Molecular Gastronomy & Plating with Chef Kunal Kapoor

Chef Kunal Kapoor is known to one and all for his mastery in the culinary space. He was here in Bangalore couple of days back as part cook-off event organized by International Institute of Hotel Management (IIHM), Bangalore. The event was attended by fellow bloggers and student of the IIHM. The main highlight of the cook-off was Chef explaining and giving us live demo of various Plating Sauces & Puree and Molecular Gastronomy.IMG_20170613_165558

Plating Sauces & Purees

We all have appreciated the presentation of the food in various restaurants.  But then we have seldom known the effort and how they are done.  And most of the times people say that the food needs to be more visually appealing and then it needs to tingle our taste-buds.   IMG_20170613_163754IMG_20170613_163807IMG_20170613_163820IMG_20170613_163827IMG_20170613_165026

Chef explained about each technique – Spiral, Semi-circle, Dollop & Drag, Splash the sauce, Wipe & Drag, The Classic swoosh, Glass Bottom.  During the session, he gave a oral description nd also gave live demo of the same.  Infact, he also plated couple of dishes and showcased how the usage of these methods can make the dish look exquisite. IMG_20170613_181833IMG_20170613_181824

Molecular Gastronomy

This is one of the topics that has been spoken off quite frequently lately.  But we hardly known something about this.  In simple terms, Chef explained that it is leveraging the Chemical composition of the ingredient that go into a dish.  When the same food comes in contact with some chemicals – Agar Agar, Soy Lecithin, Gelatin, Xanthana; the food can transformed to different shapes. IMG_20170613_165558IMG_20170613_173057IMG_20170613_173740

The most common terms used in Molecular Gastronomy are – Foam, Gel and Cavier.  Chef shared the procedure for making these and used it for making solid Orange Juice, Dahi Gel and Mango Cavier.  It was amazing to watch the transformation of the food live.

Dahi Paapdi Chaat

This was the last session where Chef wanted to showcase how a clumsy looking dish can be made more visually appealing.  Chef segregated items like – Paapdi, Pudin leaves, Seva, Puree for tamarind, Hummus mix of Potato & other items, Dahi Gel droplets made using Molecular Gastronomy.  IMG_20170613_181721The items I mentioned was put on the plate systematically and the chaat looked amazing.  We can call it as de-constructed ‘Dahi Paadi Chaat’, but full marks to the presentation skills.  It was so appealing to eyes and you felt like clicking multiple picture & eating it away.IMG_20170613_191226


Lastly, I as a blogger got an opportunity to have a 1×1 conversation with Chef Kunal himself. He answered various questions related to – Fusion Food, Molecular Gastronomy, Culinary Journey, Restaurants in Bangalore, Favourite Chefs and future plans. He was quite calm in answering all the questions and share info.IMG_20170613_182005

Overall Experience

It was one of the best cook-off event I have attended so far where I could see many of the skills being show-cased live.  Now I respect and appreciate the Chefs a lot more as it is skill job, not everyone can do unless you learn.     Chef Kunal was such a great sport sharing his experience and knowledge with everyone.  This was also a great learning opportunity for students at IIHM.  Hopefully we will get many more opportunities via IIHM to learn about Food Art.IMG_20170613_175432


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