gym, imagine doing the similar routines in water. This idea is very different and refreshing at the same time.  JW Marriott Hotel Bengaluru has come up with this unique fitness workout session in their pool located at the Spice Terrace. This workout classes are conducted by ace celebrity fitness trainer, Pooja Bhatia Arora.0H2A5492

Special Event

JW Mariott Bengaluru in association with Speedo India hosted an exclusive showcase of the Hydrofit session with Pooja Arora on 3rd February 2018.  I was invited for the event that had Fitness/Lifestyle/Food Bloggers.

During the session Pooja Arora showed the various exercise routines that are part of the Hydrofit routine.   The steps performed in the pool looked elegant and easy.  To feel the effectiveness and realize the effort, it was very necessary to try it out.  As part of the session, we all were dressed up in our swimming costumes sponsored by Speedo and performed the routines.

Exercise Routine

To start-off with the routines, one must submerge the portion of the body below waist-line under water.  The routine started off with a warm-up in which we all had to do spot jogging.  Moving the feet below water can make it uncomfortable and slippery, so it is advised to perform the routine slowly.

Warm up

Next up was the Punching routine, which had to be done by hosting a special equipment that looked like dumb-bells.  The dumb-bells are light weighted and have plenty of holes in them.  As part of the routine, we had to hold the dumb-bells in both hands and punch ahead.  The difficultly in this routine is to punch across the water which offers resistance.

Bicep & Triceps

Exercising Biceps & Triceps are the most common in the gym.  Imagine performing some of the exercise without weight under water.  Though there are no weights, there is something like dumb-bell which is light weighted with plenty of holes.  Whenever a specific routine is performed the water gushes in and out of the holes.  This causes immense resistance and helps in exercising the specific body part.  Some of the exercise we did using the equipment –

  • Punching ahead by holding the equipment with both the hands in front
  • Pushing the weights down until knee and pulling up till shoulder level to exercise triceps
  • Rowing style action which let us stretch the hand in air while the other takes the weight down

Noodle Bars

For the next routine was done with the ‘Noodle Bar’, a light-weighted rod used for exercising.  As part of this routine, we need to hold it with both hands and push it below the water.  At the same time, the knee needs to be lifted to be able to touch the noodles.  This is a very challenging exercise for the abdomen area.


Apart from the above-mentioned routines, we did some stretch routines  – touching feet sideways, stretched hands side-ways, stretching up and down to water level.

At the end of the routine, there was little pain in the bicep & triceps region.  Since, I was in water, the cool-water made it easy on the body.  Once the workout was completed, the difficult was in being able to get out of the water as the body was heavy.  But, it doesn’t seem strenuous or laborious like doing workout in gym.

Variety of Routines

The routines performed in the gym sometimes because boring and monotonous.  But in Hydrofit, I came to know that there are many different exercises & routines.  There can be different routine can be curated for every day entire month, which makes it fun and exciting.

Speedo India

Speedo is one of the oldest company that makes equipment that assist in swimming.  The company started in early 1920’s and have been there ever since.  Speedo brand has always been known for its good quality and stylishness.  They make gears for Kids, Men and Woman.  Some of the items include – Aqua-shorts, Briefs, Jammers, Racing suits, Swim shorts, Leg suits, Bikini-suits, Body-shaping, Swimwear, Toys, Goggles, Snorkel set, Towels, Caps, Bags and many more.

As part of promotion, I got hold of Brief, 3D Cap and IQfit Goggles.  The 3D cap is made using the latest 3D Modelling technology which fits the head very well.  IQfit Googles is the most advanced goggle technology yet, offering a secure fit for every swimmer.

Overall Experience

It was a great initiative by JW Marriott to come up with something very unique.  This is the only luxury property that offers Hydrofit workout routine for both inhouse guests and outside on subscription basis.  Pooja Arora is one of the best fitness coaches I have worked with, she knows to let individual stretch and enjoy it.   Speedo swimming gears worn during the exercise routine were great fit and looked trendy.  I plan to take up one of the subscribe to be able to exercise and stay fit.

Subscription Details


6:30 am to 7:30 am Monday to Friday
9 am to 10 am – Monday to Friday
2:30 pm to 3:30 pm (optional) – Monday to Friday


INR6500 plus taxes/month (1 hour sessions every day with locker usage and shower access)
INR12000 plus taxes – Same as above but also includes access to steam/sauna/Jacuzzi
INR1200 plus taxes for a single class


JW Marriott Bengaluru

Speedo India

IQfit Technology