Pristine Organics – Pioneer in Millet Research


Pristine Organics, a Bangalore based food technology & FMCG company that pioneered in Food R&D.  This company was founded in by Mr. K.C. Raghu in 1992 with the desire to transfer science and technology into the socially useful area of food and nutrition. Pristine produces organic foods which are eco-friendly and healthy.  It was nice to know that this is among the very few companies selling Organic Food which has been certified.

International Trade Fair

Organics and Millets 2018 – International Trade Fair happened in Bangalore at the Palace Grounds between 19-21 January 2018.  This event featured National and International companies along with state government in the Organic Agribusiness.  The trade fair was inaugurated by Shri. Siddaramaiah, Chief Minister (GoK) in the presence of Shri. Krishna Byre Gowda, Minister of Agriculture (GoK), and Shri. Sadanand Gowda, Minister of Statistics.

As part of International Trade Fair organic farmers across the state, country had stalls setup.  Pristine Organics also setup a large stall displaying various products available for consumer.  At the stall Mr. K.C. Raghu, Found & MD was present to discuss about Organic Millets & his company. They also had a Health Expert & Dietician who did share details about the product contents and its various health benefits.

International Trade Fair on Organics & Millets is one of the great initiative by Karnataka Government.  Hoping that it spread the awareness across the country, globe and people will start eating the healthy benefits in the diet.

Pristine – Millet Products

Millets is one of the ancient crop that has reclaimed its importance with the current climatic conditions, that has led to Global Warming.  This super food is being recommended by many Chefs, Nutritionist, Dietician for its various health benefit.  There are in total nine varieties of millets grown across India.

Pristine had range of millet products, namely – Little Millet, Foxtail Millet, Branyad Millet, Proso Millet and Kodo Millet.  They have used the millet in many of products including – Cereal (flakes made of Ragi and other millets), Biscuits (sweet and salted), Breads (multi-grain by mostly they have millets in them), Flours, Cold Baby products (Ragi-malt with 3 different variants depending on age of baby), Blended Filter Coffee, Omega 3 rich super foods, Cold pressed edible oils, Rock Salt, Baby Massage Oil, Nutritional Supplement and many more.

Health Basket

This special box is meant for people who have specific health conditions (Sugar Control, Weight Reduction, Heart Healthy, Pregnancy & Lactation Diet).  It contains exotic combination of diverse organic food ranges. The package/box contains millets and recipes for making items, which is quite awesome.  This offering from Pristine is very unique and makes them standout compared to the competition.

Discussion with Founder

I also got an opportunity to meet Mr. K.C. Raghu, Found & MD, Pristine Organics.  He is extremely knowledge and passionate person who is very much aware of the Millets from early days.  Mr. Raghu is popular for appearing in many TV shows and is very known to farmers across small towns as well.  During my discussion we discussed on various topics like – Millets Usage, Organic Food coming with %, Certification process & hassles, Trade Barriers, Import Restriction, Growth of Millet across the state & country, Building Awareness and many more. 

While we were discussion about Millets and the company, one of the farmers came impromptu and appreciated Mr.Raghu.  The farmer mentioned that looked up to Mr.Raghu’s for his knowledge and unbiased views on TV.  The farmer also shared some rice specially grown in his farm as a token of gratitude and respect.

More About Pristine

There are few other aspects about the company which I came to know that are worth sharing.

  • Pristine is associates with seed saviour groups in a mission to save rare varieties of seeds and conserve biodiversity.
  • Pristine partners with several NGO’s promoting organic farming.
  • Nutrition Solution for genetic disorders have been created by the company.
  • This is the first company in India to provide dietary supplement for children with Inborn Error of Metabolism.

Overall Experience

It was a great experience to know about Pristine during the Organics & Millets 2018 – International Trade Fair.   Pristine have plenty of Millet based products which includes Health Kit for people with special health conditions.  It was a great opportunity to have a discussion with Mr. K.C. Raghu, one of the pioneers in promoting millets.  I definitely plan to meet Mr.Raghu at the main office of Pristine at Sahakarnagar.  Wishing great success for Pristine Organics in the days & years to come.