Signature Masterclass with Arshad Warsi at Bangalore


Signature Masterclass is a platform where some of the successful personalities across the country share their personal stories.  They share their entire journey which might have been filled with quite a few obstacle, adventures and struggles.  Fighting all the odds, the celebrities succeeded in life by following their passion.  Multiple celebrities have already been part of this and their videos are present on Youtube.  To name a few them – Anurag Kashyap, Mandhira Bedi, Vir Das, Atul Katri, Riyaz Amlani, Ranveer Brar, Raghu Dixit, Rana Daggubati and many more.

Masterclass at HIGH

The last week of November 2017 saw more celebrities traveling across the country to share their story. In Bangalore, it was the versatile actor Arshad Warsi, who was interviewed at High Ultra Lounge, Brigade Gateway.  I personally thought that he was part of family of actor. Little did any of us know he was a gymnast during his early years, worked as Cosmetic Seller, performed as dancer, choreographed songs, plays and did many things before getting into acting. 

During the event, I was looking to get answers for some queries in my mind – When did he desire to become an actor, What were the challenges faced, How did he get his first break, How did he manage his personal emotions & family pressures, What are the sacrifices he had to make and What lies ahead for him in future.

Arshad Warsi Speaks

The interview with Arshad was done by Neel who is well equipped and very experienced.  It is very important to keep up with the pace of Arshad as he is quite witty and smart with his answers. Let me share some of the question and answers that Arshad gave by rephrasing them in my own words.

What has been Arshad journey to stardom?

Arshad mentioned that as a youngster he was a gymnast and was good with parallel bars (hand-stand).  Growing up he took to dancing, choreographing and also selling Cosmetic.  His first big break came in the form of a dance competition in which he represented the country and brought laurels.  He then got an opportunity work for a movie under big banner and now is an accomplished actor.

What is your big break, your Signature Masterclass Moment?

Signing for his first movie was his Signature Masterclass moment.  Before that he was not sure on how his career would shape up.

What was the first movie and things he did not like?

His first movie was ‘Tere Mere Sapna’ that also starred Chandrachur along side.  Before the start of the movie career, he did not feel confident of being able to do well.  He narrated that, he tried to back-out of the movie by dropping a voice message to the Director on his answering machine.  But then luckily for him the message did not reach the Director and he ended up going to Hyderabad for shooting entire movie.

Narrating one of the incident from the movie, he was telling about how he was bullied by Choreographer for being a newcomer.  The choreographer would repeatedly scold him for doing wrong steps and try pulling him down for getting into acting.  When he enquired about the actual reason from others, he found that the Choreographer was under pressure as he was shooting two songs in parallel.

Some of the times people breakout on being scolded.  Unless the person doesn’t have the conviction and self-confidence, they may give up.  In Arshad’s case, he did not give up but took it as a challenge.

What was one good comment that he heard from a Senior Actor?

To this question he narrated a conversation with Veteran actor Jitendra, who was all praises for Arshad’s naturally acting ability.  But he also told him that all the name and fame will be lost.  And that moment, one should not be giving up.  Arshad said that, initially he did not register the thought in his mind.  But later realized the importance of the beautiful words of wisdom.

Share a little story on how Munna Bhai MBBS happened?

Arshad explain how he was roped into the film being directly by a new director, Rajkumar Hirani.  They had explained to him that it was a small role in the movie.  Initially, he did not feel confident of doing the movie but then he took it up due to presence of Sanjay Dutt.  He praised Sanjay Dutt for his supporting and every so encouraging nature.

Arshad mentioned how he came up with the idea of naming the character Circuit, which usually goes on and off.  The idea behind wearing – Gold Chain and Gold Bracelet, a robber can’t rob from another robber.  Arshad praised the director who was open to ideas that were suggested.  Some of these changes have made us all remember the character.

What is your thought on Passion to Paycheck?

Arshad said that it is very critical to follow your dreams and passion.  He says, one needs to follow the passion with all heart.  Initially it may not fetch the money, if we can keep up with it, the pay-check will eventually start pouring.  The only thing that one needs to do is, persist.

Arshad also explained how one should only be playing the role of an actor when performing in front of the camera.  And that ones the cameras are off, one should get on with routine life rather than trying to stay in the character.  There is always a tendency among people to stay too long in a character (entertainment, software development or any other activity).

Why does Arshad always take up comic roles?

He started by telling about the 2 comedy movies which were very successful including – Munna Bhai MBBS and Jolly LLB.  Both were comedy movies but were conveying deep message to society in a subtle manner.  He also enjoyed success with Golmaal and Damaal which lets the audience, relax and enjoy the movie.  The only reason he chose these movies, were that he was quite comfortable in doing them.  Arshad also praised the lord for his comic timing which meant that he did not have to prepare much before acting.

How did you fight adversity?

After becoming an actor, Arshad did not change hi personality. He mentioned of few words shared by Jaya Bacchan.  The words were – When you become an actor, everyone looks at you.  Even the people who are not looking, are looking to you.  And that the people would still be judging 24/7.  When the career is doing good, it would not matter.  But when your career is not doing good, every look pinches.  Every look makes you feel if they have pity in their eyes.

He also added that, when there is success people always want to talk.  But when someone is not successful, people tend to avoid.  That moment, it is time to believe in inner self and it does not matter what others think about us.  What matter is, what ones think about oneself, so believe.  

Indus Creed Performance

Indus Creed one of the oldest Rock Band in our country. They performed live for an hour and entertained the crowd.  The band currently comprises of Uday Benegal (vocals), Mahesh Tinaikar (guitars), Zubin Balaporia (keyboard), Krishna Jhaveri and Jai Row Kavi.

This popular band started in 1984 as Rock Machine before changing to Indus Creed in 1993.  The original band had following members – Uday Benegal (vocals), Mark Selwyn (bass), Mahesh Tinaikar (guitars), Zubin Balaporia (keyboards), Mark Menezes (Drums) and Jayesh Gandhi (guitars).  The group disbanded in 1997 before regrouping again in 2010.

Signature Cocktails

This was an event setup by Signature (Diageo) and invariably liquor was part of the event.  There were 3 different cocktails available for guests.

Signature Old Fashioned cocktail had the perfect bitterness and tasted wonderful on the rocks. 

Signature Sunset cocktail made with Whisky and small amount of orange juice & some ice cubes.  This cocktail was a little on the sweeter and citreous due to presence of Orange.  It is hard to make out the presence of Whisky as amalgamation was quite good.

Signature Colin cocktail is made with Whisky and small portions of lime & some ice-cubes.  It is nice cocktail with little bit of tanginess coming from lime. It is hard to make out the presence of Whisky like Signature Sunset cocktail.

Overall Experience

It was a great evening spend listening to one of the reputed actor, Arshad Warsi part of the Signature Masterclass event.  The venue had been perfectly chosen and the weather held up very well.  Some of the words shared by Arshad Warsi during the brief interview, was very inspiring to many.  I am sure the video will be up on youtube quite soon for all to listen.  It was also a great opportunity to rub shoulders with a great celebrity and have some photographs clicked.  I am looking forward to attending many more Signature Masterclass events and be inspired.


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