Trip to Pehelgham in Kashmir, India


I visit to one of the most beautiful places in India ie., JnK. It was
a decision on my parents to visit the Heaven Of India. Many times,
things are seen on TV give us lasting impression about the place.
But, then when you see these places for real, it feels like you are
living a dream.
That is how I felt when I visited the first hill-station near Srinagar.
Though the journey wasn’t all that comfortable since it was a JnK
Road Transport bus. Did not realize the strain during the journey
coz the beauty in front of eyes cancels everything. Throughout the
journey, my expression varied from …..
Waww … Superb … Amazing …
Spectacular … Full Posh …. Breathtaking… and many more.
The place Pehelgham is very famous in its own way. It is supposed
to be the traditional starting point for Amarnath Yatra. The yatra
to Amarnath Caves of about 35-40kms lasting 2-3 days for a normal
person itself 🙂
Anyway, the place itself is very picturous and you feel like taking
snaps at every location you see. We did go on a horse-ride to see
around some of the places there. We saw some old-temples,
valley-view point, golf-courses, forest area and a river.
To water in the river was so chill that the moment I put my hands,
I felt like my hands froze. I mean, literally it was cold. And the water
was flowing at high speeds.
And all through the ride on the horse back we were wearing some
kinda coats or should I say “RAINCOAT” to protect us from the
drizzle. Eventhough, the coats were heavy we enjoyed having it
on us. I guess the description of my journey to Pehelgham would be
incomplete if I did not mention about the crowd there. I am not
sure if the gals came to look at me. But, then there were some 100
odd gals dressed in Purple-White chudidhar. My gosh, they were
looking so pretty. Infact, my mum went a step ahead in telling
that, their features are so good. Must say, Kashmiri gals looks
very pretty. Surely, dream for many guyz to marry one :)))