Selfie – Latest Trend in the Mobile Photography


We all have memories of posing for pictures in photo studies, literally everyone has at least one pictures at their home.  Back in those days, very few people had access to cameras and mobiles phones had not yet arrived.  When the mobile phones came, no one thought of putting a camera into it.  Soon after it was introduced, became handier for people to take pictures everywhere one travelled and stay connected.  But if one had to take a picture of self, the camera needed to be given to someone else.  People then started to improvise by trying to turn the camera and take a picture of themselves in the location.  People started posing for pictures in front of mirrors and capturing the same.  Though the idea was ridiculed by many, this probably was the start of Selfie Revolution which has caught up like a wild fire.

The next step in the evolution of mobile phone, saw two cameras which included one in the front and one in the rear.  People then went crazy taking plenty of pictures of themselves at every possible location.  As the technology evolved and the price became cheaper, the cameras in the front become more and more powerful.  Nowadays, many people take new mobile phones if its got a good front camera for being able to take good selfies.

Why I love selfies

I was introduced to the idea of taking Selfie by my family members.  Initially I found it very amusing and literally laughing about it.  But then I took my first picture and found it to be great.  I followed it up by taking couple of more pictures with different poses and felt even better.  Then I personally became a fan of Selfies.

  • Being a Foodie & Blogger, it means that I come across many people during various meetup(s).  It becomes very hard to remember someone’s name to the face. Taking a quick selfie, enabled me to recollect the names more easily.
  • Attending events also means that I would get opportunities to meet many celebrities who are always in a rush.  Taking a quick selfie with people always helped capture the moment.  Gone are the days when one would take autographs, nowadays it’s about taking a selfie.
  • Family occasion, relatives get-together, fun-times with near and dear-ones can easily captured via selfie.

The idea of taking selfie has now thoroughly etched in my mind.   My mind automatically gives me a trigger to take selfie instead of taking normal picture.

Why Selfie Crazy

There are couple of reasons that I think has led to the selfie craze among people.

  • I did mention about the desire among people to be photographed.  But, we are always concerned how the photos are being taken by the photographer.  If one takes a selfie, it become easier to adjust oneself to take the best pictures.
  • Ability to click pictures at place the most crowded or deserted place.
  • Most of us admire the way we look and check ourselves in front of mirror.  But it becomes easier to click and see for ourselves quickly.
  • Groupie might be an extension of selfie, but I still feel that it is selfie.  People use it to capture the impromptu fun moments with others.
  • We all love to party out with friends.  And literally when everyone are enjoying, it isn’t right to disturb but instead one can just take a selfie and enjoy the party.
  • Catching up with friends after a long time is fun.  We then retrace back the times when we posted for our graduation or farewell.  But now, we can instead take a casual selfie and capture the smiles.
  • It’s a perfect way for a couple in love to cuddle and take a picture that captures their togetherness.
  • Capturing wonderful moments with family members including the relatives, which are fun to capture via selfies.

Reasons for the craze can go on and on, but we all know that this trend will continue for ages to come.

What people expect from selfies

Though we love the idea of capturing the candid moment, we all love to get it all right.

  • Picture that literally looks very similar when it’s taken via DLSR camera.  This means the lens needs to get the right contrast, brightness, clarity to get the best quality.
  • Ability to take pictures in the dark.  This requires a front flash to be there to be get the details right.
  • Wide angle shot and ability to get clarify very similar to the naked eyes.  Many times, when selfie(s) are taken in wide-angle, the edges are not clear.  Many times, it becomes hard to recognize someone posing, as it isn’t very clear.
  • Response time needs to be very quick so that people don’t need to pose for long time.  This mainly depends on the ISO speed of the camera.
  • Self-timer option so that one can plan to gather people, ask them to pose before the camera captures the selfie-moment.
  • All the above-mentioned points boil down to having a great phone with special selfie camera.

New Mobiistar Selfie Phone

The latest mobile from Mobiistar has dual “Selfie Camera” with 120° wide-angle shot.  This enables one to capture large background and large audience for of groupie.  I am waiting to get my hands on this phone and have a great “Selfie Experience”.  This phone will be available to order online via Flipkart.

I personally think that this phone will be game-changer and preamble to many more new innovations to come.   May be there will be a day when there would be no rear camera but only a front camera in the phone.


Mobiistar on Flipkart