Inspiring Quotes from Alchemist….


Some of the quotes from my all-time favorite book, “The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho”. A very engrossing and truely inspiring movie. The movie is so riveting that, it would be hard to take break until you actually complete it.

I surely had a nice time reading this book which was presented to me by one of my friend. Here are some of my favorite quotes from one of the best-sellers –

* Everything that happens once can never happen again. But every thing that happens twice will surely happen a third time.
* When you are loved, there’s no need at all to understand what’s happening, because everything happens within you, and even men can turn themselves into the wind.
* There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve : the fear of failure.
* Your eyes show the strength of your soul.
* The darkest hour of the night came just before the dawn.
* They were seeking the treasure of their destiny, without wanting actually to live out the destiny.
* If what one finds is a made of pure matter, it will never spoil. And one can always come back. If what you had found was only a moment of light, like the explosion of a star, you would find nothing on your return.
* One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving.
* Love never keeps a man from pursuing his destiny. If he abandons that pursuit, it’s because it wasn’t true love…the love that speaks the Language of the World.
* It’s not what enters men’s mounths that’s evil. It’s what comes out of their mounths that is.
* Courage is the quality most essential to understanding the Language of the World.
* Sometimes there is no way to hold back the river.